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    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    Mrdox, 5 february 2018 20:45

    Review ReCore

    The first games are the adventure game ReCore for Xbox One and the PC from Microsoft's deployment and the development of Armature Studio \ Comcept Studios. After we finish the game, it's time to review the "Xbox One" and learn about the level of this game.

    ReCore is a game of action and correct the third perspective some elements of RPG games from the development of weapons and abilities of personality and other things by defeating the enemies, the idea of the game depends on the main game to provide action in the old action games, there is no system here or otherwise, but you have to confront the enemies directly And jump away from their shots directed at you not imagine the depth of the game play away from choosing the color of your shots to suit the color of the enemy in front of you to facilitate the elimination.

    Through the adventure there are mechanical figures to help you specifically the dog and gorilla and the spider and the spider and provide each addition to play by helping you to fight or access to remote places or other and you can change between them at the time of need and according to the stage design and you can also develop their capabilities through the store within the game so to become stronger strikes And this is important for your advancement in the regions, this may be the only benefit of the game as a concept and apply away from it everything in this game, specifically the system of playing "normal" to the extreme limits of the correction system does not play anything innovative or the element of platforms and progress areas .

    The fact that the game screams "average production value" in everything, the development team does not seem good enough to provide a game of high level and if we talk about the fee of the game is not good with empty environments and boring and designs very repeated to the enemies to talk about the details of the characters are medium to the extent possible, even As for the sound, although there is good vocalization and good tune or two but there is not much here to keep the game on the principle that it is an average game with all its elements.

    The main adventure will take you less than 8 hours to finish it is a good number of the game of this type, especially the fact that the game becomes very repetitive as you move by moving only between the rooms and face the same enemies without renewal and need to upgrade the personality and develop their capabilities away from the main adventure You can finish the game without problems and all Ease, there is no collective game developed by the game and the end of its story is the end of the game.

    ReCore is no more than an entertaining game. If you expect to have an epic experience here, you are completely wrong and you have to search for it somewhere else. The fact that the price of the game is cheap is very justified with a normal game in everything with a very average productivity, I will think a lot before acquiring this game and wasting time with it.


    Rate this article Review ReCore

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


    playing at the moment, is quite fun.

    30 june 2018 05:36