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    panos_misti, 28 february 2018 12:33

    Review: Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

    Life has taught us - the second part is in most cases much worse than the original. Often this is only a parasitic on the original idea. Especially horrible, when those who did not relate to the first project are taken for continuation. And now - this is just the case. The Russian company Ino-Co released a new Majesty ten years later . Will we see an exception?

    Genre of Majesty 2 is extremely rare. The strategy of indirect control. In the history of the gaming industry, no more than five such projects have been published. And so many may not know what it is and what it eats. We will describe briefly, as Dovlatov said , with a dotted line. The indirect control strategy is a game that resembles the most RTS of the type Red Alert or WarCraft, only we can not give clear commands to soldiers. In our arsenal, only flags-motivators. That is, we can ask the soldiers to go to the end of the map or kill the monster. If they want to - they will perform, but if not - they will continue to do their own business. Their desire can be affected by how much money we promise as a reward. If only a hundred coins - hardly anyone will respond. But "throw" on the flag a thousand gold - and already all the characters will think hard. In general, as it was said above, the player only motivates, manages - can not. However, the construction of buildings, the recruitment of troops, all sorts of upgrades of every possible kind - this we do just as well as in any other strategy. Only with the heroes we have to tinker and solicit them, so that they still saved our royal majesty from the terrible monsters.
    After the events of the first part several centuries passed. And for a long time in Ardanya everything was quiet, without noise and dust. Evil a little rebelled, but then came good, poured into him and pleased went home. And so - from year to year. Each great ruler regularly scratched his own sense of importance and cut the wings of the terrible dragons, washed away the bones of the rebel skeletons and reconciled the unconquered. Leonard was not lucky. When he grew up and took the throne, there was no more evil in the kingdom. Suddenly it was over, and there was nowhere to take. CHSV was stifling, along with him, and grieved and ruler. Ahead was a long, dull life and an inglorious death. But the king did not despair and came up with an exit. It is simple, understandable and works according to all the laws of physics and chemistry. If there is no evil here, then it must be taken where it is. And much, much evil where? That's right, in hell. There and look. In general, ordered Leonard to deliver him from hell intact and safe the most terrible monster, in order to push him into the soup, assert himself and calm down. And if shortly - it was not possible to him. The demon came, won, but did not leave. Remained. And he began to rule, and also to kill all those who disagreed with this. In general, it so happened that the last disagreement is the main character. So we will have to clear Ardanya from evil and prove to the whole kingdom that it is better not to find a ruler.
    At first glance, the gameplay did not change much. The mission is loaded, we see a lonely castle and a modest treasury of two or three thousand. And, like ten years ago, we begin with the construction of guilds. Even before the middle of the campaign, all buildings are accessible to us, so we will have to think hard how to develop. The fact is that all the local heroes are completely special. A warrior is different from a ranger, and he is not at all like, for example, a magician. And do not coincide, not only such common indicators as attack power / health / armor and so on. Much more interesting is that each "profession" imposes an imprint. If you decide to peek at your servants and look at the ranger, you will notice that he can not lead a brow if you announce a huge reward for guarding the castle or ask everyone to attack the elemental. The archer likes to walk far from civilization, to hunt. He can safely go somewhere, find a pack of wolves, shoot her and come back. At the same time, your requests for an attack or defense to him to the lantern. Boring, uninteresting. But it's worthwhile to put the reconnaissance flag at the far end of the map - it will rush there at once.
    The novice is not like that at all. Walking, she prefers the protection of the king and comrades. If monsters attacked the castle, and you ask for help, it will respond first and run to destroy them. And especially well the novice copes with the undead. The thief has no preferences. If necessary - go to the intelligence service. Ask - will kill any monster. It will be required - the castle will remain and cut all enemies. Any pleasure for your money - you just pay. And if you are greedy, it will not do anything. It will run by itself and search for gold. Therefore, it is interesting to play, to invent special tactics and each time to try different approaches in passing. For example, you started one of the missions and feel that you can not go through it. Heroes often die, do not have time to pump to high levels, monsters attack from everywhere, they can not contain. Sadness. The real sadness. So, we reason. At the very beginning of the game you were badly hurt by early wolf attacks. They devoured expensive mages, and you just did not do anything for a few minutes. Warriors without strong fire support could not cope, and therefore they had to "pick" every opponent for a long time. In general, there was a stagnation, and because of him all the problems.
