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    (4.61/5) 18 rates
    sozqq, 1 december 2018 17:53

    Review: WRC 7

    The silence of a quiet April afternoon disturbs the rush of 180 horses placed under the hood of a small Fiesta with a number 67 on the roof.

    The driver is obviously struggling to keep the route, sipping the winding road that climbs to the local hill. The view takes away the breath - on the one side there is a breakwater and a sea that strikes in the shore, and on the other side stratified rocks and rocky that threatens to collapse on the ground every now and then. Competition: Junior World Championships in Rally. Goal: winning the best position and signing contracts that will provide a higher level of competition next seasons.

    If you are a fan of the rally championship and want to spend time entertaining with the WRC 7, it will have to be enough for the game to have a completely new physical model that balances between the arcade and the simulation, as well as the graphics that are fantastic at the moment. Kylotonn Racing Games has overcome this year and it is their most convincing achievement ahead of us. WRC 7 is pickup & playa game for which you feel the effect of a free fall in your stomach as if you were jumping off the parachute from the Eiffel Tower. The feeling of speed is unreal, ramps control, cars pinned to the ground and ready to listen to every task you are instructing. In addition to the left and right steering controls, you only pay attention to gas and (manual) brakes. 

    Quickly mastering the control mechanics, whether you use a controller or steering wheel, will quickly direct you to attempts to achieve as much time as possible. What can stop you is fantastic graphics that draws attention because you want to absorb any special effect, any good texture and study every available car model. The details are important, so you notice that in the dust on the road you see the tires of the tire, the camera that follows the action is pruning, the vegetation along the road is unusually detailed, the sun is washed in melted snow, and whipped cream on the cake is different weather conditions: fog, rain, snow ... Their replacement is not possible and this is a minus, as it has become the standard when racing games are in question. Given that it contains everything from the world rally championship for 2017, WRC 7brings 13 current locations and a total of 52 "tracks". The design, we say, is really at an impressively high level. Still, it was sad to us that quality was not consistent. Thus, some locations are top-notch and trend trends in this genre, while others are much weaker as if they were in the third plan or not worked by the same team. Maybe there was not enough time to get everything done and refined compared to last year - as you know, the deadlines in the modern world are murderous.

    The authors completely ignored the accompanying content and the WRC 7 is empty like a journalist wallet. Yes, there are 55 official teams available, there are cars and drivers from the Junior WRC, WRC 2 and WRC championship, and that's about everything. The odyssey begins with the selection of one of the available teams, continues by driving, repairing, driving, filling in secondary tasks, driving, switching to another team, driving ... Pretty boring! Between the stages, deal with the repair of the damage that has been divided into eight areas and you have a limited time. Believe it or not, this is your only concern. Secondary tasks are extremely trivial (do not destroy the engine, take "this and that" place ...) and see the benefits of completing them only at the end of the season when more or fewer teams will be interested in you. Upgrading the car is not possible, therefore there is no R & D department, you can not employ people in the team and you have the feeling that you are just water flowing through the hose. I did not like the fact that in the game, with a few bonus cars, there are no classic machines that marked some past and long forgotten era. In addition to the campaign, you can drive a championship at will, individual races, and try online multiplayer skirmishes. It is commendable that there is also a local multiplayer that, in addition to the split screen mode, brings a hot seat complement where players alternate by the steering wheel. It's great and we'll add the old-fashioned thing that we missed.

    Rate: 7/10

    Rate this article Review: WRC 7

    (4.61/5) 18 rates


    Good writing the article

    7 december 2018 21:49

    Well written

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    Great article! Great game!

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    Great article

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    Done in a quite good way. Great work!

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    Well, I see nothing wrong, good work!

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