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    (4.68/5) 50 rates
    Misty, 21 august 2019 07:58

    Placebo Effect - review

    Game developers often use the theme of science and space as inspiration to create games. Usually these are ordinary shooters and at first glance, Placebo Effect is no different from them.

    Short plot

    In the game, we play as an unspecified scientist who was infected with microorganisms that escaped from the laboratory. Our task is to destroy them by controlling a flying ship equipped with numerous weapons. Usually, these types of vehicles look powerful and sometimes even deadly. In Placebo Effect, it looks more like a syringe, which sounds sensible, especially since our goal is to destroy various types of bacteria.

    Introduction, control, and rules

    In-game controls are fairly simple and intuitive, although I strongly recommend finishing the tutorial that is suggested at the very beginning of the game. It will allow you to master the basics of movement, but also show examples of microorganisms that can be troublesome. One of them is a bacterium, which I call "jelly". Killing it requires firing at weak spots marked in green. They are distributed throughout the body, which forces us to change our position many times. The game does not force us only to the slow and arduous elimination of microorganisms. We need to constantly monitor our condition by eliminating pathogens and taking nutrients that we may encounter on our way.

    About levels and weapons

    The game was released only a few months ago, and I must admit that it is very well done. The levels are demanding and the gameplay is dynamic and interesting. Levels in the game take quite a long time, and in case of failure, we must start from the very beginning, which puts pressure on the player. During our game, we have several types of weapons at our disposal. In addition to the basic single shots, most often we need a torpedo, which, despite the terribly slow flight speed, deals very high damage. It can be obtained after defeating some microorganisms, occasionally it can also be found during the journey.

    General impressions

    Placebo Effect is a game with an interesting idea. The amount of microorganisms is surprising, and some can even frighten. It is worth noting that the game along with the June update gained the favor of players because it allowed faster flying, but above all players can not run out of ammunition, the lack of which I can not even imagine at the current difficulty of the game. The graphic is not at a very high level, but it also do not scare away the potential player. Most of the bugs have been fixed, the microorganisms are visible, and their artificial intelligence works quite well. One of the disadvantages is the soundtrack, which is quite poor and is practically limited to the sounds made by bullets and the monsters we encounter. The game can be recommended as a way to pass the time because it is extremely addictive. The game is available on Steam from May 3, so be sure to try it out!

    Review written by our moderator: KappaHype

    Rate this article Placebo Effect - review

    (4.68/5) 50 rates


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    18 september 2019 15:04

    very nice indeed

    4 september 2019 11:09

    wow this is soo nice

    3 september 2019 09:26

    Nice game for me... would play it immediately~

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    25 august 2019 03:58

    Good Work Misty

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    12 september 2019 15:31

    because it is extremely addictive.

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