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    grailmisdoer, 14 february 2018 08:20

    Rainbow Six Siege (Review)

    The Rainbow Six series was one of the popular games of Ubisoft and the Tom Clancy series, and it was strange that, in recent years, we have not seen the release of a new release. Though a new version was introduced and then canceled, the sequel to this popular series came and Siege was introduced during the E3 2014 process. During this time and until the release of the game, Ubisoft is practically making massive publicity for Siege until the game comes under the umbrella of Ubisoft's great work. Unaware that Siege is one of the best and most up-to-date Ubisoft games in recent years. This game is exactly what professional players are looking for and, fortunately, everything is hand in hand to enjoy this multiplayer online shooter. But what caused the game to look less like the game and see a successful game? Why, despite this good multiplayer section, Siege has not been seen among big-time shooters like that? We will answer these questions.

    The first thing to come up with is the lack of a storyline in Siege, which will surely disappoint many audiences. Audiences who are accustomed to this subject and expect to see a complete storyline and cinematic scenes full of explosions, and ultimately and at the end of it, enter the multiplayer segment and continue to experience the game. Siege has a different purpose. We see a lot of games that lack a multidisciplinary team due to their full focus on the single player and the storyline and usually do not get bogged down. So why not consider the story section in a multiplayer game as a negative point? It's also a tactic shooter that has its own audience. The team has devoted all its power to creating a platform for players who are interested in team and tactical games. The existence of a storyline would attract more audiences, but the quality of the multi-player component could also be affected by this, and everything is different from what we already see. In the absence of the storyline, you will have a short experience in the form of a workout. In the simulator section, you'll get to know all the game's mechanisms. This section, in a few steps, will familiarize you with all the game maps. In the simulator, you will taste the ruthlessness of the game, because no Checkpoint is considered for the steps. In fact, there is a kind of test and error in this section, because you learn the location of the enemies and you will try to compensate for the mistake next time. There are three challenges for each stage, with each of them giving 200 points.

    Rainbow six siege 1
    The simulation section is aimed solely at educating players
    As we mentioned, this game has its own audience and you need to look at your own taste before its experience. Is the story part a top priority for you? So Rainbow Six Siege will not meet your expectations! Are you interested in multiplayer games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield? It should be said that the core of Sage's multi-player division is well-founded, but perhaps the lack of proper infrastructure for the modules sector and, of course, the absence of high-level and significant modalities, including factors Which will make the game run against other great names of the genre. But the opposite is that Siege is a completely different experience, and even if you are a professional player in other multiplayer games, you'll be engaging in learning for a while, and it will take some time to get used to it. The first time I got into MultiPlayer was so hard to play that I was disappointed with doing it again! In this section, two teams of five are in front of each other. If your friends are not available, you will be forced to accompany strangers, and in a game like Siege it will definitely be at your disadvantage. Only if this does not damage your team that the opposing team has been chosen the same way. But in any case, in the first instance, serious harm will be inflicted on your person! The game has no idea to put people in the same level against each other. You may meet very experienced rivals who lived before you with Siege at the very first time. Players who are familiar with all the features of the game and each character is well known.
    There is no respawn or recovery of health during the stages and everything depends on your health
    In the opposite position you are a simple soldier and you do not have any special equipment! All the characters in the game are locked at first and you have to collect points to free them. This is not the end, and still the game for a newcomer will have brutal surprises, which, along with all the above, will greatly harm your experience in the early hours. There is no respawn or recovery of health during the stages. Everything depends on your health. Your health is numbered at the 100-odd range, which usually hits zero when you hit a bullet one or two times. If you're lucky, your teammate will be able to help you and get a little back on your health. If you're unlucky, you'll be shotgun with Headshot and everything ends for you and you have to wait for the next round! The difficulty of playing on the same topics is not summarized! There are no plans to take a moment to see the location of the nearer enemies or those who are on the battle front with your teammates. You will only see your teammates all the time, and this is the best opportunity for the front team members to hide from any point and make you unhappy. The only way to find out the enemies indirectly is by using mobile cameras or installed in the environment. With these cameras, you can mark enemies, but with their location, you will no longer know their location.

