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    Rate this article "Paladins... Is it a Copy Cat?"

    (3.46/5) 13 rates
    KillerBeez425, 12 august 2017 06:53

    Paladins... Is it a Copy Cat?

    A Free-To-Play game on steam. Which on my opinion has been on Open-Beta for far too long.

    So some game background for those of you who don't know the game. Paladins is a Free-To-Play game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Some people have been suggesting that the game was a Copy Cat.
    Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/444090/Paladins/
    Above is a link to the game itself if you guys want to play it yourselfves and want to try it out.

    So first thing is first. What are the gamemodes? Well there is Payload. Which is based on my part is the one with the most commonality with "Overwatch". It involves capturing a point and whoever captures the point must push the cart to the enemy team's base. So we both know that concept can come from anywhere. Any game can have that game mode. But as of now, I am just trying to put out the differences and the similarities of the both said games.

    Now for the characters. I can't even get started about this one... When Paladins was released it had this characted called "Skye" she was sort of a hacker-spy type of character. But then a few months or so later. My friend told me Overwatch released a new character named "Sombra" which is based on MY opinion is that. Overwatch and Paladins may be copying each other. MAYBE. But my opinion is yet to be prooven. For those Overwatch players, the character Reaper has a Paladins counter part as well. Which is Lex. So now. My final verdict.

    I really can't decide actually. Overwatch does have awesome graphics and a huuugee player base. Paladins has decent graphics and a small player base that is pretty dedicated. Not saying that the Overwatch players are not dedicated. All that I am saying that it is hard to say if Paladins in a copy cat or not. I should say no because the game is unique in it's own way. But all I can say to the Hi-Rez team is that they don't copy the characters too hard.

    And guys... Please Please Please don't be angry. For this is just my personal Opinion on 2 games that I like the most.

    Rate this article Paladins... Is it a Copy Cat?

    (3.46/5) 13 rates


    Diddly daddly doodly gotta get that xp.

    20 august 2017 17:53

    I do not think that it is a copy-cat. Btw, good article

    17 january 2019 22:06

    nice !

    3 april 2019 21:01

    I really can't decide actually. Overwatch does have awesome

    12 april 2019 22:50

    One game is more or less a copy of another.

    27 june 2019 17:50

    I hate both games too so i guess you made a good point

    21 august 2017 22:19

    Good, Overwatch > Paladins ✌

    18 august 2017 02:32

    Seems similar to the other article but still good

    18 august 2017 01:11

    no one cares

    21 august 2017 19:22

    Here we go again,for the kids. -> The definition of copy is 'a thing made to be similar or identical to another'. So by that logic, and not by overwatch fans' logic, overwatch is the copy of paladins, paladins closed beta began in 2015.

    21 august 2017 18:16