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    (4.55/5) 11 rates
    panos_misti, 16 january 2018 23:39

    Review: Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition

    Video events are a dead end branch of evolution. They arose because with the spread of the CD format, developers did not know what to fill the free disk space. After all, even very good games of the early 90's, such as Doom , took up several diskettes (if anyone remembers such a thing), but not 700 megabytes. The solution proved ruthless in its simplicity: a plastic vacuum was filled with rollers with live actors. Someone just diluted them with the gameplay, and someone made alpha and omega, trying their hand at interactive cinema. There were also masterpieces like Phantasmagoria , and products of the average hand - for example, Night Trap . Recently, the last reissued company Screaming Villains - it's time to find out if the jubilee version is worth it.

    Of course, Night Trap is foolishly underestimated. Because in 1992 she caused a frenzied excitement. Men at posts were confused by girls in swimsuits and scenes of violence, about which even the US Senate was sitting. As a result, we received an ESRB rating, as politicians and businessmen responded to the video-project of Digital Pictures and the fighting game Mortal Kombat . Nowadays, pictures that once shocked the public seem childish babble - if someone then showed Senator Joe Lieberman (Joseph Lieberman) footage from Outlast II or The Evil Within , he probably would have had a hit. But one thing remained unchanged: Night Trap garbagecalled 25 more years ago. So do not flatter yourself by launching it today. The conclusions you draw are plagiarism.
    The game really begins as a porn film of the 80's. Smiling maidens in frivolous outfits crack, not mumbling, about any nonsense. Guys with hairstyles stowed in cabriolets in California, tucked their shirts in jeans and wore sunglasses in the house. Sbatsat effects on spore theatrical designer, who met with Stanley Kubrick (Stanley Kubrick), but could not remember where. The action unfolds to music created by accident - when the best-known composer shed bourbon on an electric guitar. He saw how Jimi Hendrix lit up on Woodstock , and now he writes notes for some base entertainment. Damn this life! In other words, there is a classical atmosphere here. Inhaling her hydrogen sulphide, you take on the role of an operative of the SCAT special squad, who is watching the house of the Martins. The purpose of the mission is to find out what the hell is going on there, and at the same time to kick ass all bad guys. This is done with the help of eight surveillance cameras and traps set up along the manor, triggered by a signal in the immediate vicinity of the target. Here you can remove the steps and, as if from a pea, ride the enemy to hell, there - push the villain into the wall with a cabinet on the turning axis. It looks simple, like switching channels on the TV, and it's only half an hour. But do not say gop. Enemies - they are represented by "ogres," clumsy blacks in black, - climb in large numbers and from the most unexpected places. On a pause the game does not deliver. And for the use of traps, you need to change access codes in time - they are accidentally called during dialogue characters. That is, we had the code "green", but after a minute it's already "red". If you did not overhear the conversation in time, getting carried away fishing ninja-vampires, - select the code manually. Given the seven colors to choose from, it's not so easy to do. That's why many Night Trap is associated with a cramming of the order of actions, painted almost per second.
    What do we usually expect from the reissue of the classics? First of all - work on the technical part and graphics. For example, the quest Tim Schafer (Schafer Timothy) of Full Throttle to add to the title of the coveted Remastered had to redraw and overdubbed. It's reasonable to wait and at least some simplification of the gameplay. Because with old games, the devil himself will break his leg. Well, the price of reissue should more or less correspond to the efforts expended on it. Without focusing on nostalgia and the right color of the grass. So which of these points is observed in the jubilee "Night Trap"? Yes, actually, none of them. If you were hoping that somewhere in the bins you'll find better-quality video originals, leave empty hopes. The graphics were updated literally on the knee. So look into the small window, where the drama of category B is played with the clay-like emotions of the actors. The sound remained the same: one hundred percent retro from the chamber of measures and scales - only the concert of Nirvana, recorded on the cassette player by the person in the crowd, would sound worse. For a quarter of a century, no living soul touched the gameplay: either you catch enemies, or watch the story - the latter invariably leads to defeat. The elder in rank makes you fatherly suggestion, and start again. That is, the plan with the live actors did not work here twenty-five years ago, does not work now.
    The only reason separating the works of the Screaming Villains from the trash can and giving the chance to Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition is that the quest today looks damn amusing. Although in the script there is not a single joke (or rather, there are, but you know this humor of the 80's), we have the most ridiculous game of recent years. It is as ugly as old films about Batman, where Adam West plays . And laughter is useful - it prolongs life. And, as it turned out, not only people.

    Rate this article Review: Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition

    (4.55/5) 11 rates


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