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    batmanofrivia, 22 august 2019 06:15

    A Review of Guild Wars 2


    Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG developed by Arena Net and published by NCSOFT. This game is a sequel to the original Guild Wars which was a PVP focused game released in 2005. Guild Wars 2 was released in 2012 to critical acclaim from many outlets. Angry Joe even gave it a perfect 10! This MMORPG, with it's unique and more accessible take on MMOs, revolutionized the genre. And in the game's lifetime so far, it has received two expansions and four seasons of Living World which introduce new maps and content to the game, as well as regular content updates. However, it's been almost 7 years since it's release, so it's easy to ask if this game is really still worth the hype. After all, most MMORPGs be dead in that time span. Guild War 2 isn't "most MMORPGs" though, this game is more than that. So it's time to examine why Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMORPG currently available.

    The Community

    Guild Wars 2 easily has the best community of any MMORPG. Unlike in other games where the people you meet can be toxic, the people in this game are always willing to help you out no matter what. Cooperation and friendly competition are encouraged. Whether you're raiding, doing Fractals, participating in sPVP or WvW, the people you find will always help you. Personally, I've met some of my longest friends, some of the most genuine people on this game. There are a very small portion of elitists in the community, you can't avoid all the bad people, but for the most part the people you meet in this game will be amazing and willing to help you on your journey across Tyria.

    Image result for guild wars 2 party

    The PvE Content

    This game has an excellent selection of PvE endgame content to dip your feet in after you reach level 80. The first of these is dungeons. While Arena-Net doesen't release dungeons anymore, they are still run by players. These are 5-player instances in which you tackle an area with tough enemies and bosses and you are rewarded with dungeon currency. Dungeon currency can be used to but new cool-looking cosmetic items to make your character look cooler.

    Image result for guild wars 2 dungeons

    Another form of PvE content is Fractals of the Mists. In my opinion, If raids aren't quite your thing or you simply aren't ready for the commitment yet, Fractals of the Mists are the next best thing. These are small 15 minute instances in which parties of 5 can tackles all sorts of events and missions across the world's history and earn rewards such as ascended loot(some of the best gear in the game). However, to continue to higher tier fractals, you need to upgrade your agony resistance, else wise you'll slowly lose health and die before you can complete the Fractal.

    Image result for guild wars 2 fractals

    Raids are 10 player instances and are the most time consuming of all the PvE content. Raids are tough but rewarding endgame content, which you can only beat by working together and understanding complex boss mechanics. There are currently 7 raid wings, Wing 5 being the toughest one, with the infamous boss Dhuum. This content may seem intimidating to newer players but if you invest time into your build, learning your class, and learning boss mechanics, you will be rewarded with all sorts of great loot and the satisfaction of knowing you conquered some of the toughest content of the game. However, raiding isn't for the faint of heart... As a beginner, you will be kicked from groups, you will die, A LOT. But if you don't give up and keep pushing onward you will be rewarded greatly. This is my favorite content in the game personally because I love challenge in my games.

    Image result for guild wars 2 deimos

    PvP Content

    On top of stellar PvE content, Guild Wars 2 goes a step further and adds PvP content for the player base to enjoy. There are two main PvP modes: Structured PvP and World vs. World. Structured PvP is like the PvP you know, and has classic game mechanics such as capturing and holding strategic points and player death matches in which you have to get the most kills to win. WvW is where things get interesting. Entire servers are pit against each other in huge maps. Battles can have over 100+ players. There are massive sieges with massive weaponry such as catapults and ballistae which are used to break through enemy lines and thin their numbers. Partaking in these massive battles feels amazing, it's almost like you're taking part in one of the massive battles in the Lord of the Rings, accept with real skilled people and not orcs. This is definitely one of the main selling points for this game.

    Image result for guild wars 2 world vs. world

    The Open World

    The world of Guild Wars 2 is absolutely amazing. As you make your way through the environments, you can tell that the developers put all of their care and passion into designing this world. Visually, it's stunning, from the Shiverpeaks, to the jungle of Maguuma, to the desert continent of Elona. This world is also massive, with enough content to keep you playing for well over a hundred hours. And we haven't even seen all of it yet! New maps are still being added to the game every few months or so for you to dive into and explore.

    Image result for guild wars 2 full map


    While I think this game is the best MMORPG, there are undeniably a few missteps that are here. For one, the game might not satisfy more hardcore players. There is definitely more hardcore content that not everyone can partake in, such as raids, but Arena Net only comes out with a new raid wing every 7-8 months, maybe even 9. This wait may be too long for some, and I understand that. The challenging content definitely takes a back-seat in development to creating new maps and story episodes. The story is definitely a weak point as well. The Elder Dragon plotline, while interesting at first, slowly starts to get old the more and more they do it. The characters in the story aren't very likeable either. That being said, despite these hiccups this game is an amazing achievement for the MMORPG genre. Currently, I have over 1200 hours logged in the game, and I don't think that number will stop growing anytime soon.

    Rate this article A Review of Guild Wars 2

    (4.53/5) 77 rates

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    Very nice and really good to read!

    23 april 2020 19:49

    great game and good artcle

    9 april 2020 01:21

    like if u love it too?

    3 april 2020 10:35

    its actually good it was actually fun reading it xD

    17 february 2020 14:54

    very good article bro i love it

    3 april 2020 10:34

    This game is really awesome! I started playing it last year and i was amazed! Its seriously insade and i think everyone should try it out

    3 april 2020 15:38

    i like it thanks dude interesting game

    20 april 2020 04:20

    Pretty good game bro

    7 april 2020 03:36

    Bro 10 player insatnca and are the most time pvp all amazing

    6 april 2020 17:23

    Good points about this great game, had a lot of fun playing it as well, but you should probably mention only a part of the game is released as free to play and you have to buy the expansions to access the additional content.

    20 december 2019 10:32