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    (5/5) 1 rating
    sozqq, 19 march 2018 23:23

    Review: Call of Duty: Heroes

    A holy place, as you know, is not empty, and this saying is perfectly applicable to the gaming industry. Here, for example, on mobile platforms among hits in the genre of shooters firmly established Modern Combatfrom Gameloft already in five parts. Activision , of course, could unleash a war of brands, release a product that is not very different from a competitor and watch the verbal battles of the fans. But the authors of Call Of Duty: Heroes decided to just take a free niche.

    Call of duty heroes  is a strategy in which you will have the honor of commanding an entire base, developing it, training loyal fighters and sending them to certain death. At once I will note that lovers of Clash of Clans will find here for themselves a lot of acquaintances. 

    There is no plot here, and in this case it would be absolutely superfluous. Why get distracted by the creative of the next "gifted" screenwriters? In the campaign mode, you need to destroy the bases of opponents in different parts of the world, in the survival mode - to protect your "farm".

    Command will have different types of soldiers: infantrymen, snipers, juggernauts and so on. And the selection of the composition for each new mission should be individually and according to the mind, and not guided by the principle of "I will do the coolest, they will all roll up." Company your fighters will be the heroes of the original games, for example, Captain Price, Soup Maktavish, Walcroft and others. Future updates promise Gousta. It is gratifying that they were introduced not just for the sake of the atmosphere for the sake of: everyone has unique abilities. Moreover, in combat they can be redirected, whereas ordinary soldiers after the landing are left to themselves. However, to get a full set of characters, you have to work hard.

    The developers have given players complete freedom of action. In other words, no one will force you to build unnecessary structures, spend money on improvements that you do not need at the moment. But in games of a similar genre, such "obligatory" is sometimes present. Yes, you may be offered to prepare for a mission a certain type of ground attack aircraft. Do you want to get by snipers alone? Not a question, but you were warned. 

    The main goal of each attack is to destroy the enemy command center, the rest is a matter of desire, money and time. Victory will be credited anyway. At the same time, this does not mean that you do not have to think about tactics of combat, often the key to winning is the competent choice of the landing site for the "units". After all, with time, enemy bases will be more and more reliable.

    Among the original solutions, which, of course, are present in the game, I want to highlight the possibility of calling air support. The strategy abruptly passes into the regime from the first person, and you, already sitting behind the minigun, from the air need to help their fighters. It looks fresh and implemented very well.


    Rate this article Review: Call of Duty: Heroes

    (5/5) 1 rating


    It's a.. one of the best series of COD.
    I don't see why people hating on it. Pretty underrated COD for me.

    29 may 2019 06:46

    I dont think this is great game,coc is better

    12 april 2018 13:04


    7 july 2018 09:39


    27 march 2018 10:54

    nice game for call of duty .
    i experience to game and cool 3D old man

    10 december 2019 03:23

    COD is a great game

    29 october 2019 05:11