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    (2.33/5) 3 ratings
    panos_misti, 14 january 2018 22:37

    Review: The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

    Did the Professor know what he was doing in his spare time from teaching work in his Oxford cabinet in the 30s and 40s of the last century? It is perfectly possible to say that yes, of course, he knew - he composed fairy tales first for his three sons and daughter, and then more for himself. And so, without risking a mistake, we can say that no, he had no idea what would eventually turn his passion for ancient European myths, magical stories and non-existent languages.

    The cult of "The Lord of the Rings" arose during the writer's lifetime and pretty annoyed the zealous Catholic John Tolkin, who sacredly followed his whole conscious life with Christian precepts, one of which, as is known, reads: "Do not make yourself an idol." But the world, traditionally spit on any commandments, continued to create, create and finally created not just an idol, but perhaps a new religion, turning its author into a prophet. In any case, such an impression can very well be created if one looks at our life with a naive glance.

    The insanity was started by the famous "flower children" of the 60's - hippies. The authority of Tolkien's trilogy in their stoned and stained rows was absolute and indisputable, and if we consider that most of the creative intelligentsia of the 70s once hipped, then the crazy rise of popularity in these and subsequent years of fantasy and elves-orkov-gnomes first in literature , and then other arts (in games in the first place), too, can be attributed to the creator of Middle-earth.

    At the beginning of the new century, madness continued, followed by the famous kinotrilogy of New Zealand director Peter Jackson , which broke not only the two towers not only Tolkien fans, but also (their financial results) to a much more serious public. Then World of Warcraftshowed the whole world that the movie - g ... but, most importantly - MMO. After that, the appearance of MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online became a matter of not very long time.

    The game was released in April 2007, and now you can definitely say that it turned out to be financially successful. However, despite the completely insane popularity of the source (do not you really mean that "Warcraft" is more popular than "The Lord of the Rings"?), It almost got forty times less subscribers than WoW . In what there was a catch and in general a hitch, to understand from our site in Middle-earth sent me. And I, of course, figured out what I am reporting now.

    The main question of any game on the "Lord of the Rings" - how it relates to the events of the books and whether Gandalf and Frodo and his comrades are there - aroused frank curiosity, but even more openly interested in the first impressions of the game. My experience in MMORPG is not absolute, but with half a dozen (only decent ones) the names in it will be found, so the desire to compare the novelty of the sensations with the already passed "old" is a common thing for any reasonable person. Whose horns and hoofs stick out of the gameplay, what is the atmosphere, what about the landscapes and the combat system, what kind of people play and how it relates to beginners? Yes, even the assortment of classes and the generation of a character are all important and important.

    The "wardrobe" of the new "theater" does not disappoint, although it looks typical. Classical elves-goblins-hobbits as game races, people, however, also did not forget. Political correctness is mainly present, with the exception of Afro-Medians and female gnomes, who are absent. Everything, like, according to the traditions of the world, but the courage of the developers is still impressive - in our time it's easier to spit on traditions than on fighters for equality
    Eight possible classes completely cover the standard group roles: tanks (Defender, Guardian), specialists in the near (Warmaster, Burglar) and distant (Hunter) combat, healers (Minstrel, Runecrafter) and hybrids (Knight, able to both fight in close combat, so and give out bonuses, as well as gradually cure). People can choose any career, the rest of the races have limitations (and in fact - which of the hobbit knight, and from the gnome - a burglar).

    The editor of appearance set of options is not amazing, but with the task of coping. With due patience and artistic talent, you can give birth to a very unordinary personality. At least at first glance. In general, the generation of the character is ... average, probably. Emotions do not cause either positive or negative, but for me - it's rather a plus than a minus. Nothing personal, superfluous or too important. You can not soar your brains to yourself or your computer, and as quickly as possible to do things for which, in fact, I play - adventures ...
    ... which in the Lord of the Rings Online begins already from the first seconds. In the game, oddly enough for MMOs, there is a story. Yes, a very relative story, and yet much less relative than in World of Warcraft or Warhammer Online . It is entered in the form of an epic quest and stretches through all the books and chapters of LotRO. You whirlpool of his events are captured immediately and without the preliminary instructions of wise mentors. Once you are in the game, you find your hero in captivity from the robbers (this is if you play for a person, the elves, dwarves and hobbits enter others, but the vortex is not worse), who took him for a company with a couple of hobbits.

    Immediately there is a friendly scout with a rescue mission, then this scout stumbles on a black type on a black horse, and after a short fight you are already rescuing the rescuer with a small fire. Next, it turns out a piquant detail: black riders around the neighborhood are scouring and something (or someone) is looking for. In parallel, in script scenes an entertaining story is told about a crowd of hobbits, people, dwarves, elves and magicians (only nine pieces) that save the world from some Mordor muck. You've already heard it somewhere, seen or read no less than, probably, hundreds of times, but still with attention and legitimate curiosity - but now everything will end differently?

    Otherwise, of course, it does not end, but the regular opportunities provided to make a contribution to the legendary history are aroused by a certain emotional awe. To run away at Aragorn's request somewhere to find out, at the same time having killed a dozen or two impudent persons who are rude to their faces while performing? Impressive. Report on the completed task to Gandalf? Suggests. Wave a white kerchief over the above-mentioned nine, going to partisan in the deep rear of the Enemy? And you know, quite! This is if your attitude to life to all this hobbittomania initially ironic. And if you are a faithful follower of the cult? .. This game takes. This, but not only.

