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    (4.53/5) 19 rates
    swaaaty, 30 september 2018 17:26

    Rust- The best survival game?

    I haven't seen people talking about this game so far. So i decided to write down an article about it. I will talk about what is this game and my experience in it in the past 4 years! I hope you will enjoy it and if you really have the patience to stay until i finish it, i would like to say thank you and you are a great person! :)

    So what exactly is this game?!

    If you give a quick search anywhere on internet you will find that Rust is a survival pc game developed and published by FacePunch in 2018Actually the game was first published in 2013 and gain popularity over months. It was released in 2013 in EARLY ACCES and remained like that until february this year. You can buy it from steam at the price of 31.99 euros or at around 15 euros when there are sale. The game has only multiplayer and was developed based on community's feedbacks. The good thing about this game is that it has monthly updates which bring new content!

     Credit: OFFICIAL SITE

    The game doesn't have a story. You wake up on a big island with only a rock and a torch...oh and by the way you are naked :) (There is a censor nudity option in the game settings if there any kids around here :P ). So what is the point of the game? SURVIVE. Everything around you wants you dead. From animals(which are pretty rare, depending on the biomes) to any other human. You must get your rock out and start "digging" your way to a weapon. You can't dig or modify terrain. You will find trees and different types of rocks.


    Between 2013 and 2015 there was a version of rust now called LEGACY. Why is that? Developers didn't really find a way to make the game look more attractive and used an old version of unity player. So they decided to make a totally new game under the same name that will be replaced. And that is exactly what happened. In early 2015 the "new" Rust appeared. Many players didn't like this idea and they had the option to still play the old legacy version until 2017 when it totally dissapeared.(There are still some cracked versions around the internet but rust legacy is just history at this moment). Here are 2 photos of how rust legacy looked like vs 2018 rust version. Legacy vs Actual version


     RUST 2018 VERSION


    When you first start rust you will be in main menu: 


    Character totally random selected so don't tell me i am ugly because i know that :))


    Be the boss. Of what? Of the island. Be the best player on the island by having ultimate gear and weapons. And the gold rule of rust: TRUST NOONE. NOT EVEN YOUR FRIENDS. Don't be that guy who drops a hatchet to a naked saying:"Today i did something good". He will come back and kill you or kill you right when you threw that hachet. Don't trust people on this game. As i said, you can have friends and clans, teamwork being essential and a must need if you want to have a higher chance of succeding. If you are so many in a clan(5-8 people) you are officially a zerg clan. This is how everyone will call you. Ruin other people and raid.
    What is raid? Well....You see in rust you can build bases to store your loot and protect it from other players. Raiding means destroying other's bases.
    Roam with your friends and get more loot and gear!


    In rust there are structures called "monuments". What are those? Those are places with radiation where you can find components and keycards. Keycards help you unlock certain places in a monument that will give you better loot than the rest of the radtown(radtown comes from radiation town/ monument).

    NOTE: Those are just a few monuments!

    What are those components? Components help you craft different stuff like weapons, explosives and other tools/doors/work benches/ladders/hatches etc. Here is a photo of all components. I will not explain what every item does so just give it a quick search on internet if you want to find recipes.



    In 4 years of playing rust i would like to say that i enjoyed almost every second playing this game. I didn't enjoy farming and gathering resources i have to say that this is a cost of time... But the adrenaline this game gives you when you are fighting with other people and you are nearly close to die but you manage to get that juicy headshot and kill the enemy...OH god this is so intense. The best survival game for me out. It had it's moments when the game was completely impossible to play but with this new component system it is more interesting than ever before. I played with a team of 6 guys and we ruined the official big servers like rustoria. And i still play this game when i have time! I suggest you should try this game, atleast watch some gameplay and make yourself a review:"Is it worth?". I ADVISE YOU! This game is going to eat your time. I have 610 hours record at the time i write this article.

    I hope you enjoyed it, comment down your opinion.

    Rate this article Rust- The best survival game?

    (4.53/5) 19 rates


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