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    (3/5) 2 ratings
    sozqq, 19 march 2018 23:25

    Review: Maria the Witch

    Only glanced briefly at the initial splash of this game, and a long forgotten feeling from a deep childhood awoke in my head. Feeling wonderful, something beautiful and simultaneously frightening - in a word, something so very Japanese. I remembered how, for the tenth time, a cassette with Porco Rosso twisted, wiping to the holes. And for a week he was afraid to include the "vidak" after the scene of the transformation of the parents of the main character "Spirited Away" ... 

    Drowning on Maria The Witch  in the App Store is not a trivial task. It just pushes under itself that massive layer of compost that brought along this November. And her exit would remain unnoticed, if not foresight. Is it good or bad? We'll figure it out.

    It was not for nothing that this seemingly useless conversation about former childhood psychological trauma was started. Simply, the office of the NAPS Team , which is responsible for keeping the answer for Maria the Witch , is definitely unevenly breathing the creativity of the famous Japanese director and animator Hayao Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki).

    The local plot revolves around Maria's girl, who earns her living by delivering letters. And to deliver these same letters to her was more handy, she uses her faithful broom to move. After all, Mary is a witch. However, the correspondence from her bag announced a hunt - an evil gray-haired old man riding a large smiling flying thing brings a mess in the life of Mary. Letters scatter in all directions, and Maria urgently needs to find them and deliver them to the owners. 

    Yes, this story is just an excuse, we know, but how! Most of you will easily find that the game has one giant reference in the direction of the "Gibli" studio. The main heroine - well, naturally Kiki from the "Witch Service Delivery", the main antagonist is Miyazaki himself, gray-haired class uncle of advanced years, and he moves on something that suspiciously resembles the symbiosis of the forest god Totoro and Cotobus. And this all does not cause thoughts of plagiarism. Rather, a smile - so cute and naive looks all that is happening on the screen. Does not cause criticism and graphics. The picture as if straight from an anime: a town far away, smoke from chimneys, high green cypresses. 

    Do not have time to admire a really chic visual series, as you gobble a dusty bag on the head of the gameplay. He is, of course, unpretentious, but stably challenges. Most of all it looks like the recent Retryfrom the Finnish "poultry farm" Rovio and stuffed the miserable Flappy Bird. Maria will have to go through many worlds of varying degrees of insanity in search of cherished letters. Control witch is carried out "tapas" on the screen. Take off from a special site, make your way through the test, grabbing letters and scattered by the level of small things along the way, landing in the right place and getting a new "checkpoint". Or do not get it, but more on that later. You will quickly learn that the earth, clouds and ink something (a bit like Susuvatari) is a forbidden territory, and touching it means for you a return to the last preservation.
    Management and rather tricky levels are unlikely to allow at least the first world to pass in one sitting. There must be a place where you will be stuck for a good half an hour. However, unlike Flappy Bird, I do not feel angry here. 

    As always, conditionally-free. Free-to-play, of course, does not offer you to immediately invest millions in the game. You will really feel the need to invest in Maria The Witch at the end of the first world. This is very insidious on the part of the authors. The currency in the game is, of course, formally mined in the same way, but only coins at the level are small, they are sometimes hidden very well, and they need to be spent not only on purchasing new levels, but also on "checkpoints" within the passable stage.

    It works like this. You cross the next segment of the road to the finish line, find yourself at the conservation point (indicated by a neat little house with a sign telling you that you can fill up with Maria noodles), and then in the pop-up window you will be offered options for how you will pay for the preservation. If you, like the author of this article, had a permanent deficit of little things in Maria's pockets, it does not matter. The game will kindly invite you to save for viewing the advertisement. And this is incredibly annoying, and does not play an atmosphere of mild Japanese schizophrenia at all. However, you will be saved, and often. The situation is almost like that in the proverb about mice and cactus.

    And then you can pay extra for the time-wasting, for automatically collecting "nishtyakov", for disabling enemies ... If you want to play, you can simplify the game to the limit, but this will require you to invest in it fabulous for such entertainment means.

    Rate: 7/10

    Rate this article Review: Maria the Witch

    (3/5) 2 ratings


    wow nice lengthy article.

    29 may 2019 06:47

    Witch... like misty... I sense

    27 march 2018 12:31

    ok i dont realy like this game

    27 march 2018 10:54

    k i dont realy like this game

    30 may 2018 12:29

    really good one.

    29 october 2019 05:10