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    Rate this article "Why Game Developers often gratiskan They?"

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    FarrelwiZ, 29 december 2017 12:14

    Why Game Developers often gratiskan They?

    Where gamers are not happy with a free game, especially if the game is a great game that has been known and ever popular when released? Today, the number of free games gradually becoming more common every year like it from Steam directly or from websites such as Humble Bundle. But what reason could they give the game away without receiving a dime? What are the reasons an impromptu game is free for two to seven days?

    Here are some reasons why the game is free of a sudden:


    Promoting the ongoing sale

    Humble Bundle a subscription of this free game giveaway. But of course they do not for no reason. If you noticed in every giveaway they do, these giveaway events held in conjunction with their discounts like Summer sale or Haloween sale.

    Eliminate certain game is basically done to lure gamers to visit the website to keep them informed of ongoing events discounts on the website. Giveaway also did not come directly from the developer, but of those who buy millions of key steam directly from the developer. Everyone benefits from this business tricks, gamers get a free game, developers get instant profit, and Humble Bundle also get lucky with getting a lot of new potential buyers, especially when the event discount.


    Promote the latest game / imminent release of the same developer

    Not all developers remember the name of the studio despite having made a game that is really nice in the past. This makes developers sometimes try to promote themselves via a free giveaway of their old games to introduce their new games to gamers. With gamers who could not resist getting free games and also play their game, there will be potential gamers love games that they get and are interested in buying their latest game.

    There are no impression loss for the developer who has given millions of copies of free games to gamers on the internet. The most important thing for them is to make a new game they are working painstakingly known to gamers and generate profit as possible and as quickly as possible. The simplest example of this trick is Torn Banner Studios ever gratiskan Chivarly Medieval Warfare to promote their latest game Mirage Arcane Warfare .

    Enliven back in the game, pushing its gamers buy DLC

    This sort of thing often happens to giveaway games that have a lot of additional paid content such as Battlefield 3 , Mass Effect 2 and other EA games. EA often do giveaway games via the service "On the House" belongs to them. But of course given only base game only, DLC must be purchased by gamers. And do you remember how many owned DLC Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 2? Too much, and even appreciated more expensive than the original game. Not everyone of course, will buy all the DLC, but this way there is a potential gamers are interested in buying the DLC of the game that they get for wanting more free content from the game.


    Game hardly generate greater profits for developers

    Every game has his own time when they crowded purchased gamer. Games that are too long but unidentified been released on the PC platform that is slowly forgotten or gamers can be said to have no longer generate profits for the company. So no one for them to gratiskan game hundreds of times, especially if the sales target has been reached.

    Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey and The Witcher first being the easiest example. Both games are rarely purchased gamer even when discounted up so Rp20,000 for a sequel too popular and the game is already not too great if adapted to the current gaming standards. Then the developer of the old school game was not affected when the game kept digratiskan every few periods. Another example is Brink, a multiplayer FPS game from Bethesda. This game also had several times made free to eventually be used as free-to-play and commentary from Bethesda vice president is "profits generated games can be counted fingers, then why are not free to use it?"


    As a token of thanks to fans

    Survive in the game industry is no easy task. Can last for decades into an award to be proud of the company. But it could not be achieved without the support of the fans are loyal to them. This is what makes companies like Ubisoft sometimes opens a massive giveaway on their birthday as a gesture of thanks to those fans who have provided support for decades.


    Rate this article Why Game Developers often gratiskan They?

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    good job bro I love your article.

    5 august 2019 02:08

    Need a bit of effort to prove but here's the original: https://gamebrott.com/mengapa-developer-sering-gratiskan-game-mereka

    13 june 2019 08:11

    Lot of games on uplay was free, at least i didnt have to spand money to play some of tham

    28 july 2021 12:08