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    Rate this article "Potion Commotion - game review."

    (4.43/5) 280 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 21 may 2020 16:41

    Potion Commotion - game review.

    Potion Commotion is a 2D strategy & clicker game that was developed & published by NerdyBird Studios in 2020. In the game, we get into the role of a wizard's assistant who has to farm ingredients and make amazing potions!



    When we start playing for the first time, a wizard and his pig assistant will greet us. They used to starve themselves because they didn't have anything to eat. They'll seek help from us because their business didn't go well. Our main task will be to turn the wizard's garden into a place full of trees, animals, plants, and so on. The purpose of taking care of the garden is to gain as many ingredients as we can, so we can make new potions and save the wizard's business.



    Thanks to potions, we can earn a lot of coins, elixir, and experience. We can use the currency to buy trees, plants, animals, upgrades, etc. The upgrades are useful because they help us increase the productivity of our items.

    Experience helps us advance to new levels. Each time we level up, we unlock more items and potions that will help us earn more currency. Leveling up could be a little bit challenging at moments. The more often we level up, the slower we advance to the next level. Every time we level up, we can receive the opportunity to get hundreds of coins just by tapping on a bag of money. There are many kinds of potions. Each potion requires various ingredients. The collection process is automatic; we don't have to click on the ingredients to pick them up. However, if we want to speed the process of collecting, we can do that by tapping on them. Each ingredient has its own slot that has a capacity of 60 ingredients max. 


    All potions are made in a cauldron by the wizard. Once we collect the necessary ingredients for them, they get deducted from our ingredient inventory automatically. 



    In the game, we get into the role of a gardener who has to look after plants, trees, animals, etc. to collect ingredients for various potions. The beginning could be pretty challenging. While our gameplay, we have to keep an eye on our garden. That's because many goblins will try to steal our elixir and coins. Also, some little spiders will attempt to steal the ingredients from our trees. To prevent them from stealing, the only thing we have to do is tap on them. 

    Let's talk about the bonuses. They usually come in the form of bouncing balls (they're known as Blobbiis), flying pigs, and boxes that contain a certain amount of ingredients. The only way to collect them is by clicking on them. They're pretty helpful because they help us collect ingredients much faster.

    In the game, we can collect daily bonuses just by getting online every day.

    There's something which most of us wouldn't notice in our garden. I noticed that there is a telephone cabin and a well with a bucket of water. We can use the well to receive more experience & currency, but the prize to enchant it is pretty high at the beginning. Despite the high price, it's worth it to purchase. It pays off in the end.

    Let's talk about the telephone cabin


    The beginning condition of the cabin isn't good, that's why we have to pay for a repair if we want to use it. We can use it to hire people to help us with gardening. They can do different things. For example, the first character which we will unlock can increase the frequency of the bonuses in our garden, and the chance of getting them collected automatically. However, if we want to hire them, we have to pay elixir for the purpose. They usually work for us for about 30 minutes. We can extend their work time by paying them a little bit more.



    The game is pretty fun!

    The graphics are OK, the sounds too. 

    In my opinion, the thing that makes this game great is the characters' humor. This game is quite suitable for people who like strategy & relaxing games. The game offers us many levels, which is good because the more often we advance, the more opportunities & abilities we get. I enjoyed completing the achievements; they're pretty fun & easy to complete! I would recommend this game to people who enjoy playing comedy games.

    Rate this article Potion Commotion - game review.

    (4.43/5) 280 rates


    its interessting, not gonna lie .

    8 june 2020 22:16

    cool article this game is good

    6 june 2020 17:27

    cool article but now i want the game now

    2 june 2020 03:21

    Ngl some people can't spell

    24 may 2020 01:33

    This article was great! And so was the game, there are no bugs despite what trolls are saying. :D

    29 may 2020 03:31

    Once you get going you can't stop, it's very addictive and quite a lot of fun.

    28 may 2020 16:51

    i think i will play this when i'm bored, great article!

    8 june 2020 15:03

    It actually sounds cool

    26 may 2020 06:08

    this looks intresting. might play it later

    29 may 2020 02:36

    This article was great! And so was the game, there are no bugs despite what trolls are saying. :D

    26 may 2020 13:24