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    sozqq, 20 february 2018 14:35

    Review: Ilomilo

    Often our impressions, especially the first ones, are deceptive. Here, for example, you met a man. It seems that there are many common interests, and the vision of the world coincides in many points. After a while you start even a friend of his own, you share your personal, well, everything in that spirit. And then something sad happens: let us say, this comrade betrays you. In what way and under what circumstances - each such things happen in different ways. And just the same sorry for being so deceived. That they trusted their feelings and lost. Although there is a wise proverb "Do not judge the book by the cover."

    The same goes for video games. After all, it's the same: go to the store, you'll see a bright and colorful box with a fascinating description - and it's horrible how you want to play. Or the trailer on the web will look, where many spectacular moments are shown, and even in the most favorable light - and pulls to jerk for a copy (of course, not on the torrent tracker, it's true, my dear honest readers?). Well, as a result, you become just another victim of a publicity stunt or professional work of the PR department of the publisher. So that's it. To all this did not happen, Team StopGame.ru works day and night, providing as much information as possible about a particular project. And then it's up to you to trust our words or check everything by yourself. In fact, so to speak.
    It's me, in fact, all to what? Such a long foreword here only because at first glance at ilomilo too many people make completely wrong conclusions. I personally feel insulted, so my task today is to tell you what exactly is ilomilo , why it belongs to the glorious category "Must have". 

    Swedes from SouthEnd Interactive are so talented guys that in the first seconds they fooled me. ilomilo, released exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade, at first it seemed to be a nice, but completely unicellular kazualka. But as soon as the first introductory video was released, and then the game process began, it was almost impossible to break away from the gamepad. 

    Ilo (Ilo) and Milo (Milo) are two bosom friends. And like everything is good for them, but nevertheless they already have as many as two problems. Firstly, they are of different colors (although what I'm saying is that our heroes are not at all complex about this, and it's even easier for us to distinguish them). And secondly, they are constantly at a decent distance from each other. It's such a fate, you see, but what can you do? But our task is to help them reunite. It's noble, is not it? Although not as simple as it seems at first glance.
    Each time before us a level consisting of a lot of cubes, connected together in a seemingly arbitrary order. And two safok-comrades (safka - so the authors call our main characters), located on opposite ends of the map and dreaming of finally meeting.

    Cubes here play not the last value: it is with their help that we will have to overcome distances and go to the goal. After all, some cubes are not just a basis for a level, they are different from their counterparts and have useful properties. Each such "special" representative can safely place our saffka in his small backpack behind his back and wear it everywhere, applying where necessary. For example, you can make a bridge from the unfolding cube, which will allow you to cross over to the other side of something. Or use the services of a flying block that will raise Ilo or Milo to a certain height. 

    There are absolutely stunning imaginations of "things". The fact is that in ilomilothe notion of space is very confusing and, more likely, even extensible. The action can occur in several planes at the same time, which is facilitated, among other things, by rotating blocks that turn walls into a ceiling.
    As mentioned earlier, do not underestimate ilomilo . Even in regard to the very notorious task of our heroes. Talented developers have provided simply a huge number of obstacles that make the passage really fascinating. You can say that the challenge to your wizard is challenging - I do not know how you are, but I am personally encouraged by such things.

    The main difficulty of meeting bosom friends is the intricate level design itself. With its cliffs, inconsistencies, transitions to other planes and all in that spirit. But in addition to this, there are ... mmm ... "creatures" in the location, some of which openly prevent us from reaching our goal. For example, these are treacherous heads hiding inside any of the blocks and popping up at the most inopportune moment. One kind, for example, simply takes and blocks the way. The second and at all impudence to not occupy - it selects from passing by safka the coveted cube, taking it out of a backpack. Just frank rudeness!

    True, not all the inhabitants of this mysterious world are so harmful. Some of them are even harmless in most cases - for example ... mmm ... "dog". A cube is a "dog", staggering in level and looking for food. Such a creature of thoughts, you see, is not very much in your head, but when you see a green cube like an apple, there is absolutely exactly one left: "I want to eat!". But we are such a scanty on hand - on this wonderful "dog" you can ride. Yes Yes. We show the "apple", jump on the back and go to ourselves, descending from the starving poor fellow at the right time.

    There is another funny creature. True, it's a bit nervous and it looks like ... an hourglass, or something ... Let's just say, a hysterical hourglass. Only inside they do not have sand, but they sit and grieve such a dwarf saffi version. Such usually at the level of exactly three pieces (all multi-colored, so do not confuse with anything), and for the collection of these we are given all sorts of bonuses. Your task is to drive the hysterical creature and yelling away from you with screams into a corner somewhere and get out a small and frightened safku from there. Well, then drive it with you everywhere, until the long-awaited meeting with the second hero takes place.

    But do not be scared that everything here is so confusing! If suddenly there is a difficulty, Sebastian always comes to the rescue! This cute ... mmm ... man (whether?) Is sure to get a few tips, especially if it concerns new dice or characters on the map. Almost "Alice in Wonderland". And what to do. 

    That's how it will be necessary to wander, trying to find a way to a friend and simultaneously collecting scattered here and there colored gizmos and numerous bonuses. These are photographs, and, for example, musical compositions - then all elements of the collection can then be enjoyed in a separate menu item if desired.

    But the main task is to overcome all the tricks and complexities of the level by including your thinking apparatus. In order to find the right solution, we can switch between characters at any time. And it is not necessary to manage them alone - in ilomilo there is a "cooperative" (with two joysticks on one "box"). 

    ilomilo - an extraordinary and magnificent game. It is for the soul and for the brains that are spoken. And this, you will agree, is a rather rare phenomenon in our time. 


    Rate this article Review: Ilomilo

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    need add some pics or game play video😉

    11 june 2018 00:42