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    (4.62/5) 26 rates
    sejozmaj, 7 june 2018 22:22

    Rewiev of the game: The Evil Within 2

    The Evil Within 2 brings us back to the role of Sebastian Castellanos, a former detective who has been guilty of the murdered daughter for years and has unsuccessfully searched for a secret organization that caused him all to sink. However, the invisible corporation Mobius finally comes out of the shadows, and Castellano reveals that his daughter is still alive and offers an opportunity to save her from a Matrix.

    You see, it is actually in their system called Stem - an experimental device that can manipulate human consciousness on some forum. How it works is still less important, and the less questions you ask, the better you go. The only thing that matters is that the whole thing breaks down and there is not much time left.

    Fortunately, that primary action in which a former blue-collar attempts to overcome personal guilt takes more time on the stage, so this sequel at least somehow manages to come to an end with its narrative. On the main character he was a bit more involved and he was presented as a man who cares about those he meets, even when they do not share opinions. The fact that his wife here plays a role is much easier to sympathize with his desperate attempts to finally bring his family together, and although the entire world has been built so that he is consumed, the player's role in him is always clear.

    As for the gameplay itself, those who played the unit here will find themselves on a fairly familiar terrain. From the key monsoon to the green want you pick up to raise attributes, most of this is still just about anything similar to the game. But, The Evil Within 2 nevertheless uses the opportunity to correct some of the nonsense that the transition from the unit seemed tough. There is no more unnecessary "letterboxing", it is set as an extra option that needs to be unlocked first, and as far as I'm concerned, it can freely stay.

    Additionally, the game now throws us less into the closed arenas where it was supposed to withstand the waves of enemies, and that is why gameplay is no longer so troublesome that it becomes fun. Irritable traps are still there, but they are far less so than in the past game. The bark also no longer needs to fire with fire when you can simply crack your boots.

    While the first The Evil Within might be a little too crazy about Resident Evil 4, the second part because of the urban environment is more inclined to Resident Evil 2. Ordinary enemies are mostly classic zombies, not the Spanish Inquisition that drives you with torches. You are most often busy with the trickling of things, so you are open to opportunities to be creative about how to play with them. The knife in your back often falls out as a good choice, but it is equally useful when you completely overtake them. Beer bottles still in the environment can be thrown away for attention, but they are also useful for automatically refusing the hugs of all these smells. These bottles are becoming something you are looking for while exploring the environment for resources, and the environment itself can be used with a variety of defensive purposes.

    Oil barrels can be overturned to expel the oil that you can ignite to make more zombies with one move. Lokve water can also be electrified, but these are just some of the elements with which The Evil Within 2 of the players are expected to monitor carefully while constantly discovering new things without getting rid of cheap obstacles. With a large amount of ammunition and an ugly model of rejection, the whole thing remains a tedious experience, because even though you always wear a bad arsenal on your back, you can hardly feel powerful because the target under pressure often misses. While ordinary bullets are mostly used for all direct situations, tactical samostrel is there to make your own traps an enemy surprise.

    I would say that stealth because of all the above has a much more active role, especially in open and abandoned quarters of small towns that you may want to explore. This open world is probably the only thing that can be considered a novelty to some extent. In the open format, some side tasks are involved, which open the possibility to play more at their own pace and less roughly laid down.
    Some of the houses can even be covered, including trains and buses, and what's inside can be found even a few times surprised me. Those folder parts are big enough to wake them for hours, but not so big that return would be a problem. Although all the sites are connected to the terminals with which you "jump" from the neighborhood to the quart (do not ask how), there is not a flexible "fast travel". However, I do not consider this to be a bad decision because even when you come back through the familiar terrain, you are still in your fingers while listening disturbing sounds from a distance.

    In addition to the classic zombies, there are also a few psychopaths that have the role of bosses in this lonely little town, and you will encounter unavoidable confrontations with some of the bigger caves. The greatest fears arise when you realize that certain characters can catch "drooping panties" and draw from the skies sky in the open streets. One of them is a scumbag photographer, a man who can stop his time with his camera to keep the last moments of his models forever.

    For this reason, a good part of the game takes place in hideous galleries where your wicked works are noticed inexplicably. However, although you encounter such "important" figures several times, their role in the larger picture nevertheless falls like the one that is just there to fill the idle walk. While Sebastian is trying to find her daughter, they only reveal the fact that she is a princess in another castle. That is why the whole structure of The Evil Within 2 is a collage of everything and everything, including not only parts of the first game, but genres in general.

    You will occasionally encounter puzzles that, unfortunately, have very little and are at the level of kindergarten. If you know how to count to ten, you will solve them in five seconds. But even though The Evil Within 2 does not reveal the layered complexity under a microscope, in a good ratio of simple concepts it makes it fun, tense, and generally weird if we address it without too much philosophy.

    When there are only three bullets in the revolver, it's a great success if you open a street plan on a knife to unkemptly eliminate the blood of zombies in order to pick up first aid kits. Even with no dense fog, it all looks like Silent Hill, and that comparison should be enough to give you at least a chance at least.
    Depending on how deeply you are willing to explore, the first move could take you anywhere between 10am and 8pm. In that case, The Evil Within 2 represents a decent bite of the inward, and if, beyond all its omissions, the only wish I had to look for yet, then I know that a good part of the game is still being played.

    Rate this article Rewiev of the game: The Evil Within 2

    (4.62/5) 26 rates


    Nice game but the evil is in me.

    10 june 2018 16:55

    hmm seems similar to resident evil

    3 august 2018 10:57

    Other than the spelling mistkaes... great article.

    8 june 2018 06:34

    Nice job, but why it narrows top to bottom? XD

    19 july 2018 19:15

    is that spamm?

    27 january 2021 20:30

    wonderfull article

    8 june 2018 03:39


    10 june 2018 08:03