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    Rate this article ""Shadowverse" a fantastic competitive card game."

    (4/5) 1 rating
    kenightmare, 13 october 2017 23:09

    "Shadowverse" a fantastic competitive card game.

     From the creators of mobile sensations Rage of Bahamut and Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse features AAA artwork and unique game mechanics that make it the most visually and tactically rich CCG on the market.

    This game was produced by Cygames, Inc and avalaible in Steam , Android , and IOS  with cross-patform multiplayer made possible.

    This game is presented in 7 languages :English ,Japanese ,Traditional Chinese ,french ,Italian ,German ,and Korean .And voice acting in three languages : English ,Japanese ,and korean.

    Shadowverse is considred right now one of the best competitive card collecting games and  it is japan's 1# CCG and being Similar to the famous hearthstone gives you more the reason to try it and If you are a fan of It then this game is a must try.

    In this game you can enjoy real time multiplayer battles against others and there's also the story mode in which you can earn a lot of free packs that will help you build your deck .Shadowverse is actualy new-players friendly since you will get after finishing the story mode enough cards for you to build a decent deck to compete against others .
    You can chose from seven classes with diffirent skill sets and there is more than 800 cards for you to collect and each card have its own effects which gives the freedom to create a deck that suits your taste and playstyle.The art of the cards is really beautiful and awsome .
    The developers are quite generous since they give free packs from time to time which make f2p players able to get more cards without the need to pay anything.

    conclusion: This game is free to play, has great art, great mechanics, a large community, and beginners friendly . so what are you waiting for ? Go and have fun !

    Rate this article "Shadowverse" a fantastic competitive card game.

    (4/5) 1 rating


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