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    (5/5) 3 ratings
    Mrdox, 22 november 2017 17:49

    Rise Of The Tomb Raider Review

    A fantasy world in every sense of the word, is it a real world or an old myth? For more than 19 years we have explored with Lara Craft many graves and ghosts and have shared many adventures.

    But three years ago Square Enix decided to revive the Tomb Raider series, which gave us new touches and adventures for Lara Craft.

    Tom Raider is the spiritual father of all adventure games. It is a series that began in 1996 and went through many stages and ten parts were released. The series was redesigned in 2013 on the hands of the employees of Crystal Dynamics Studio, which was the best point in the history of the series. It needed a radical change to put it on the right track, because it is a contemporary game that is subject to the rules and standards of the current era. It is not a game of adventure that is best described as "good". The core of Tom Rider has what it prefers to be one of the best game chains ever. With the release of the new part of the Playstation 4 - and the opportunity was not available for us to review this game when released on the Xbox or computers - we will talk about it now.

    The 2014 edition focused on building the character of Lara Croft from its inception, by pushing it into a risky adventure against its will, and gradually expanding its personality in stages, dramatically different, at the beginning of the experiment. But this time, the evolution of Lara's character is on the rise, and in this part the story takes on a very personal character for Lara, a move I find best in this part.

    This time, Lara takes us on a journey to prove herself, and to prove the truth of the legacy of her father who left him. The story of the story so the order was through a lot of passages from Lara's past, which were performed more than excellent. To avoid burning the story, it is enough to say that the story here is better than the previous part; it contains a lot of drama, unforgettable moments.

    - Lara Craft has seen several characters in the last few years from role to role but we have never seen this body before. After the impressive success of the first part Tomb Raider and after that Square Enix developed the second part, entitled Rise Of The Tomb Raider, which was released Officially launched on January 2015.

    The events in this part of the Siberian logic of the frozen in Russia so that we will learn more about the life of Lara and in particular her father, who was working as an effector has gone mad Lara's father after he found an artifact that can give the user eternal life. After telling everyone what happened people became mad at him and hurt her father Lara is shocked and determined to find that piece in order to absolve her father, will Lara find that piece that gives eternal life? This is the most important part of this part you have to find the piece so that you can achieve what Lara is trying to accomplish is to acquit her father.

    Will the heroine Lara be able to accomplish this task easily? Certainly not with the gangs are also seeking to get this artifact, which naturally will encounter with Lara Will you be able to defeat the gang? Will Lara be surprised when you know who is helping the gang? All this you will know about this new part of the Tomb Raider where two parts have been released so far and we are certainly in the prologue to the release of the third part of the series.

    So as we mentioned the game is full of snow and strong winds and the start of your journey will face against the fierce animal polar bear, which you will have to face and kill and collect resources from him and there are also wolves in this part, such as the last part and rabbits and deer and of course whenever you kill animals of these animals get resources will benefit you to develop your personality and more Map This part is larger than the previous one and contains a lot of side functions next to the main story and the next part will be the same size as that map but developers will focus on the depth of the content more. After all, you will find weapons and the resources you will find lying on the ground. You have to use your mind and infiltrate without a voice. Without leaving any traces. Once a simple error is made, things will get worse and the gang members will come and it will be difficult to fight.

    All I can tell you is that Lara has radically changed and has a brilliant beauty. Lara always scans her hair in a realistic and wonderful way after she finishes swimming in the game and her combat skills have also evolved. Lara's most important technique is to sneak through hiding Beyond the trees and their skills are very versatile and can be developed in the camp you will create.

    Advantages :
    + A wonderful story and interesting events
    + A system of battles balanced, diverse and enjoyable
    + Crossplay mode
    + Environment designs visually and practically
    + The evolution of Lara's character
    + Sneak became more effective
    + Artificial intelligence
    + Exploring widely
    + The reward system for exploring tombs earns these highly valuable tombs

    At the conclusion;
    Rise of the tomb raider
    is one of the best and fun adventure games ever, with not a few downsides, but it has not been in the unwarranted errors that developers of these days. It is also an excellent new part that has enriched the success of its predecessor, supported by its own successes related to the players' repertoire rather than the overall form of fee, which shows that the developer's mentality is different from the rest of the developers.

    Rate this article Rise Of The Tomb Raider Review

    (5/5) 3 ratings


    great articles :D This is very godd game, I recommend to everyone!

    2 april 2020 16:54

    Nice Review.

    18 january 2020 14:33