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    FarrelwiZ, 5 february 2018 20:51

    5 Things Spring Clean Why Update Dota 2 Fit For The Newbie

    Some time ago, Valve brings updates for Dota 2 is quite large with a few minor changes, especially on the user interface the game Dota 2 itself. In addition to changes in appearance, some improvements and changes in the gameplay is also implemented. Ranging from buff and nerf some hero to fashion practice just to make the players Dota 2 is getting good at the time of last hit creep.

    See some changes in the update titled Spring Cleaning , apparently Valve and IceFrog increasingly make Dota 2 is easier to learn. Good for the players that have a pro or even tend to be suitable for the newbie who just play Dota 2.  This time will share 5 reasons why  an update Spring Clean  in  Dota 2 is suitable for the  newbie.

    Here are 5 reasons why the update Spring Clean Dota 2

    1. The notification Gameplay Changelog

    pict source : dota2.com
    pict source : dota2.com

    Changelog gameplay,  this is one of the important things before we play  Dota 2 when you first get  the patch update. Each time the  patches sure there will be some changes to  gameplay  either the  minor  or the  minor . Especially when there is a change from version 7:07 folder there are several versions until now has reached version 7.07d. It's a small thing, but the players  Dota 2 is not rare miss to  read the changes in the changelog. Both players have long or  newbie,  see the  changelog is very important. You can see heroes who got a  nerf  or  buff , look at the mechanism of  gameplay new, to change  the folder as it did before. With the notification feature that, for a player who already see  the changelog may be able to recall. Especially for the new guys playing  Dota 2,  this feature is very helpful because you can see the changes that occur in each  hero. To see these notifications, you can see it when making  draft  hero  at the top, you stay hover  the mouse to the hero, the information changes  gameplayRelated  hero  will appear.

    2. The presence of the Last Feature Hit Trainer

    pict source: dota2.com

    Last hit is one thing that is very important when you play  Dota 2.  Moreover, if using  heroes  carry, mid, offlane even every  hero is essentially important to be able to do  last hit. To do  last hit also requires  timing is right when viewing the bar hp creep . In the  update Spring Cleaning  this,  Valve  added a new feature where you can practice to do  last hit. You can try using the menu  Learn  in Dota 2,  and select  Training, then select  Last Hit Trainer. Exercises  last hit  of this you will be given time for 3 minutes to do  last hit as much as possible. After the expiry of this period, the statistics  last hit  you will look good on the number  last hit streak, denies,  and other information. Very helpful not, especially for the guys who are just starting to play  Dota 2.

    3. The emergence of the New icon on the minimap For Shows Difficulty Neutral Creep

    pict source : dota2.com

    Neutral Creep, if you are happy to use some  heroes,  like  Legion Commander, Wraith King, Lifestealer  and some  hero  more effective in the woods certainly familiar with some of the  camp where  the spawn of the n eutral creep. Each  camp  has basically the degree of difficulty of each. Starting from the  neutral creep  who quickly killed up to  neutral creep that has armor as well as the  unit that much. With the presence of this feature, you can look into  the mini map for each  camp The forest has a different icon. The more lines below the  neutral creeps that appear  in these places more difficult to kill. Conversely, if only the borderless triangle icon below the  neutral creep more easily eliminated. How about it, the more easy and in treat not players  Dota 2  this time. Create a  newbie  certainly greatly helped by the presence of such features. Valve  and  IceFrog  is making new innovations and attract new players in  Dota 2.

    4. The Status Teleport Team Helps Communication and Teamwork Bahakan For The New Players Dota 2

    pict source : dota2.com

    Here it is, the features are very, very helpful to all players  Dota 2 in the universe. Teleport is one  item that should not be empty in your bag. Sometimes we do not know whether we bring teammates  tp or not. Or maybe  tp- its moderate  cooldown. We do not know as long as we do not ask to teammates. With the presence of these features, you live holding down  ALT then under the icon above the hero who will show the status of  the cooldown of  tp  teammates us. For the new guys playing  Dota 2can try these features and certainly very helpful not. Now to become a  pro  seems increasingly aided by the presence of features that may be simple but very effective.

    5. Visual Display Tower Damage Shows That More Understandable If Doing  Backdoor

    Perhaps this is one of the latest features that are suitable for the  newbie player Dota 2. Visual tower damage  that is present in the update is more easily understood. Especially if you do a  backdoor  or hit the  tower when the distance  creep is still far away. If you are not yet understood, the tower with the status of  the backdoor will be harder to break though the  levels  as well as  items  that memumpuni. When the status  backdoor then the tower will show visually as a shield or barrier. So you have to retreat to first while waiting for the hordes of  creeps come before proceeding finish tower.

    How suitable is not for you the  newbie  ? now for the new guys playing  Dota 2  more  with features that help you in playing games can even enhance your ability to become a  pro player to reach  the MMR  high. Do not forget to keep  a positive mental attitude to be more positive community and avoid the  toxic.

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