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    Rate this article "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 1.0 Review - Game Flaky, however Addictive"

    (1/5) 1 rating
    FarrelwiZ, 29 december 2017 12:05

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 1.0 Review - Game Flaky, however Addictive

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may not need an introduction anymore. This game is so popular throughout 2017, it is almost impossible to not know the game's battle-royale one. But what makes this one so successful game to be the  most played game on Steam for months? Is this game a pioneer of the genre battle-royale? No, but PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or often called PUBG a game that perfected a genre is a mix between survival and free-for-all of this.

    With the release of version 1.0 today, whether PUBG worthy of the popularity gained? Does the game deserves to be nominated  game of the year as in some event awards that have been implemented recently? Let us directly see.

    Matches are always different

    PUBG have the same three stage gameplay in each game: You plunge of the plane to find a position you think is a good landing, looking for weapons and supply as much as possible, and then survive to be the  last man standing  in playzone increasingly smaller against other players 90+ , Although the pattern of the gameplay is so-so only, PUBG feels different in each game. All because of loot and random playzone and strategies of different players to survive get chicken dinner . Although the system  randomizer as very cliche now to add  replaybility a game, the system randomlythis being the only way to make PUBG so addictive and make you impatient further press the play button every time you fail or succeed get the  chicken dinner .

    PUBG also be games that are friendly to newcomers. Mechanic who carried the game is not so complex, but it takes time and patience to really master. Newcomers who do not know anything about a game like this will be made to understand directly the pattern of one or two games in their first match. But at the same time they must be prepared to feel the cruelty of the game where you can be attacked from any angle without you knowing where they were shooting. Here, the game pushes for strategic play in making decisions. When did you have to move, where to move, if you have to shoot the enemies that you see or later because it could be another enemy there didekatmu? All of this is the decision that everything has its own consequences in this game.

    In the end, PUBG not merely require the expertise mengeker crosshair weapon, but also strategic thinking and also luck. Everyone had a chance to win a  chicken dinner and even players who have the skill  aiming bad, and the player who is good does not mean it will always win. Although all players eyeing one goal in this game is  chicken dinner , the cornerstone of PUBG not the goal but the journey towards that goal. Maybe the whole game you successfully kill an enemy with a pan, probably throughout the game you should suffer no supply but a few minutes later you successfully kill enemies and grab all of the supply, you may die from the explosion hit  the red zone, These are just some simple examples of things that can happen in PUBG, many other examples could happen that makes your match so appealing even if you lose in the end. Here PUBG really makes you want to play again and again.


    Tensions have to be no. 1

    PUBG be one game that can make you so dedekan. With playzone increasingly smaller and the players that are increasingly less, you will be made increasingly nervous about the whereabouts of the rest of the enemy alive. Moment when the remaining 10 players again be a moment where you made a big disappointment because it failed to win a game or cheering for the text " winner winner chicken dinner " displayed on your monitor screen. You do not win anything other than the text and some points that you can spend on loot box, but the sense of satisfaction has managed to become  king of the hill against 90+ other players into a priceless feeling and want to make you want to play again and again.

    PUBG managed to create the feel of paranoia where players never feel safe in his current position. Every second of every struggle can be thrown away and the results of your hard work in  looting throughout the game will be stolen by other players. Due to the nature paranoid caused this game you made to be more careful with the environment around you. While the door has been open in front of you, you automatically think to do not need to go there anymore because the enemy could still be there. Or when you hear gunshots, you automatically created ask "Where the fire is, whether enemy or enemies shoot me? 'And slammed the steering wheel the other way to avoid armed conflict. said  intensebe the main element of PUBG and if it should be explained metaphorically, PUBG like a roller coaster ride, the journey you created fear and paranoia would happen something bad to you, but in the end you want to go up again because of the sensation of tense and paranoid turn out to be  fun , not necessarily you can find elsewhere.

