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    Mrdox, 17 february 2018 14:41

    Shadow of the Beast

    In 1989 an action game was released on the Commodore Amiga, which was dubbed "Shadow of the Beast" and was considered by many to be a great technology for the graphical capabilities of the games. Now, 27 years after the original version, the game gets a new remix on the Sony PlayStation 4 from the small development team Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs and today through our review of the game we recognize its level.

    Shadow of the Beast is a side-action action game with the character of Aarbron, a monster of human origins controlled by a magician to carry out his evil desires before Aarbron remembers his past with one of the missions and being originally a human kid who was kidnapped and from here begins his journey to revenge. It is very clear that the game and especially that you spent the first time where you do not show the translation of modern characters that do not speak and you will get only some symbols and you have to finish the game to get full translation of the texts and understand the story more where the game is trying to force you to fight more than once that the adventure is not long.

    The game offers with it very beautiful drawings in detail and more importantly in its various worlds, a great blackness with the atmosphere of this game and everything in it after the first stage and the development team able to master the presentation of the atmosphere of the classic game with a very beautiful appearance here, and in terms of audio also make the game Alhana distinctive and no representation Vocals for the characters, on a technical level this game offers excellent work as a small development team and may be classified as an amateur team.

    The game is an action game photographed by the side and also a lot of platforms, partial action and fighting game is distinctive and very bloody, defeating the prisoners of enemies by the strikes or strikes or strikes and always trying to get the highest assessment of more blood that allows you the opportunity to carry out special strikes, right The development team has been able to develop a fun combat system compared to the original version of the game, which is outdated in terms of the method of play, may be the problem of the main game in some of the platforms where control does not help to provide a good experience here and you will feel a quick completion of your fall due to inappropriate control and Know your destination a lot of times.

    The main adventure is not long and you can finish it for up to three hours only, but the game provides good content by adding the classic game and also by trying to encourage you to venture more than once to get everything in the game and there are also international rankings to know your level of collecting points compared to the rest of the world of the Beast is a game with which the fighting element works well and the team mastered it compared to the original game but as a complete game it carries a lot of medium and boring elements as well as disturbing, you can try if you do not have better options in the market.

    Thanks ;)


    Rate this article Shadow of the Beast

    (5/5) 1 rating


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