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    (4.35/5) 31 rates
    sejozmaj, 2 september 2018 16:26

    Rewiev of the game: Dead Cells

    Dead Cells is a 2D action adventure with procedurally generated levels. The player assumes the role of a group of cells that take the body of the beheaded detainees and their main goal is to escape the dungeons. It's played exclusively in a single-player and damned is addictive.

    Metroidvania is a popular sub-genre of action adventures in which the main concept of progress is about discovering new rooms and non-linear exploration of the game world. The launchers of this genre are, of course, the legendary Metroid and Castlevania series of games that have always stood out with exceptional gameplay with exceptional design levels. Levels in these titles have led the players in a fun way to return to the rooms they have already visited, and with the help of some newly discovered power or weapons they open the doors locked to that moment, or pass through to other parts of the map.

    Dead Cells is a fairly ruthless game and a la Souls, and keeps you constantly dying to learn about your mistakes. However, unlike the Souls series, each time you die, you return to the very beginning of the game, you are waiting for a whole new folder, and the previously collected equipment and enhancements have disappeared with your ultimate death. Because of the new layout of the level and the enemy you will not be able to walk relaxed to the last place of death because you know the arrangement of enemies and traps. The game is always different, but it's enough to know about what level you can expect.

    With each and every death, you will learn a little new thing, a second away faster than an opponent who rages in the rage to attack you, who first settles into a stack of enemies, and which combination of weapons works well with the bow and arrow, and with the shield. Collecting new weapons is surely the most fun part of the game, as well as discovering how to take full advantage of everything you find on the road. Do you have a sword that puts your opponent in the oil? Super, combine it with fire or bombs, do one blow, roll in the side, fire the missile and let the fire do the rest.

    Some of the available weapons are really powerful and at one glance make a trouble on the map, and the other simply comic and there are one go for a bit more fun. A good example of this is the Spartan boots with which you can push the enemies off the platform in screaming death. Several times I exclaimed "This is Spaaartaaa!" While I did it.

    Although you lose the equipment when you die, by destroying the enemies dead cells, which later in the so-called Collectors can be replaced for permanent upgrades such as opening an additional health pot for every attempt to cross the game or the possibility of refunding the part of the money you have collected last time.

    Between each level, you will be welcomed by a peaceful zone where you will meet Mr. Guillain in addition to the aforementioned Collector, who will offer you one mutation. The choice of mutations is really great, from a single resurrection to a final death, an increase in total HP, a sweeping of stats, or a gathering of health every time we hit the enemy. It is up to you to tactically choose the mutation that could offer you the best chance of coming now more than last time.

    The main character is usually only a cluster of dead cells which, after each passing through the drainage pipes, drops to a mysterious dungeon, takes the body of one of the obscene prisoners and so they go on their way back. A nice detail at the beginning is a jar of pots that we opened up to this point, which is also an indicator of progress through the game.

    Although we always start from the same dungeons later on every time the branch. From the initial dungeons it is possible to go to the dark forest or toxic sewerage, and later we will walk through the walls of the castle, the cemetery, the dark subterranean or the harbor village. Just by branching and opening new areas we get the feeling of playing the metroidvania title, though in this case we do not return to the room before we do it once when we die and start from the beginning.

    Each of the locations looks unique and visually appealing. The visual style of the game is generally done in beautiful pastel-pixel elements that make Dead Cells unique and easily recognizable. It's not like any retro-inspired game, it has its own style. The game on most platforms revolves without any problems or falls of thumbnails, and especially fascinates animations of attacks that look like drawn from the hand of a famous artist.

    As far as sound is concerned, I have to admit I have remained indifferent to music, which is somewhat out of the whole charm that Dead Cells has a lot of.  However, these minor things such as music and poor stories can not diminish the hill of well-done things that Dead Cells make a great game. Dying here is not a punishment but an opportunity to try out a new crazy combination of traps, whips and swords, and each new transition is actually an adventure for ourselves that we write with our weapons. All the mechanics are there for a reason, and they make up a perfectly harmonious unit that will give you every moment a smile on your face. At least until the moment of neglect that will result in your death. And it will happen. Sure.

    Rate this article Rewiev of the game: Dead Cells

    (4.35/5) 31 rates


    Well presented nice structure may it be genuine and it will deserve a recognition to have a place on the article podium here

    3 september 2018 00:08

    title wrong here too .... how accepted it
    Rewiev not review

    9 september 2018 05:43

    I Love The 2D pixel games 😀

    23 september 2018 19:45

    Very nice. Yesh. Very toight like a toiger.I am from HOLLAND, ishnt that vveird??

    19 september 2018 07:38

    Very nice everthing looks great

    6 september 2018 15:51

    This game is verry easy form mee.

    9 september 2018 13:21

    good one

    1 october 2018 12:01

    unique and the style of the game.nice game

    8 september 2018 08:31

    loved this game

    28 september 2018 17:35

    users say so much that nice or good become something that is so normal and easy, it doesn't have any meaning anymore

    18 april 2019 18:03