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    (4.11/5) 9 rates
    Mrdox, 25 january 2018 17:39

    Review Tales of berseria

    Today we are reviewing the latest game of Tales of berseria, the latest installment of the Tales series, which has witnessed a fluctuation in the level of its latest games and various problems of weakness in the story or repetition and other problems This part came after the promises of the developer to be a part of the move and quality of many correct From the mistakes of the past in order to smooth the front of the game as one of the best games of Japanese Barbie J - have they really succeeded? This is what we will discuss in the next few lines of our review of this game.

    From the beginning of your experience of the game you will notice the new direction of the game everything looks different at first glance, you play with the character of the heroine "Valvet" heroine story of this part, but it is very different from what we used to heroes of the previous series The game offers you a different character does not care about the principles and friendship, Of the names that we used to be accustomed to, the only goal is revenge.

    The story of the game in its beginning gives you the reason for the arrival of the personality of this state of indifference only with the sole aim of revenge and details of what brought to it in a way interesting to live after the details of the adventure events fun and volatile from a different perspective from what we used in the past to defeat evil and support the good here will not falter Valvet About the killing, burning and looting to reach its destination and accompanied by a group of diverse personalities that give depth to the story and variety of details of the deal between the characters here we do not find ordinary friendship and others, but a variety of goals and coincide to be similar ways together, share the events of this interesting story and know the To each other through the events that bring them together, where the story is seen in this different perspective one of the strongest characteristic of this part.

    The story, as mentioned, is one of the most powerful features of the game. During the 40 hours you will spend in the story of the heroine, Valvet will live her psychological and physical struggles to reach your goal of revenge and give us the game many side options to spend time in the world of diverse game of side games or search for secret islands to fight Teams of enemies to get some rare equipment, this is some of the games cards and the performance of special tasks to fight certain monsters are required to get the money for this meeting and do not forget the collection of jewels scattered in the game to help you to open some boxes to find some clothes and For the distinctive accessories to change the shape of characters during the play and movies and many others that make a nice change from time to time.

    The game environments are as varied as we used to be in the series, you will find caves, forests, castles and even beaches, although some are still suffering from lack of detail, some environments are scarce details without anything distinctive and we wish to see a greater effort, but do not forget to praise some environments in the game and details of water bodies And some of the designs of cities distinctive in the game and the things we are used to in the games Tails, which are side dialogues during the game and at this time were presented better and shows interest in the diversity of the characters during the speech rather than repeating images as we used in the previous parts.

    In this part, an improved fighting system has been introduced with new ideas. The idea lies in the existence of a set of points for each character that allows you to make consecutive strikes and other powerful strikes. Once implemented, it is easy to deal with. Here lies the strategic depth of this fighting. Or focus on the weak points of the enemy if you hit the point well double it will be able to get extra points to help you continue to do more damage more consecutive strikes, but the use of points in cinematic hits Spicy as we used to Tails series can be arranged strikes to buttons with me Of the form that best suits the way you play and in general, the number of tire fixed in most of the battles, which helps to integrate more in this fun combat system.

    The voice representation is controversial in every part. The opinions here differ, although I think that the English voices this time were generally good enough and there is a choice of Japanese voices to resolve any disagreement at this point option option to choose what it deems appropriate for you.

    Tales is back with a fun combat system and a distinctive story different from other areas of some of the environments are free of details and return again and again to some areas that I have visited before.

    Rate this article Review Tales of berseria

    (4.11/5) 9 rates


    Just started the tails game and I like them. Can't wait to try Tales of Berseria. Amazing review of the game. Keep up with the good work. =)

    23 april 2020 14:44

    The game is good, especially the story and graphics supported by matching soundtrack for the scenes.

    27 march 2019 14:01

    The anime characters look pretty cool actually :)

    2 february 2018 06:53

    Tales of Berseria is a good game. But as always from some of Tales series, the ending isn't happy ending at all.

    21 december 2018 15:42