    You can argue as long as you like about the importance of visual images, textural and model art, special effects illuminations and other design of cards in the popularization of projects and the subsequent maximization of sales, but it all uniquely participates in creating the right atmosphere. Especially the atmosphere of the game, made by the cult world. In the Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine artists and designers coped with the task at least four times with a plus.

    You run through the village of the hobbits, around - the neat little hills, a little further - the classic rural pastoral, as you imagine it, living in the center of a multimillion metropolis, in the distance - some copses, hills, fields, more villages ... Everything - as on a picture from an advertising brochure of some especially ecologically clean agricultural products. Or from the book of the Professor. This is how you imagined hobbitland - and this is how he appears in the game.

    People's lands, elven forests and dwarven halls, too, do not disappoint. All in the mind, all with a great perspective and a full sense of falling into a fairy-tale reality. It is reality. But fabulous. Without unnatural vampirism Warhammer Online , cartoonish, and now also vulgarized by casual disneyland pathosWorld of Warcraft , anime supermodels "Koreyigroproma" and an overdosed Eclectic EverQuest 2 .
    Familiarity with books, names of NPCs, assignments, emoots (a common term for emotions, gestures, dances and other "body language") also work perfectly for the image of virtual Middle-earth and contribute to a festive mood (here you can even learn to play a musical instrument and spik help keyboard, tapping notes and raising and lowering the tones!).

    In this case, the absence of division into factions and, accordingly, PvP (which, in fact, is, but very specific, and about it later), perhaps, more adds to the atmosphere LotRO, than vice versa. Peace, friendliness, tranquility, even some kind of camera (although the world is not small at all). You are not in constant tension waiting for some podlyanki, do not flinch from the slightest shadow or suspicious sound, you do not read in the local chat the impotent cursing of the "noobs" that pleased the genocide of wandering enemy "highlevels" - there is nothing of this, so you are relaxed and complacent. And quietly enjoy life (longing, to be honest, but it's for my very personal taste).
    If the atmosphere of LotROspecific and even unique, game mechanics - exactly the opposite. Satisfied with the first impressions, the experienced MMO user begins to understand that the everyday (hourly or even every-minute?) Gameplay does not offer him anything that he would not have met before. These monsters, after every five steps, do not know-how, quests to run away-kill-bring-especially, levels (maximum-60th), levelaps, teachers selling new abilities, manufacturing professions, resources sticking out of the ground here and there, or hunting, small hobbies like fishing, and even personal property - are seen -expected, and even in different variations. Nuances - yes, there are, but even this, rather, routine, than individuality - who is in our time exactly perediruet other people's features?

    Following the generally accepted gameplay standards is evident - the further, the more distinct. Beat monsters with standard techniques, which in the mass are carried out instantly (although, this feeling depends on the animation: if your hero is supposed to swing properly and only then to slash, then the results of the attack will manifest themselves "only later"), but are separated by cooldowns cool down - calm down, cool down). Monsters routinely attack those who hurt more or perform extremely harmful from their point of view actions (for example, healers).
    When you reach the ceiling level World of Warcraft does not end. The search for an adequate guild, races on the "heroics" behind the epic junk and, as the case of the crown, - raids on the Fattest Bots. If you have at least a couple of years of life in Azeroth, then I can see how you start yawning. I understand you perfectly, my familiar joy. No, thanks.

    Yes, the ability to rock your own weapon is an amusing thing. How to rock? Elementary. It is enough to find / buy / receive a gift of the legendary weapon and ... Do not laugh, the legendary weapons in the game - like bacteria in a dunghill. It is, of course, different, blue, red ... in the sense, more expensive or cheaper, better or worse - the statistics are selected from your bank account. But the principle is one. If in infancy the "legendary" does not represent anything surprising, then this is normal. For it, like a hero, can also earn "EXPO" and receive levels. And she also has abilities that can be developed. And also - slots, where runes are soldered, gems and other additives. As a result, in time, natural weapon of the day of judgment "+100 per person on the snout of each member of the enemy collective without surrender" and with an indefinite guarantee can result.

    Production and trade in LotRO - not EVE Online at all and not even EverQuest . Rather, again, World of Warcraft . You can argue about the mechanics, the range of products, a set of professions and auction facilities, but the essence does not change, just the form will not be in the profile, and full face. To write other entertainments ... probably, it is possible. For, in the end, what's the difference, which World of Warcraftplay. Here, at least, there are no helicopters, motorcycles with strollers and this feeling that you were going to hang out in the magical world, and got into an amusement park. However, people in the mass of its best haves are parks, especially if they are licked, cleaned and polished, and the range of services is much more diverse. So is it any wonder the difference in the number of subscribers? The question is rhetorical ... overall impression of the Lord of the Rings Online , rather, positive than negative. Turbine recreated Middle-earth with a sense and tact, carefully treated the spirit of Tolkien's works, not forgetting the letter. The game is sure to please fans of the creativity of the Professor, as well as fans of atmospheric worlds with an excellent role-playing potential. But if you are interested in everything else in the IMO, then your choice is World of Warcraft , or what else the industry prepares for us ...

    Rate this article Review: The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

    (2.33/5) 3 ratings


    I thought of these games as browser games but these seem to be some thing more than that... :P

    16 january 2018 19:46


    16 january 2018 19:42

    Greattt Article

    23 january 2018 08:55