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    (4.65/5) 17 rates
    sozqq, 9 january 2019 17:49

    Review: Pinstripe

    As a longtime player, I am always torn between feelings of sympathy for small development teams that, with very little or no means, confront with the AAA titles of millions of dollars of hard developmental studies, and feelings of anger and disappointment when they provoke our trust and sympathy by serving us an unfinished game. Things are gaining in weight when you know that behind the title that stands before you is only one man. His name is Tomas Brash, and Pinstripe is his first independent game where, he says, he worked for five years.

    In most cases, when it comes to indie developers, it's already a practice of breaking the ice-type games of the platform type. Neither Pinstripe is an exception to the rules, so Brasov's debut is another sympathetic 2D platform. What this game should separate from the sea is similar, it is a fantastic narration and a scenario that, without exaggeration, exceeds and exceeds at least 80 percent of film achievements that can be seen in cinemas today. In addition to being proven to be gifted for the development of games, Tomas is also able to assign the epithet of an extraordinary scriptwriter without a thought (provided that the script of the game is his work). Without unnecessary merging, we will only say that the game is one of the better-told stories that we had the opportunity to play. No intensified twists that produce a meh effect in the player and often result in the current combination 'Shift' + 'Delete', the game opens up a piece of the puzzle piece in a subtle and unobtrusive way that will eventually be folded into the whole. Those who like interactive fairy tales should therefore immediately stop reading and get their copy of the game because they will surely like them.

    Unfortunately, the other part of the audience who cries for a component called a quality gamble or simply loves to help on the way to the end of the credits, in the case of Pinstripe will remain short sleeves. It's really a tragedy to see (and experience) one such story packed in just a few hours of a completely linear gamble, with plenty of non-inventive puzzles and without any sections around which the more experienced player may even flicker. To make matters worse, the game does not have any replay quality, so it is illusory to run it again after you finish it for the first time, and it will most probably be the same evening when you started it.

    The world in which the game takes place is graphically beautifully depicted and exudes a gloomy atmosphere that is adequate for the environment. Though he flirts with the ideas of the life of the dead and the symbolism of the demons that are expected in him, the game cannot be seized by the label of the horror. As a consequence of its length, the game becomes the victim of a trap of insufficiently elaborated characters of the protagonists, which makes it difficult for players to identify with them, and directly cums the fact that the average player at PinstripeForget about two hours after the game passes. Through the action, several NPCs are deflated with which you will pass through the sentence for which sentence, but who will not have any influence on the course of the game, nor will their existence at any time be of any importance to the story of the game. Dialogues in the game are, albeit well written, still quite stunted, and these streaks will not extract either an exceedingly good music component nor a good voiceover character. By who knows the path, the protagonist (whose name is Ted, if anyone is interested at all), obviously is mute and does not speak a word. Thus, the tradition of mute and non-charismatic heroes has been successfully continued in Pinstripe.

    The appearance of the game is extremely good, and it should be praised by the author of this achievement in every possible way. The artwork is extremely sweet and in a completely twisted way fits into the concept and scenography of the story. However, once again we are in a situation where we have a game that is optimized only for playing on wide monitors, so that unhappy ones, like the author of these lines, who still play their gamers at less conventional 4: 3 monitors, torture Tantalus troubles, because Ted will constantly fall into dead corners, and various objects will not be visible, so you will often have to turn to the blind.


    All in all, Pinstripe was a title that could have been great, but it was blurred. Something similar to when you start to eat a dish that looks great so that after the first snack you will find that it took another hour to stay in the oven. The game is pleased with the interactive story, but the content that is implemented in it does not justify the price of $ 15, how much the title currently costs on Steam. It can and must be much better than this.

    My personal rate: 7 / 10


    Rate this article Review: Pinstripe

    (4.65/5) 17 rates


    very good game

    5 may 2019 15:39

    Very nice.

    11 january 2019 16:19

    Nice work

    18 january 2019 03:18

    Nice game.

    16 june 2019 20:16

    wow good game never see is this fps,adventure and sory game?

    7 june 2019 11:17

    my personal rate 6/10

    9 february 2019 10:32

    Good nice good

    14 april 2019 08:49

    The article entices me to play the game. I'd say that this review is very effective!

    12 january 2019 11:27

    Good luck in all your endeavors!! hahaha nice

    14 january 2019 13:30

    Good luck in all your endeavors!!

    12 january 2019 02:20