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    (1.5/5) 2 ratings
    sozqq, 20 february 2018 14:37

    Review: Dead Space 2

    Still, it's a pity that in our time we will not be lucky enough to travel in space. And our children, most likely, too. Frankly, it's difficult to predict when exactly the time will come about that so exciting and skillfully told us outstanding science fiction writers: Ray Bradbury (Ray Bradbury), Philip K. Dick (Philip K. Dick), Isaac Asimov(Isaac Asimov) - you can not enumerate all (but now you know who is worth reading in the genre of art science fiction, is not it?).

    Although I understand - books are not in high esteem now. So it would be more logical to cite as an example the world cinema. It's a pity, of course, that none of us will be destined to be in the place of Captain Kirk. Far galaxies, unknown planets - all this beckons its mystery. But the further you are from your home, the more terrible it becomes. After all, there, in the darkness, cold and absolute silence, anything can be hidden or ... anyone.

    saac Clark, of course, had much more chances to meet with the unknown space creature than we do. True, contemplating his adventures in Dead Spaceand directly participating in them, it's unlikely that we really envied him so much. Frankly speaking, not everyone would want to be in his shoes. But how many impressions have been received! In the finals we were clearly told that continuation can not be avoided. And everyone began to strongly hope that Dead Space 2 will tell the story further, again take us to this wonderful world of horror. Glory to the developers, and it happened.

    To be honest, it is still difficult for me to decide which side of the story to disclose, and which one to keep secret. After all, any carelessness - and the director's plan will be destroyed thanks to the imprudent spoiler. So let's limit ourselves to the words that the story really continues. For those who did not walk on the Ishimura, the menu even has a separate item with a story about what happened  earlier. Although, of course, direct participation in these events is desirable - it is in this case that one will be able to fully experience all that is happening.

    Yes, and mastered the original will be easier to navigate in the universe of the "Dead Space" and its mechanics. For almost everything remained unchanged. So familiar to us a suit with indicators of the level of health and charge of stasis; all the same handy engineering tools as a weapon (the cutter is our everything!); Well, of course, our pets are necromorphs! Those very eerie creatures, periodically pruyuschie from all sides, from which after the murder fall out so useful cartridges, batteries and credits. One of the most dubious moments of the original has not gone away: we still organize shopping in secluded and not very corners, acquiring on the found currency any good.
    It is possible to enumerate for a long time what has remained the same (we will return to this later), but I am sure that you are interested in something completely different. Namely - what's new in Dead Space 2 ? The question is certainly complicated. So, and the answer to it will be appropriate. 

    Now the space horror has a new ... main character. So, calmly, I see, you are already prepared to write angry comments like "Author Loch, in Dead Space 2 the main character is still Isaac Clark." You are absolutely right. Like Isaac, and it seems like ... no. The character remained the same, but here it is revealed to us from a completely different angle.

    If the main idea of the previous game was Clark's loneliness on a huge and dead ship, now everything has changed. And although most of the time we communicate with someone at a distance, meeting people now is not so rare. Isaac increasingly contacts them. Nevertheless, as before, it is completely incomprehensible who is a friend, who is an enemy, and what is happening here. 

    In addition to a collision with a difficult environment, our hero will become a victim of the games of his own mind. Thoughts about a beloved do not leave him, and after them appears himself ... So, stop. Something I talked about.

    Clark now chats with people more willingly and at any convenient opportunity removes the protective helmet, revealing his manly skull, which in the first part was completely uncharacteristic of him. It's right, I believe, because when the scalp breathes - it seems easier.
    Yes, yes, this is the opportunity given to us this time by the developers. True, it looked tempting only on paper - to become Left 4 Dead in space, the project was not destined. Although, at first glance, the ideas are very similar: the four engineers who look exactly like Isaac are controlled by real users. Exactly the same number of people on the opposite side - a choice of four types of necromorphs, each with unique abilities and, of course, weaknesses. 

    Well, in fact, everything was too boring and unfinished to compete with the same Left 4 Dead. The mode for battles is available only one (you alternately play for a team of people, and then necromorphs), the lobby and the search engine are completely inconvenient, the balance breathes in frankincense. And the whole point of online battles is the blunt destruction of each other with minimal interaction with the outside world. 

    Although in defense I want to say that Dead Space 2 multiplayer in general, to anything. And he is present here more for a tick. It's unlikely that gamers will buy a game for him - anyone knows that the power and the horror of the project lie in an absolutely  solitary passage.

    Rate: 8/10

    Rate this article Review: Dead Space 2

    (1.5/5) 2 ratings


    What the frog is this article?

    15 may 2019 10:17

    What the h is this?

    2 february 2019 08:31