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    (4.24/5) 21 rates
    Gamer_run, 1 december 2018 20:19

    Review with Visty > House Flipper

    House Flipper

    In this game you run a home renovation office. At first , you will need to accept contracts with various tasks . Early contracts are primarily intended to teach you how to do things and use any of the tools you provide. Some times , you may just need to clean the house , or replace the radiators ; in others, the houses need to be painted , in others it is necessary to demolish or add walls. And ultimately , the deals will also include more complex tasks like adding new sections to your home. Whenever you get tired of contracting and earning enough income , you can buy a home and change it to your taste and rebuild it , then put it on sale or transfer it to your office.


    Producer Studio: Empyrean

    First check your emails through the laptop in your office and accept the contract. Then from there you can directly enter the agreed home and do the requested work. Completing all requests will have full pay.


    All game features are not available from the start of the game , and you need to learn. The more you do an action , the more experience you will be able to upgrade that ability.


    After completing orders and completing all contracts in your email, you will have enough experience and revenue, and then you can rebuild and then sell your home through the list that you have on your laptop.

    This is where you can take full advantage of your taste and there is no contract party that you have to fulfill the orders , but at the same time consider the prospects' opinion. For example , one wants a lot of space for his books , another enjoying the images on the walls of the house. One cares about the presence of a dining room , someone does not want a kitchen at all. If you can get the tastes and opinions of these potential buyers , you will have the attention of them and you will receive more money.

    Weak points:

    The game's routine is simple so after a while , you may feel that the game has been duplicated. Doing things like installing a shower or washing machine for the first time can be an interesting experience , but they will gradually lose their appeal , and after a while you may feel that the game does not have something new to offer. Such a process is quite natural in games of this style , but designers could predict this repetition of the game and try to fix it. Of course , in the game there are secret rooms or suspicious items or serials and stuff like that , which can make the game more enjoyable for a few moments and create curiosity in the player, but their number is few.

    The other weak point of the game is the irreplaceability of the walls with plumbing or the place of the external doors and windows , so in such a change player can not operate freely. Of course , this is somewhat realistic , because in reality it is not possible to ward off all the walls of the house. The lack of designing of solder walls is another drawback of the layout of the walls. There is no way to change things like the ceiling or even paint it.


    Another weak point of the game is the small selection of home appliances. In games like this , the variety of gadgets is very important to make your taste in space design.

    Good points:

    n some homes, you may encounter a beetle that needs to be destroyed, but for those who have “ kataridaphobia ” (Fearing from beetles) , it's possible to change the game's settings to show the glass that has been broken instead of the beetles , and that's one of the more delicate things in the game which was observed.

    Although I have already mentioned the game's duplicate , at the end of the game, you will like to have more contracts or more houses to rebuild , so I can say the game is fun and can have satisfied players more enthusiastic ones , players who use their taste in the space. Play and finally enjoy watching what they have made , and that's enough for them to be rewarded. So if you're a fan of this style of game , do not miss House Flipper.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > House Flipper

    (4.24/5) 21 rates



    3 december 2018 16:55

    Being a good plumber!

    25 january 2019 23:08


    3 december 2018 03:34


    6 december 2018 23:40

    ph hello my firend. well done. but i dont like. it is not related to gaming. sorry . 1 star

    3 december 2018 20:00

    в этой игре можна себя почусьвовать сибя уборшикам и строителям и дезайнером

    9 january 2020 14:11

    Looks a good game

    8 december 2018 16:54

    Unknow game what is it

    7 december 2018 22:31

    sad to see visty's gone, it was your kinda your signature. however, it's still a good article, keep it up!

    1 december 2018 20:48

    Nice one.

    1 december 2018 21:37