    Rainbow six siege 2
    From whatever direction you wanted to attack the target!
    We noted that at the beginning of the game, despite all the difficulties, you will not have access to the characters of the game and you will be welcomed by a regular soldier. As you advance in the game and earn points at the end of each round, in addition to raising the level, you also get points that you can buy game characters and upgrade their weapons. There is a possibility to buy points from the very beginning. It's for the product you paid for the full experience. Although it is not possible to see the department store and its purchase as the player's victory in the game, it seems a bit unwise for Siege, which aims at balancing each fight. The characters of the game are divided into five different categories. In each category there are characters who are divided into two groups of adversaries and attackers. Unfortunately, the upgrade is limited and there is not even the possibility of changing weapons for some of the characters, and you will have to use the weapons you designate for them. However, the great variety of game characters will open your hand to a different guesswork from the Siege gameplay. All the stages of the game will put together five teams in front of each other. A team is attacking and the one is responsible for defending the hostages or bombs. In the attack mode, you have less than one minute to send moving cameras to the buildings and take the room to the room to search for the hostages or bombs. By finding the location you are in, you can attack with a better strategy, and if you do not succeed in any of the team members, you will be severely disadvantaged. In this case, the defending team will have more time to hide and will definitely gain a better chance of surprise the striker. If you become a defender, everything will be different.

    Rainbow six siege 3
    From the back of the knife who says this mold!
    All members of the team have the duty to resist or trap a given place in different ways. This is done in a variety of ways. Each person has a different tool for trapping or helping his colleagues. For example, a cemetery that is located next to the doors and causes the enemies to stumble. The other person comes with the help of team members using a mine that is installed on the door framework. Another by placing a device around that room would disrupt the cameras of the striker team and prevent the locating of the place. Some characters do not have the ability to trap, and instead give their females an additional vest or a protective shield. There is a great deal of variation between these characters, and in no way can you choose two identical characters for a single turn. You must act quickly to select your favorite character sooner than others. On the other hand, the attacker's characters also have significant differences. Some, like the police, have shields. There are some different tools for attacking the defending team and even defusing their traps. Some also have a great ability to destroy the walls. The walls play a very important role in Siege. Most walls are punched with a few bullets or punches, and these small holes can be used to surprise enemies. All defensive team members are able to withstand two parts of their walls against attackers. But some attacking characters even have the ability to destroy these walls. It's better to say that every protagonist has at least one striker, who both have the ability to thwart each other.
    With the help of team members or alone, you can do amazing things. Anything you think will be possible using gaming tools.
    So the selection of characters according to their characteristics can be very important and it is considered as a tactical point alone. The important thing here is how to use the features. If you make a little creativity and be smart, with team members or alone, you can do amazing things. Anything you think will be possible using gaming tools. For example, install an explosive trap on the wall of the wall and into the inside and create a wall on the wall from outside. The team members do not have any eyes on the camera, and just enough to enter the desired location, the wall is broken and intend to enter to simply disappear as a result of the explosion. This trick applies even to windows. Because you have the ability to climb the wall by hooking up to the desired location through the windows. There is no safe point for the opposing team and, in fact, there will be no benefits to hiding in many situations. The wall may explode behind you, and everything will be finished just as easily. One of your opponent's team members may be targeting your building from a distance. One can put a bomb on one of the walls and, after being placed in another position, blew the wall to attract everyone's attention to the place of explosion, and then easily and completely surprised by the enemy. Everything is possible and after a long time playing, you will see new initiatives and new things.

