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    (4.42/5) 26 rates
    Gamer_run, 6 december 2018 09:00

    Review with Visty > State of Decay 2

    State of Decay 2


    The game of State of Decay 2 may sound nice at first glance , and seems to be a good game that puts you in front of a huge zombie rich universe to explore and explore , and base your own people to try , stay alive. But really , the State of Decay 2 game , though interesting and popular , can not provide them with enough depth , and they do not get used to them.


    Producer Studio: Undead Labs

    There's really not much to say about the game. The interesting ideas of game makers to create a virtual community filled with zombies and survivors were a lot of fun at pre release of the game , but how to put these ideas into play is a lot of flaws. For example , the first and main problem of the game is not to create a full apocalyptic virtual community! The online content and multiplayer games can only be used if you start playing with your predetermined friends and there is no "Random Search" system to find players in the game world.


    State of Decay 2 has a lot of weaknesses as a single-player game , the first of which is the lack of a clear storyline that uses the full potential of the game world. First of all , you must choose between the predefined and distinct characters that are described in the past few lines , the main characters under your control , and then follow the same process as not very appealing to the game , which if you select other characters you should do the same.

    So what's the difference between two characters?


    State of Decay 2 has a fascinating construction system that can be used in this apocalyptic world. For example , if you've been bitten by a zombie recently , you should think about setting up a clinic at your base and setting a constant responsibility for it. But launching a clinic , kitchen or any other place that you can upgrade to your base or even launching another base requires a lot of resources that you can take to explore the great gaming environment. But the fun of the game is not so much that you even have time to take care of it and collect the necessary things to build a clinic. Maybe you think that I'm judging by the pessimists about the game , but there's no way to make progress in the State of Decay 2 , except for long displacements between different environments,  cleaning rooms from zombies that do not have much variety , and fighting them after It takes a few minutes to repeat itself , and at the end of checking the seeds, the boxes and drains that may cause the equipment to enter into them are in the end.


    State of Decay 2 suffers from anything less than minimal content , and does not use the apocalypse that has come into its own. But anyway , the artistic sounds and graphics of the game must be taken seriously and congratulated the creators on this matter. The very first moments of the game , which you must find your first camp and the sun is dying , we see a very attractive level of game lighting that depicts a zombie-like world, and with the mixing of music, its emotional text attracts many of the It is happening itself. But the technical characteristics of the game, such as animations that are not so varied , the combination of objects and the environment , the physics of obfuscation , especially machines , are some of the things that Undead Labs should be more focused on them.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > State of Decay 2

    (4.42/5) 26 rates


    Not bad

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    Yeet nice article and i beqt my meat

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    Never saw state of decay in this light before.

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    Its good

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    Good work this

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    Really good article

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    Oh its good

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    Great work and great article! nice.

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