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    (4.16/5) 37 rates
    sejozmaj, 14 september 2018 19:19

    Review of the game: Monster Hunter World

    Monster Hunter World is the sixth part of a 14-year-old series in which gamers hunt big monsters, including dinosaurs, dragons and other kinds of creatures. The game is recommended to play in a cooperative multiplayer with three players, but it is also possible to play it independently. In the game, develop your character's equipment to fight against dangerous enemies and explore the semi-open world divided into several regions. The game is relatively challenging and requires a lot of time to make progress in it.

    Hunting in the games was once an activity reserved for the Cabeline Game C production. The situation began to change somewhere by the arrival of Red Dead Redemption, and then there was a wave of games where hunting was one of the basic mechanics. Far Cry 3, The Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn are just some of the games in which we have predatory pruning booty, often bigger than the characters we controlled. But before all these games there was Monster Hunter, the Capcom series in 2004. Most players with it are not properly acquainted because they have recently held Nintendo platforms, including those portable. The novel sequel to Monster Hunter World comes to correct this injustice and attract new audiences around the world.

    With this extension, Capcom tried hard to make Monster Hunter affordable. Those who played their previous series games in Worlow will find a bunch of modifications that have changed the whole concept to the better. There is a great effort involved in gameplay focusing more on the underlying idea of hunting, and less of the spitting in the menus and the eternal preparation for the struggle in which they eventually end up. On the other hand, Monster Hunter Worl does not feel so much the need to complicate the game for complicated complications.

    The poem of Monster Hunter is a man who does not believe in a monster hunt. This aspect of the game is brilliant, more than before because monsters now have more space to move. Monster Hunter World does not have a huge map with thousands of square miles but has a variety of regions that are large enough to be habitats for five or six different monsters. This means that monsters freely walk (and fly) with a map, fight each other for your territory and leave the traces you follow to locate them.

    The eco-system of this game is not a complex simulation, but has a certain hierarchy and just like a real nature, it contains some established behavior. Monsters buys each other, use the environment for your own benefit, have their hiding places, etc. You're basically there to disrupt it, and no wonder that your presence is reacted violently. Though you are a hunter, most of the time you are actually spoiled and forced to climb up the feeding chain so that your defeated enemies work your armor and advance the weapon.

    There are a total of 14 different weapons available and all are available right from the start of the game. Caka is that no weapon is better than the other because each one manages differently. The only question that suits you depends on your approach. If you have a calculated type then it is a sluggish sword for you. If you are an agile type then your bow and arrow are for you. If you are somewhere between then you choose double blade, etc. Every weapon wants to get dressed, but once you learn how to use it best, you hunt go singing. And then you jump over a lizard-cat poke name and start playing with you like a poking mouse.

    Monster Hunter World is not a simple game. It's not brutal to break the controllers because of it, but there are a few things that support the need to play it the way the developers have imagined it, with no shortcuts. In the first place, multiplayer is not just a sideshow here. Even though MHW can play solo, it is much easier when you are not the only target of a monster. It is therefore recommended that you play with three more players, or at least connect online, otherwise waiting for you almost twice as hard.

    One half of that job is pure grunts. In this game, you can not just keep track of the story because you need to upgrade the equipment from the main missions. And you improve it by doing banal hunting and resource-gathering tasks. If you pick five mushrooms you will get a core armor to improve the statistics, and once you fill it up again you will receive similar, if not the same task. Somehow it helps you to do these tasks in different regions, but on the other hand you can not, for example, take ten ancillary missions and solve them at once.

    Each task also has a time limit and limitation of how many times the enemy can defeat you. These are, in my opinion, completely unnecessary rules that have no justification in this game. Okay, some gambling risk must exist, but this should not be the time limit for the hunt. It is true that monsters disappear from the map at certain time intervals, but if it is a time limit argument then it would be better to have limited time to find the monster instead of having to watch the count down until the mission expires. The same battles can stretch for fifteen minutes, especially if you play alone. Monsters regularly flee to other locations and regenerate energy, which is why the time limit creates unnecessary pressure on players.

    Monster Hunter World is a game where you can easily invest a hundred hours as long as you have motivations for it. New monsters are always new challenges, and every next fight is an epic story for themselves. But it should be said that this concept is not for everyone and that some players will not find motivation in a rather repetitive system that causes grudging. The game becomes more interesting in multiplayer, but it mostly depends on the team you are playing with.

    Presentation of the cheek only improves the sound that is excellent. Especially this is when you play with the headphones because this is the only way to hear three-dimensional sound. Music is tense and unobtrusive, but like in most Japanese games, there is always one melody for a single location repeated until your ears begin to bleed.

    The PC version of Monster Hunter World was postponed for the fall of 2018. This is a pity because I have the impression that it would be much better and more enjoyable for the presentation to suggest. After all, the game is designed for smaller user modifications that could solve a lot of things - for example, no loss of damage from 10 meters in height or lack of energy bar for monsters.Monster Hunter is still a weird artifact for such things.

    Somewhere will leave a question mark over your head for your archaic mechanics, but occasionally you will be met by the unprepared and surprised by the epic battle in which you suddenly become stronger than the defender to defeat your target, but in the next escape of both. When you get to the hunting routine, it is possible to cross over the rough edges of Monster Hunter World, but you still have to love hunting craft. And it's not for everyone, just like this game is not for everyone's taste.

    Rate this article Review of the game: Monster Hunter World

    (4.16/5) 37 rates


    nice job!

    21 october 2018 08:38

    The best and easy game

    13 october 2018 06:23

    i love this game , also nice job

    15 september 2018 11:56

    we know its good game :X

    28 september 2018 09:02

    the customization is awesome

    21 december 2019 00:29

    it lock like shadow of mordor

    22 april 2020 21:19

    very useful thank you

    22 march 2020 04:33

    game looks kinda creepy ngl

    15 may 2020 20:40

    It is a great work of art, it is a joy that can finally be enjoyed on PC with better quality and performance, it is an indispensable game for any player.

    4 june 2020 00:39

    I was thinking about buying the game for a while and i am just reading your review. It is Steam Winter Sale time, so why not doing it now, right?! Thanks a lot for the "reminder" and for the nice review.

    27 december 2019 22:33