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    (3.84/5) 25 rates
    Mrdox, 14 september 2018 13:49

    Pato Box PC

    New game comes from the Mexican territory and from the development team Bromio, and this game is the adventure game and boxing exotic Pato Box, What is Pato Box? Continue reading the review to learn about this exciting experience.

    In fact, Pato Box is a game inspired by one of Nintendo's classic gaming chains, which has inspired and still inspires many of the developers who have grown up on their devices and games. This is the popular boxing game Punch-Out !! For those who do not know this series is based on action and reaction, the hero of the series Little Mac stands in front of the camera directly, the player moves it left and right or repel, and there are two types of punches that can be directed, upper and left, .

    The control system looks very simple, but the interesting challenge comes from the blows of the enemies and the unexpected attacks, where you will have to read the movement of the boxer opponent and you to react on this basis, there are punches can be repelled and unavoidable, and there are other punches can be avoided And some of them will force you to turn right and others will make you move left, and when you succeed in escaping you will have to respond quickly and direct punches to the opponent. The great skill in designing, motivating, and motivating comedian opponents is the key element of the chain.


    Our game, which we review today, Pato Box, takes this essence and thoroughly drinks it from the Punch-Out series !! It offers the same philosophy in the way of fighting opponents and the same way to play completely, and the fact that Pato Box completely succeed in the reproduction of the experience Punch-Out fun, which is still unique without similarity or similar, and not only that, but rather By adding a very good adventure stage and pushing this mix forward and not even in the Punch-Out series !! itself.

    In this game, our hero (a combination of a man and a duck!) Is being cheated by the same company that sponsors him during the championship game he is losing against his opponent. This is why he decides to turn on Deathflock. The company is exploreable and every floor is under the protection of one of the company's senior men. There is a floor for the offices of the company and another for preparing the food, there is a casino and more. The way of playing on each floor of the casino, for example, is full of mini games. The food factory has a lot of traps The deadly. At the end of each floor there is a leader to fight from company figures. There are also tokens that can be assembled in the stages and when they are all found the player will get a nice reward and is fighting for an additional secret leader.

    Along with the variety of good adventure elements in the game, there is a good narrative story through the files scattered in the building of the company, which reveals the stories of men Deathflock and their relationship with each other and the reality of the terrible experiences taking place in the company, and there are many characters that can be talked, This construction of the story world, which seems to be inspired by graphic novel works such as Sin City, is a beautiful and unexpected power point for this game.

    Even for those who want to experience exactly the same experience as Punch-out !! In this stage, the player can fight all the characters in a sequential manner without interest in adventure, exploration or storytelling from the story stage.

    The method of play does not go beyond what we mentioned at the beginning of the review, and it is worth mentioning that this game supports the dynamic control of the tools of control Joy - Cons and similar to the game Punch-Out !! On the Wii previously, and in fact we have had difficulty with the motor control because of the upper punches that require moving the air forward and pressing a button at the same time, and if implemented more easily we may have relied on this model to control more, The game is very accurate and requires high skill in the game and that is why we have relied on the buttons only.

    As we have said, the heart and essence of these games is the level of combat and fortunately, Pato Box offers a great variety of leaders and since opponents are not boxers in this game has allowed the Mexican development team more madness and strangeness in these fights, and if we complain One thing is that this game will not be tolerated with the players. One of the murders was a mini-music game that did not live up to us and lasted too long to get tired.

    Pato Box has a great graphic style in black and white and really looks like a graphic novel full of intrigues, conspiracies and interesting characters, and do not make this graphic style bother you, the appearance of the game looks really great even though the switch version of the game is falling in the frame rate during Exploration and we hope that the development team in the future will launch an update to solve this problem. Even the music chosen for the game carries with it the techno character and succeeds in creating the right atmosphere during play or hectic fights to pump the adrenaline hormone into your small veins.

    COPYRIGHT © BY Mrdox

    Rate this article Pato Box PC

    (3.84/5) 25 rates


    looks niceee

    30 september 2018 03:46

    game good

    5 october 2018 18:20

    Well presented good organisation nice overall structure

    29 september 2018 08:13

    so good

    14 october 2018 19:27

    to mutch black&white for me

    14 october 2018 09:25

    and stay on

    12 october 2018 16:39

    Well presented good organisation nice overall structure :DDDD

    7 march 2020 22:56

    *** thank you gg

    22 march 2020 04:34

    looks cool as heck

    15 may 2020 20:40