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    (5/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 22 december 2017 15:46

    Review Dishonored °

    Dishonored  The game got a very bad reputation at the time of its discovery with a dazzling cinematic show. Everyone released his own rules at the game level due to his dark history with the development studio. There is no doubt that the expectations were misplaced, and the reason for the studio is Arkane developer who was able to provide a unique experience do not miss.

    The story of the game takes us to London, where Dunwall City has a queen ruled. The game begins when the hero of the story returns from a mission and then a guard tells him that the queen has asked to see him. When they were talking about some things, some killers, or rather Hashashin, killed the queen and put the charge on Corfu. The queen owned her daughter, who must take over the throne but was kidnapped because she was vulnerable. She was 9 years old.

    Six months later, after Corfu spent his time in prison, he received a letter from a friend who refused to reveal his identity. Tell him that they know about the truth and his innocence and attached with the letter key to the cell and so our friend Corfu came out and was able to meet them finally and will begin the journey of revenge and the return of the stolen throne.

    The era of the time game took us to London, specifically in 1666 according to the game designer Sebastien Mitton. The game world is pretty good, it has beauty in its designs and beautiful scenery. And the deeper you find it has wonderful details, and all are in favor of the game in terms of appearance. But on the graphic side, it was not very excellent, it was said to be wonderful and it had a certain character that would not be easily forgotten.

    The presentation of the game in terms of story and worlds was not successful in many ways. Whatever you want to dig deeper into the story you find it is not deep, the worlds may be wide and narrow or rather uneven in size and it is preventing you from freedom. The game offers us a unique style of play and it may accompany the issue of mobility, but would not it be better if the game allows me to make the regions myself? What I mean here is that you are tied to a major task. It makes you move from one place to another, which means you can not go to any area without doing its job.

    The game and its atmosphere are beautifully coordinated. At the time of the action and escape, the game will be heated through the arena, while on the move between the missions there are beautiful pieces. However, the game is rare and you will not remember it after you finish the game. Audios The game in general is great and also will not feel much inconvenience but quiet in most of the time and the sounds of the surrounding environment is good and the voices of soldiers and fighting and the sounds of swords were perfect.

    Technical level
    The game graphics as I mentioned, very good. In the worlds they are wonderful but in the faces and details are very ordinary. I do not demand the game with tempting graphics, and the fact that the game has a lot of Dishonored did not make me complain too much. The reason for the environment and its mastery of the appearance and character and this may compensate me a little, especially depth in the style of play, which may preoccupy a lot of follow-up details of the face or even drawings.


    The game has provided us with a unique style of play and extraordinary abilities, a wonderful environment and is an experience do not miss, if you are a fan of this type of games, buy it at the earliest opportunity.

    Rate this article Review Dishonored °

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    Great article

    11 february 2020 02:28

    it seemed a bit hard after watching the gameplay but actually its just fun...

    3 january 2018 11:29

    Did any one actually complete this game without any cheat codes/trainers/??

    4 january 2018 18:03