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    (4.76/5) 17 rates
    Gamer_run, 9 december 2018 17:02

    Review with Visty > Disc Jam

    Disc Jam


    Disc jam is entertaining sport game which is available for Play Station 4 , Nintendo Switch and PC platforms and produced by High Horse Entertainment studio ...



    When you start the game , Disc Jam will show you its rules (somehow like Tennis) , which is relatively simple the disc does not hit your gate , does not land on your land and does not hit behind you. There are two types of launches , there is a defensive mode that if you do successfully , you will be able to do your superpower shot as a chance to land , and ultimately you will get acquainted with the game scoring system, and after some hands practicing with the bots and the fairly routine Artificial Intelligence game the main battle is the online section.


    At first glance , the gameplay seems to be very simple , but the logic and breadth of scope that this style can have in itself , the core of the Disc Jam is very strong , powerful and fun. It 's easy to learn , but mastering it requires training and concentration and studying techniques that competitors use in the online section.


    If we liken Disc Jam to a small building in the video game industry , it certainly has a good , well rounded column and ensures the strength of the building , but precisely when it comes to putting walls and decorating it with the door and window , Disc Jam discourages and gives us an incomplete delivery. The music is a extremely dead music and which you can hear during the game , the section of personalization and artistic graphics , everything is over abused and numb. We live in a period where online and competitive games needs to achieve gamers attention and be interesting for gamers to play , so the topic of visual arts and graphics is an important part in this field.

    Extremely versatile artwork in Overwatch or interference with the darkness and brightness of the Dota 2 game , or the funny and entertaining Fortnite graphics , and on the other hand, the entertaining world of Mario Kart 8 all appear to be just a simple decorating for a great online game. That makes the online four games I've named one of the most addictive online games of nowadays. And that's exactly what Disc Jam does not care about at all. The design of many personalities is not unique , tired animations and , worse , the coloration of all the grounds  which  in addition to their low variety , quickly make you tired after playing some of the game , and make the game go away for a long time and after a while Also lose your relief to play the game.



    Online Section


    The online part does its job perfectly , Quick Matchmaking Despite the lack of many players in the game , the lack of definite and lack of lags and an efficient system of markup , keeps your excitement for each turn , apart from the artistic and visual aspects. On the other hand , the personalization section of the game is really disappointing , characters and animations have no good points too  , icons and badges that are unique to the online section are not exciting , and the worst thing along with all this is the locking of almost all items in the personalization section. And the only thing you can do is buying it within the game is to unlock it , and it will screw up your nerves in the long time.

    In addition to all of these , the game port on the Nintendo switch is well executed and the game is hand crafted very cool and smooth , and technical problems can be said to be in no way encumbered by the owners of this console.


    The Disc Jam is good in terms of gaming and gameplay , and is technically not a problem thanks to the powerful Unreal Engine 4 ; But artistically , the game is completely disappointing and it's better for the people who care about these elements to search for other works of the online competitive style.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Disc Jam

    (4.76/5) 17 rates


    Good wOrk

    10 december 2018 16:50

    Very good

    10 december 2018 16:50

    Nice good work ok

    10 december 2018 16:23

    wow great article. a very good job

    12 december 2018 15:21

    Very good

    11 december 2018 11:11

    Very good

    10 december 2018 14:45

    Wow nice man!

    11 december 2018 04:26

    Hello Visty! This time, there are a few grammar issues, but it isn't anything rejectable. Also, you put a lot of whitespace between paragraphs, be careful with that!
    Nevertheless, good article as always! keep it up!

    10 december 2018 01:23

    Woa very good

    10 december 2018 17:34

    Very amazing

    10 december 2018 20:07