    Rainbow six siege 4
    Have fun blasting a wall
    Understanding the maps is very important, and given the fact that there are no plans to play on Hud, you have to remember the various points of the game, including the rooms and ways to penetrate it. Game environments are well diverse and even include a ship caught in ice or a plane. Membership coordination is also very important. If you make a team with your friends, you will enjoy the most and get great results. If anyone is to do whatever he wants to do without his or her interest, the likelihood of failure is very high. However, if you plan to use the microphone to attack or defense, everything is different, and the opponent's team can hardly beat you. There is even the possibility of marking up different points and you can point your friend exactly where it is located and offer some kind of suggestion to your colleague. One of the most interesting things about the game is the ability to help and guide your teammates, even after being killed. Once you've been killed, you can check all the mappings using environment cameras or cameras that are in the environment, and let your teammate know for the last few seconds by marking the enemy for a few seconds. In addition, it is possible to eliminate these cameras, and with this, the survivors of the opponent's team will be completely left with the opportunity to surprise them.

    Rainbow six siege 5
    There are always challenges that can affect the game alongside your battle and the opposing team. For example, if you can save the hostages and get out of the attack during the attack, you will win and there will no longer be a need to kill five of your opponents. In defense mode, it's enough to take care of that hostage. The number of team members may be less than the team, but if only one of your team survives and can survive the last seconds and the team does not rescue the hostages, your team will win. The game's stages are very compact to keep up the speed of the game. A very short opportunity to equip the environment or send a camera to the defending team, and eventually have less than five minutes to complete the mission, which will speed you through the tournament.
    Almost every wall is a demolition pattern, and this will have a huge impact on the game
    On the other hand, even if you are killed, you will not spend a lot of time, and very soon, when the work ends, the next run begins. Except for the multiplayer mode, there is also a Ranked state that follows a similar structure to the main part and, of course, has stricter rules. It's a bit more important than the main part, and it has its own charm. Apart from that, there is also a part called Terrorist Hunt that is very enjoyable and provides a good position for playing with your friends. The strange thing about Terrorist Hunt is that this section runs at 30 frames per second, which is not interesting at all compared to other parts of the game! The game is technically and visually acceptable. As we mentioned in the conversations, there is the possibility of destroying the walls in the game. Almost every wall is a demolition pattern, and this will have a huge impact on the game. After several hours, I did not get tired of watching the explosions and demolishing the walls. Imagine these explosions with a good sound to get to know me. Sounding is done accurately, and sometimes you need to make a better decision about your position by listening to the sound around you. Good attention has been paid to the tissues and the design of the environments has been done with great care. Characters are designed with the same high precision. The game usually has a constant frame rate, and in different parts of the game, there is a smoother and more comfortable experience for the audience. But sometimes the flaw in the frame of the game creates a lot of trouble for you. On the other hand, some Internet-related disorders may endanger your experience. But overall, we see an acceptable online game. At the testing stages, we did not even have a problem with the Ping 215. The game servers are really great, and even with a regular internet connection, you can easily play. We had no trouble finding the players and entering the struggle, nor had we witnessed successive connection problems.

    Rainbow six siege 6
    Finally, it should be pointed out again that the Rainbow Six Siege was a different shooter than other products of recent years. If you're looking to safely hit the enemy and close everyone in the shower, Siege will not be a good option for you. A good strategy, along with open mindedness, speed, and teamwork are the first words. Rainbow Six Siege is your first mistake!

    Unlike what we expected, the Rainbow Six Siege lacks a fictional story and is merely an online multiplayer shooting game. Despite a single training session, Siege, in the absence of a storyline, could not grow up like its big rivals and came up with good public feedback. Instead, the game has its own audience and away from the popular space of the similar games, has laid a tactical and very professional platform for the players and has thrown them down. Everything depends on teamwork and the first mistake is your last mistake!

    - Experience a full-fledged tactical shooter
    - The pleasure of playing a team with friends
    - Very high variation in most parts of the game
    - The destructiveness of the walls
    - Not being exposed to competitors of the same level, especially at the beginning of the game
    - Frame rate 30 in the Terrorist Hunt section
    - Minor problems connecting to the network
    - About 60$ on the Steam

    Hope you enjoy it...

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    (5/5) 5 rates


    this game are free weekened now

    19 february 2018 17:36

    Love the game just buy €15 edition on pc if you wanna try

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    19 february 2018 14:35

    Very lengthy and wordy.
    It's good that you put a lot of information. I can see that, but this is not your typical high school essay. So yeah, next time think about people who read..

    27 may 2019 17:57