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    (5/5) 1 rating
    sozqq, 10 january 2018 14:30

    Review: Fort Zombie

    Recently among zombies it has become fashionable to go in for sports. The deceased are many and quickly running around, eating low-calorie dietary brains and doing exercises every morning. Tightened and energetic, now they can easily keep up with any possessor of gray matter and climb over the highest wall. So we see the living dead in both parts of Left 4 Dead , in Killing Floor , in the film Zombieland - yes, much more where, you can not enumerate everything. 

    The adventure begins with a very "stylish" menu - with a bloodstained bloody plaque on which the name of the game is displayed in white, and a dark background depicting furious ghouls. As original, as fresh! The naked eye can see the work of the author's thought! Well, okay, we came here to "zombakov wet", and not on the menu to stare. 

    Click on the inscription "New Game". We are invited to choose a class - each character has his own special skills and even indicators of all kinds of characteristics. All as in the best RPG! That's just the "skin" of our zombie fighter can not be changed - obviously, the exterior generator in the world that survived the apocalypse - an inadmissible luxury. Well, we choose the favored class and go to the battlefield.

    Yes, that's right, on the battlefield, without these "story rollers" and other nonsense. Perhaps the authors wanted to give us scope for fantasy? After all, to come up with the story of the end of the world is much more interesting! Well, let's assume that the action of Fort Zombie takes place somewhere in the US. Those who regularly fed in the McDonald's turned into bloodthirsty zombies and captured the world. Our ward is the only survivor, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. What is it, eh?
    So, it's time to go-road. More precisely, no, first you need to look around. But do not get carried away by contemplating the views of the ruined town, otherwise your eyes will be offended at you. Looks like Fort Zombie is so disgusting and tasteless, as far as it's possible. The world is painted in bright, almost acid colors, which you get tired of watching after half an hour of wandering. Naturally, there is no atmosphere of the end of the world. There would be a place for fervor and fun, which should contribute to the bright sun over the ruined town, but those are not. 

    However, it is not for nothing that they say that the main thing is not the graphics, but the game process. Already with him, probably, everything is in order! We take the first steps. A couple of seconds Fort Zombie"Thinks", fps instantly falls. In a frankly horrible picture, "this" on a medium-power computer "flies" about the same as Crysis at maximum settings. Nevertheless, we will not surrender. We will do everything to enjoy Fort Zombie : we'll cut down technological gadgets, put a low resolution ... what can be there! - Run in the window, if necessary. 

    Well, now, when all the visual joys are turned off, we will definitely be able to play, is not it? Yes, the fps index has grown a little, so - let's go.

    The goal of the first level is to grab as much supplies as possible and get to the shelter, simultaneously dealing with annoying zombies. Shoot and aim, however, completely inconvenient. Firstly, "pleases" the camera, which can only be rotated by holding the right "rodent" button. It is exactly the same here as in most RPGs: we turn the mouse wheel forward - we bring the view closer, we turn back - we move away. To understand how uncomfortable it is in an action movie, imagine Gears of War with an interface and control from Dragon Age . Successful hunting, as they say.

    Secondly, even if you cope with the camera's whims, killing a zombie is very difficult. Do you think that in order to finally reassure the ghouls, it's enough just to aim and shoot? Do not flatter yourself. If you hit the target or release a couple of clips in the "milk" - it's impossible to know for sure. Maybe we preferred a class with a poorly developed shooting skill? It turns out, that's not the point. Whichever class you choose, the probability of hit will be calculated by the same insane algorithm. And once again - a successful hunt. 

    Well, in the third place, there is one small problem. Running on ugly streets and shmalyat in ugly monsters is incredibly boring. Trifle, which, probably, should not be mentioned ...

    Rate: 2/10

    Rate this article Review: Fort Zombie

    (5/5) 1 rating


    zombies are the worst

    14 january 2018 01:37