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    sozqq, 7 march 2018 20:05

    Review: WARTILE

    Vikings, tactical strategy, collectible cards, own deck, styling under the "nastolku" - you feel how your eyes light up, how trembling hands nervously search for something, and the words form in pleading: "Give me, give me rather this game " ... Indeed, the magic of Wartile is difficult to resist - it has everything to carry on seriously and for a long time. Or is there still something missing?

    Wartile is a tactical strategy for the Vikings, which immediately attracts attention by its appearance. The game is styled for a typical "table". We move around the field, lined with hexes, miniature figures of bearded warriors with pigtails and axes, long-haired northern archers and even black-browed witches with a crow on their shoulders. Periodically we throw on the card indicating the abilities and abilities of the "units", and after the battle we return to the game table: there are the figures of our fighters, and here lies a map on which you can choose the next mission. 

    However, in its mechanics Wartile not so much desktop, or rather - not in everything. First, there is no need to throw dice. Secondly, it's not quite a turn-based game. There are no turning points: we move the figures on the battlefield in real time, just after the movement a few seconds are counted, after which they will again allow something to be made by this fighter. And when warriors find themselves on neighboring cells with enemies, they begin to automatically attack them and receive surrender. The player at the same time can slow down time to use ability cards or move his character by going to them, for example, an opponent in the rear.
    At first, such a model seems strange, but you quickly get used to it, and then you discover that the tactics are no less than in the classic turn-based game. In addition to it is added not an annoying, but quite appropriate dynamics. When our enemies see the Vikings, they will begin to move closer to them with very bad intentions. And then we must also act quickly. 
    The location has a huge importance in Wartile . Enemies are better to surround - attacks from the flanks cause more damage. If there is an opportunity to stand on the cage above - get up, since blows from the height also increase the damage. If you have a pikeman, it is better not to put it close to the enemy, but to beat through the cage. Still need to lure the enemies and substitute them for traps, placing on the cells traps or flooding them with poison. 

    While our wards and opponents mutually mutilate each other, one must actively use skill cards, pulling them out and applying directly to their own or to strangers - so you can immobilize, inflict an especially powerful blow, heal, release a flock of crows or swarm of flies, turn an enemy in a madman, rushing to his comrades, and so on.

    Abilities are personal (they are simply recharged) and common - they are spent on special glasses, which we copy for killing enemies and performing additional tasks. And in such a quest you may well be asked to catch the fast-jumping frogs or goat to sacrifice it. In general, whatever one may say, there's no time to yawn in this tactic. There is, of course, a time delay function, but the key word here is "slowdown". You can put the game on a pause, but only to assess the positions and nervously drink a cup of coffee - you will not allow any actions directly in the battle.
    It is clear that such a game can not be just about battles - it's also about pumping and equipment. Successful passage of missions makes our fighters stronger, raises the overall level of the unit, and also gives money and trophies, which we collect as we pass the level, when we open the chests hidden here and there.
    In a break between fights, you can go to the forge menu - we buy new equipment and sell the old one, equip our Vikings, put special improvements in the special slots, give them passive bonuses for attack or defense, choose which skill cards they will use in the next mission. Also in the tavern we hire new fighters and redistribute a deck of cards with common abilities. 

    All this, of course, is very important, but perhaps the most difficult and most important decision to take in Wartile, - who to take with them to the next assignment. There is always a limit on the number of fighters: some mission is allowed to pass only together, some - three or four. But who should this be - two "tanks" with the support of the archer? Or witches? And "tanks" is a viking with a shield, a spearman or a child with an ax? The correct selection of the party decides a lot. Naturally, over time, appear their pets - the best equipped and passed more than one fight.
    However, if you want to pump and dress you can all. New tasks are often too complicated for our squad - we have to pereprohodit old, grind, raise the level of the party. At the same time they allow you to choose a higher level of the task, so that the enemies are more, and they themselves are stronger. 

    This, on the one hand, is good, as it allows you to try different combinations, gain experience, money and trophies. But on the other - boring. It becomes boring, of course, not immediately - tasks, it must be admitted, everything here is different, interesting, with unique conditions. But when you perform them several times, the most persistent and ferocious northern warrior can creep. 

    And in general, with all the pluses, Wartileuntil there is not enough content. The plot seems to exist and is kept quite in the Scandinavian spirit - as usual, our Vikings are fighting something with the Saxons, then with the dead, they make sacrifices to the gods, clean the monasteries, search for artifacts. But in fact it's just a set of diverse missions that you constantly pereprohodite with more complex enemies and conditions. For fans of tactics, this is not scary, but for those who crave non-stop passions in the spirit of the TV series "Vikings"... Well, in general, we warned them.


    Rate this article Review: WARTILE

    (5/5) 1 rating



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    very good game i love it

    9 march 2018 13:29