    Play this game with your friends to be one of the best ways to play this game. Want your friends to play seriously or not, playing PUBG with friends into discrete recommendations if you have this game. Communication between the players make the game 2 times much better and did not seem boring even when you're  camping in a certain position. Play with friends also made a little anxiety can be reduced with you revive  by a friend and you will always have  a cover extra when the enemy comes.


    New content to keep the game remains tolerable  fresh

    Version 1.0 comes with a new folder that is Miramar - a desert-themed map that seems to take a lot of inspiration from Mexico. Along with this new map, the game features get  vaulting that makes  combat and looting process much more dynamic and a great collection of new weapons and exciting to use. Game also get killcam and replay are an important feature for a game like this so that you know where the enemy kill you and can be a way to see if the players use cheat or not.

    Speaking of Miramar, should be spelled out if the map is not as good as Erangel, but give it a new gameplay style no less exciting with Erangel. Nevertheless, this map seems to still need some slight changes to make the map much more interesting to play, especially in the cities that seem little and too close to one another. Overall , new content was found in version 1.0 can be said not bad but also not so good. The.

    Still remains unstable

    In addition to being the most popular game, has been known as a game PUBG the worst as well as the optimization of the most unstable in technical terms. With the game now no longer able to use the " early-access " as the reason for going to these two things, whether the version 1.0 managed to make the game a lot better in technical terms? Not too.

    Optimization in version 1.0 is much better than previous versions. Framerate in this version is much better than before but problems such as stuttering, FPS drop, crash, etc. each common even on high-end PCs. For games that are targeted to the E-Sport, this game still has a long journey on the optimization.

    Now let's talk about the conditions of the game server which can be explained by two words: Unstable. Game respective often experience problems rubberbanding  makes teleport your character continues to pull back when walking (check out the video below for an example), "network lag detected" still occur even though the connection is smooth, and the server is still often problematic. A few days after the release, it can be noted there are 3 times a server problem so far while the same number of players still around 1.5 million previously run smoothly during in early access . Back talk about lag, the game sometimes does not know when the time lag will occur. Not infrequently game suddenly say  "network lag detected"all of a sudden when you're the red-hot shooting at enemies and problems rubberbanding  that often occur at the start of the game will continue to upset you, especially when you landed in a crowded place of the enemy.



    One more technical problems that exist in the game is bug and glitch old still common in this version. You often get caught in the walls of the building when the parachute phase? Yup, still exist in this version though now they add the option "cut parachute" as a quick solution would be the problem. Collision and  physics cars are often silly and overly sensitive to any touch, and the problem of rendering the building was still going on in this game although not as frequently as previous versions.

    These technical problems really be a destroyer in the mood to play this game. Game is really fun when these problems do not occur suddenly and broken pleasure players. With the great advantage that Bluehole get, we all certainly hope that problems like this would never happen again. But in the end we seemed to be too high expectations.

    The detailed aspects of the folder that sometimes funny

    Regardless of the technical issues that interfere with, there is  nitpickingto be delivered will this game and it is the detail of the map built by Bluehole. I often thought about whether a folder made from game designers really watching folders they create or they simply put their assets into a single collection arena 8 × 8 km away? This question pops up every time I found the house with a window that faced directly onto the wall of the house next door, a house with a back door that faced directly towards the abyss, the house that was flooded by the water is covered by a large object as simple ways to make the building can not be accessed, etc. Basically does not affect gameplay at all and can be fixed easily by a patch, but still have to prove a lack of awareness of Bluehole will detail map they made themselves.


    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds become one of the longest games I've played this year. Games offer gameplay that keeps you fear being attacked enemy anytime and anywhere as well as outstanding replaybility although only have two folders so far. Unfortunately, the game should be marred by technical problems, especially in  rubberbanding and  "network lag detected" who come anytime even if your connection smoothly. In addition, the game still have optimization  sub-parand still more taken care of for the future. Should you play PUBG? Yes, if you can tolerate both technical problems mentioned above. Playing with friends is also highly recommended for this game see the game a lot more fun when will the communication between players where it would never happen when solo.

    Rate this article PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 1.0 Review - Game Flaky, however Addictive

    (1/5) 1 rating


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