    Now we solve the problems and start again. Instead of a tower of magicians and a guild of warriors, we buy two guilds of rangers and hire heroes there. A flock of wolves, you say? Yes, for experienced hunters, they are only prey, and not a threat. Therefore, the trackers quickly shoot them, get the levels, and the kingdom from this only in the black. But this is the simplest example. You can say elementary. To guess and invent usually have much more. And we usually use two or even three types of heroes, and it is very important to be able to combine them correctly. Warrior and novice - a combination of textbook. An archer with a melee fighter is also familiar. But a magician with a doctor or a pathfinder is more interesting. And in some cases against a certain type of enemy such an alliance will be ideal. However, it is important not only to correctly combine the characters, but also to do everything to be as frivolous as possible. Any guild, as before, can be improved, and then buy there spells and skills for fighters. They made a redevelopment in the "house" of the novices, paid a fee for teaching there better, and now the "magic" can be much better to kill. In the tower of magicians with levels you can order freezing, thieves teach you how to stun opponents. And each hero at a high level is able to use about five abilities. And as in MMORPG, here fighters also drink all kinds of potions, wear artifacts, put on good armor. We care about all this - we build markets, shops of the alchemist, smithies. We create, so to speak, a favorable situation in the kingdom.
    Approximately, this is how the game looks. We play the role of a caring ruler, and heroes help us overcome the evil monsters. By the way, if you did not play the first part, then, probably, you will be surprised that here we are fighting not usually with the enemy kingdom, in which our characters, care for near and indirect control. The main enemies in Majesty are monsters that walk by themselves. They are not united by a common "think tank". There are lairs of bears on the map, so sometimes we will be visited by a club-footed, and if a wolf's lair is nearby, then these handsome men sometimes glance at the light. And to win, you need to kill the boss. However, all this is standard, and Ino-Cocame up with many interesting and, most importantly, the right ideas. One of them is two new flags. It seems to be all on the surface. Why, if we can ask the heroes to attack the enemy, not to demand from them to protect something? Brother of the hero, or what kind of building? Obviously, it will make the game more convenient. It will not be necessary to poke on every opponent and demand that he be hacked. There is not enough money or patience.
    Another "banner" also greatly facilitates the gameplay. And his name is the flag of fear. We put in a place where it's better for our brave heroes not to meddle, we pay a certain amount of money for this ... and that's all. Nothing more is needed. Previously, our wards were constantly dead, as they climbed where they should not have been. Yes that there were dead - the castle was exposed to danger. They dragged after themselves some monster unprecedented, which devoured everyone. It was sad. Developed the developers and the idea with the interaction of the characters. Above we talked about interesting combinations, but there were pairs of fighters, and after all, you can unite the four adventurers in one group. To do this, you need to make some simple manipulations, build and improve a tavern and choose a leader. But here's what we did not say above, it's about the existence of temples besides guilds. In them you can hire strong and skillful heroes - such elite. Immediately, of course, order them will not work - you must first improve the castle several times, then build an expensive temple. Yes, and these characters are not cheap. In the first part, the problem was still that the evil gods did not get along with the good. If there is a Temple of the Criptus, then the novices of Agryla will not get any more. A warrior of discord did not get along with the paladin. Always had to choose.
    So, in Majesty 2 , the Crypt sisters can in one group with the priestesses Agrela monsters kill. But only temples can not be built now, wherever they are - it is necessary to search for places of power and there to build these magnificent buildings there. But it pleases not only that now you can not bother with a hard choice, but another. Earlier temple heroes always lagged behind the guild levels. The usual warrior is already the seventh level, and the paladin enters the service of young and green. And although he is strong, but it is corny there is no place to swing. We have to watch the enemy in the cemetery, kill the rats - it looks like something stupid. And it's boring and tedious. In Ino-Coit does not happen! They made a dynamic, fun game. So now you can turn ordinary heroes into temple ones. You had a ranger of level 12, you built the temple of Heliya and instead of hiring fighters there, you just pay money, and the pathfinder turns into a 12 level Helicopter archer. Great. There is no more lag, there is no boredom.
    Someone can say that in Ino-Co went to meet kazualam. Say, before all was not so difficult - then why new flags, a new system of temples and a new system of groups? Gentlemen, this is not a simplification, it is convenience. It's also easy to heat a dinner in a frying pan, but after all we use a microwave oven, and to communicate with a friend, we do not send pigeons to it, but we call it - from a convenient mobile phone. However, the developers did not make the second part simply "nicer to the touch." They changed it a lot. They left the old idea, but they introduced so many of their own, that this is definitely not a remake, but a full-fledged, kosher second part - never inferior to the original. We remove the hat, Krasnodar surpassed the classics.

    Rate  7.8/10

    Rate this article Review: Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

    (5/5) 2 ratings


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