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    (4.53/5) 17 rates
    juancito, 11 august 2017 21:46

    Review: Bayonetta

    In this review I´m going to talk about one of the most popular Platinum games, Bayonetta, so let`s start the review.

    Bayonetta is a rather peculiar game. It has that eccentric touch that seems to only create Japanese studies and is evident in many sections of the game.
    In this game there is a fantasy story about witches, magicians and gods, in which the protagonist, Bayonetta, is a fundamental role, although for a long time we do not know very well why. Personally I found an interesting story with a very original but too simple theme and resort to flashbacks too.
    Where it is at a superb level is in the characters, where Bayonetta stands out above all and is the closest I've ever seen to Travis Touchdown in female xD Bayonetta is brazen, sexy and everything does it spectacularly and with a lot of style, Something that is evident in both the fighting and the animated scenes.
    We can pick up things from the ground and harness the enemies with it.
    Playfully it is a game that impresses by the great amount of combined blows that can get to be done, you can calmly put to pounding nonsense buttons and surely you do some of the combos. A lot of people will surely like it because clubbing can amuse you and there will also be some expert who will learn all the combos and use them all, but I really have 95% of all those blows.
    In addition to this handful of combos, there are also special attacks, you can modify the weapons of hands and feet, you can dodge the rival attacks while activating a long bullet time needed to defeat some enemies, etc.
    We can use QTE to crush our enemies without mercy.
    Anyway, aside from the dubious utility of having 200 different combos, I found a gameplay very entertaining, frantic and quite demanding at many times. The only drawback you may have is that it becomes too repetitive if we limit ourselves to always using the same combos, as it is also an extremely linear game.
    Where it fails unquestionably is in the camera, and is that due to the great mobility of Bayonetta, the camera sometimes does not perform well and does not stop moving or becomes half crazy, of course they are sporadic cases.
    This is killing with class.
    Graphically, it is perhaps the most beautiful game I have ever seen in my life, especially because of the superb design work of everything that comes out in the game. Each image is spectacular and it does not stop surprising you for many hours that you have played.
    Technically it is not behind, the models are very detailed and the textures are of a very high resolution. On the contrary it has some minor flaws, such as a few strange lava effects, trees that are flat textures and in some concrete area there is tearing.
    Especially noteworthy are the numerous and spectacular animations of Bayonetta's special attacks.
    The final enemies are gigantic. This is one of the little ones.
    The music is also at a very high level with usually quite frantic subjects. I especially liked the numerous versions of the classic Fly me to the Moon that appears in several moments of the game.
    Bayonetta is a game long enough, lasts about 12 hours and is quite replayable by the different difficulty modes and the possibility of increasing our score in each phase. In the medium difficulty is a demanding game, while in difficult mode I have not managed to move from the first phase.
    And lastly I wanted to highlight the large amount of "fanservice" contained in the game. Not only do I mean Bayonetta's impossible forms and postureos, but also the many jokes, scenes and extra content that this game gives us. Of course the end is pretty good, is long and brings some surprise quite gratifying :)
    Heeled shoes that are both pistols ... Ehm, ok xD
    A game with a frantic gameplay and very entertaining, with many combos; Although it can be made somewhat repetitive by its linearity. The fantasy story that is used serves to stage a spectacular character, in addition to a very original context. The game continually gives us lots of jokes, winks and sexy posturitas of our beloved Bayonetta. Graphically it is possibly one of the most beautiful game I have seen to date, the design is impressive and technically worthy of leftovers. It has an average duration of about 12 hours and is quite replayable if we like its playability.

    Rate this article Review: Bayonetta

    (4.53/5) 17 rates


    Not a bad game if you know what I mean ;)

    5 february 2020 07:05

    Oh I remember playing in this game on my xbox 360, it was a really fun game. Combat felt smooth and enjoyable and of course the main protagonist looked great

    11 december 2020 07:23

    nice article

    30 october 2020 13:51

    good game good article i hope we can see a new title for this game

    27 august 2020 17:32

    good game good article i hope we can see a new title for this game

    23 april 2020 15:08


    8 october 2020 13:16

    Pretty awesome game, Platinum always delivers

    18 august 2017 01:10

    really cool thx you!

    17 september 2020 19:13

    Bayonetta is the sexiest Witch? something

    25 march 2019 08:55

    TL;DR Good but hard game.

    19 august 2017 17:07