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    (4.94/5) 16 rates
    Donovanalph, 21 december 2018 01:40

    Saints Row The Third - Review.


    Cool game, I gave her my girlfriend a couple of years ago. I started my acquaintance with the game like everything else with the creation of the main character, I adore this. I spent a lot of time on creating something original and interesting. And moving various sliders and changing tabs, I created the Terminator from the first part. He was so much alike that I somehow wrote a topic about this on some kind of gaming site more than a year ago. It is very entertaining to bring children's fun to life, because I have long wanted such a game where I can run around with such a character. And so I found her, from these minutes I already liked this game. Then everything is just more interesting. Cool story, amazing freedom, crazy surroundings and the world, it's all here, you here.

    The essence of the game.

    Our Boss - a man who has been brewing in a cauldron of gangster fights, frauds and deceptions for several years now - rakes in a new heap of problems and a bunch of enemies that you need to get rid of by putting sticks in the wheels or even killing them. New city, new friends, new enemies are harmoniously combined with violence and full fun. The main goal: to capture Steelport, simultaneously completing part-time work and getting rid of enemies, and earning credibility in a new place.

    Game process and control.

    The game begins with a training episode where you and your friends rob a bank, but this attempt fails, after which the game itself begins. After creating the character, one of the cut scenes is shown, where the plot is given to the plot, and then you are already given to steer by your Boss. After completing the initial mission and hitting the Steelport you will almost immediately be free to do what you like. At first it did not seem to me very convenient, but it is very easy to understand everything. The only thing that infuriates is the control of an airplane that flies into the white light and does not want to obey me. Shoot easy, swing a bat too. To drive a car is pretty easy.

    Main plot missions and part-time job.

    Not so cruel and have their own humor. Play fun, interesting. I have never been bored in this game, either during main missions or during part-time jobs, considering that we often played together with my girlfriend. The same events are unreal, exaggerated and pathetic that I also liked. Feel that whom you will never be - this is exactly about this game. They removed a lot of fun, which was in the second part, but still they do not give bored. Jump under the car to get insurance? Easy. Protect a friend traveling on business gang, shooting enemies from a rocket launcher? No problem. Satisfy the tiger's thirst for speed? Just great! You can participate in the TV show, where the main goal - survival.

    City and music.

    Homeless people bask under bridges over barrels with bonfires, couples are crimped, old men waddle, hooligans fight and so on. Such parts of the environment as benches, trash cans, fences and poles can be broken during careless driving, for example. The city has the police, but rather sluggish. There are many shops (less than before, but still), tattoo parlors, surgical centers where you can change your face. The part that does not leave anyone unhappy. The game has plenty of music for every taste and color. Classic, pop, rap, rock ... There are rage rare songs, hits of the past. In the car, you can listen to the radio by choosing a radio station to your liking, or you can create your own playlist.

    Huge advantages.

    Graphics at a decent level. Abundance of weapons with the possibility of improving from simple pistols and machine guns, ending with all sorts of grenades, unmanned apparatuses, grenade launchers with homing equipment and a device for intercepting control of cars and helicopters. Ability of vehicles, both land, and water and air. Advanced tuning of vehicles, not made for a tick, but really allows you to turn any car into a powerful, almost unkillable vehicle with its own twist. In addition, I would like to separately single out unique ideas not peculiar to the genre. Productivity of artificial intelligence. In no game of this genre, computer characters do not behave as real as in SR3 - passersby lead a normal lifestyle, relax, eat, talk on the phone, communicate with each other. Friendly fighters are not weak guys, but reliable strength, ready to cover up in difficult times. Moreover, there is an opportunity to take the fighters with them for secondary tasks and slaughterings (they don’t even have to put them in their cars - they will find the right one and, having pushed the hapless driver, will follow you). Also, moving through the story, you can get acquainted with the plot characters, and, having won their trust, call in a difficult moment with the help of an in-game mobile phone. Enemy soldiers will also not just stand and look, but will try to take live shields, come from the flanks, hide behind cover, arrange a point fire, or vice versa - taking a heavy grenade launcher or even a minigun will arrange a real shooting range. Unique combat system, which allows firstly very effectively to fire from any weapon (both personal and airborne, installed on helicopters, airplanes, jeeps and armored personnel carriers), and to arrange spectacular melee battles, and in three ways - you can trite with the adversary and embed it with a butt or use some kind of technique, you can run up and apply an extremely effective, beautiful technique in the wrestling style, and you can even knock out the enemy with the help of a special hand-to-hand mode, which is used if ka no weapons in hand. At the same time, depending on which side to approach the enemy, and what technique to use, the animation will be different, which makes melee fights unrealistically beautiful and epic.


    The main thing in my opinion in this game is a huge replayability and freedom of action, because in fact, you can do anything! The whole city is at the disposal of the player (or players). That is also a huge and significant plus in every game. You can arrange a mad race under the incendiary compositions of local radio stations or local Armageddon police and gangsters, as well as civilians. Take a motorcycle or a plane and do a couple of spectacular stunts. Jump with a parachute from anywhere and anytime. Replay favorite minor tasks. Just ride through the beautiful city, enjoying the views. In a word, even after the complete passage of the game, I want to play it again and again, and not only for me, but also for many of my friends who have already had the opportunity to play this game. Only warm emotions remained after the passage, with a hint of a smile at the memories.

    Rate this article Saints Row The Third - Review.

    (4.94/5) 16 rates


    I dont like SR3 because it is so much different than SR2 but i like this article

    19 may 2019 01:06

    very dunny gamr to play

    28 december 2018 08:06

    Amazing article i hope you didn't copy it.

    23 february 2019 08:44

    not bad

    22 december 2018 10:15

    i heard this game has porn stars in it

    23 december 2018 01:09

    Neatly done and it gives valuable information.

    23 december 2018 05:03

    Best Saints Row game

    24 december 2018 17:16

    Very well written. Good article.!!!

    16 january 2019 01:18

    It is a bit of a crazy game, but one that is enjoyed too much, its history and customization are something to discount, since it departs something from the gta saga, making it unique in each section, without a doubt highly recommended.

    1 april 2020 18:37