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    Mrdox, 15 january 2018 16:50

    ReView Prey

    In the past few years, Bethesda Softworks' Arkane Studios has become known as the title of the game "Dishonored", which we got its second part at the end of last year. This year, the second section of the same team introduces us to the title of Prey, The team offers a science fiction game with the elements of action games and survival in an open world closed on the PC and devices of the current generation home, today we offer you a review Prey.

    Technically, the title was developed using the "CryEngine engine", which does not have a good reputation when it comes to home appliances, but the game is nevertheless smooth and excellent. Often, the technical aspect of the game is satisfactory and appropriate for its artistic direction. You think of this aspect and provide a good product with attention to the details of the environment and the effects of shadows and lighting and the effects of fire and sparks and other effects of the fighting is excellent and was taken care of and the game suffers in very few situations of lower tires, which does not affect the experience actually.

    It is also nice that the development team is kind in these tunes, some of them are quiet, some of them tend to be ambiguous while others are very suitable for moments of fighting to feel the danger and challenge waiting for you.

    Now we talk about the story of the game after talking about the technical aspect of being the basis of the actual experience, you play with the personality of the researcher and the world Morgan Yu It will be male or female according to your choice and you will accept a job was presented to you by your brother Alex Yu administrative TranStar family owned as you move For your space flight to work at Talos I Space Station, which carries out a series of space-related research and studies and techniques that can be created by studying the course.


    The game will surprise you at the beginning with the many questions that you will put with the sudden change in events, but do not aim everything at you since things are explained to you gradually in order to absorb the most complex events in the best possible way, the space is a creature called Typhon, which is called the weakest types Mimic is the kind able to take The forms of some elements of the environment that surrounds it and is able to reproduce quickly, these creatures exist in different types and the greater the strength of everything that is different form Phantha is like a human shadow while the Weaver is like a cloud of smoke and there are many enemies you meet and N have immunity and capabilities. Some private Ahajmkm fire and the other strongly strange mentality and some electricity.

    Everything starts with the creation of Neuromods, an invention you have made with your brother Alex on Talos I by studying these alien beings, which enters your neural cells and gives you miraculous power and improved bodily abilities by injecting you with a substance extracted from those organisms, Experiences You have removed special abilities over and over again and every time you remove them, you lose your memory about the period in which you acquired those abilities until you reached the point of forgetting the most detailed details of the research and what actually took place, which makes you puzzled by your attempts to try to find a way to restore your memory but you are surrounded by danger Satellite dishes have fled the labs and spread everywhere after having eliminated most of the staff at the station.

    The story of the story is frightening and the development team has already proved its skill in this regard. As you progress in the story, you will be surprised by the sudden changes and information on the story in terms of not knowing. You have the choice to follow the path or scenario you think is realistic or correct, but you are not sure that What you do is right and most of the time you will not know what is right and what is wrong and the story is full of mystery and provide content is very creamy and deep and will go with a lot of surprises and we will talk about the story here to avoid burning and despite what we said about the story was not burning anything from events!


    The experience of playing depends greatly on exploration, which affects the story also may take you curiosity to a certain area you discover a secret of secrets, which changes your view completely to the events and you will have many side tasks, which will meet in some of the characters who are still alive and you will be surprised by the important role And pivotal that these characters may play later if you decide to help them or not and you can help some of the characters to survive in dangerous situations or bring them medicine when you find them injured and will give you help you will want later.

    The system of play is simple and easy to have a counter of life and another represents the shield of your device and the latest mental strength and we will talk about it later, you have storage space for you to carry the weapons and resources in them and you will be able to develop your personality with physical capabilities or scientific useful such as the ability to carry heavy objects or be able to penetrate the defense systems, You will also have a tool at a later time that will enable you to examine the living organisms and the mechanism in your environment to search for them and discover their weaknesses. Here you will be able to reveal the capabilities of astronauts to develop yourselves. You can also Alalmahn modifications to the development of your weapons through several development in different places at EMWIS within the game and you will be able to use slices and give distinctive capabilities such as reducing damage electricity, for example.

    The game offers us an open world in closed places where the environment of the station is divided into several sections will pass the loading screen between them due to the size of those environments and you will be surprised by the amount of secrets and things hidden in each environment you may think that you explored the entire environment, but you will be surprised later when you have a new ability to be able to Access to a large and huge place within the same environment you did not know about in advance and you will be engaged in a series of missions in space around the station from the outside and the environment in which you will travel within the space is full of secrets as well.

    If you do not use Neuromods to obtain space capabilities, this will have an effect on the story and the course of events. The system of protection inside the station will detect you as spacefighters if you have obtained a certain number of these forces for For example, we described the game previously as a life experience and it is up to the challenge you offer, as you develop your abilities and weapons you will find the enemies who will excel you and throw you land with their strengths so you have to play smartly and not to engage in some reckless confrontations such as Nightmare, A huge chasing you from time to time and preferably not to encounter before you get the strength and ammunition required, especially with the difficulty of maintaining and finding ammunition.

    You can collect and recycle resources to get the basics of manufacturing weapons, ammunition and other resources. Then you can use the machines that will make the weapons for you as long as you have the components of the purpose to be manufactured and the recycling is essential to keep your weapons a nook in order to critical situations and the game will provide you with a satisfactory and interesting challenge. Confront the different types of enemies and when you are ready to challenge you, you have to play smartly to preserve the ammunition by mixing the use of superpower, weapons and bombs to direct as much damage as possible to the enemy.

    The game offers you many weapons that you will undoubtedly receive, such as the GLOO Cannon, a weapon that releases a liquid foam that freezes and becomes solid once it is touched by any body and will be used to repair some damaged equipment or to pass through some traps and you can use it to build a road to cross into a region, Its use does not end here, you can use it to block the movement of enemies so you can be forced to approach and give a shot and a lethal strike to them and there are many weapons that you will get later or early according to your curiosity to explore As we said exploration in the world of the game is very important and will be rewarded Generously muzzle when you find ammunition you need or several development of your weapons.

    Prey is a unique experience that offers a rich and rich world of content with a unique and interesting story and an enjoyable experience that is recommended for fans of science fiction games and general correction.

    Rate this article ReView Prey

    (5/5) 1 rating


    Lovely article there mate!

    23 january 2018 08:56