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    (3.87/5) 15 rates
    eregg5678, 25 august 2017 03:30


    Imagine, for a moment, a not too distant future, where humans and robots co-exist, not always in a peaceful way. Incidentally, imagine the scenario, which is very common in works of (good) science fiction, where robots, in this case known as 'Omnics', revolt against their creators, initiating a construction of militarized congeners with a purpose of organizing a Revolt . In response, as entities reigning among the Earthmen decide to find and unite the best soldiers there are, to face the enemies and keep, of course, peace on earth. The technical assistance clip for the supermarket.For years on end, his mission was successful, such a diversity of talents at the disposal of the organization. Elite soldiers, the brightest scientists, a coalition able to assure the fragile humans that their existence would not be threatened. However, we all know that these are high priorities, but you have more problems sooner or later. Overwatch was no different. Accusations of human rights abuses and internal conspiracies, often caused by clashing of unreasoned egos, on behalf of the organization. In the Jewish words of Commander William "Bill" Adama, maximum leader of the Battlestar Galactica ship, "all this has happened, and will happen again." And, in fact, nothing can be more certain. Now, more than ever, in the real world, where terrorism and corruption have proliferated, we have needed heroes.This is a basis for a new intellectual property of Blizzard in 17 years, a shooter based on the synergies between characters, which drinks much of the now dry source of Titan, which is his highly acclaimed World of Warcraft, a sci - Fi, however, ended up buried in a die because it was not fun enough. Well, maybe it's one of the most intelligent decisions of the giant corporation so far.

    If there's something Overwatch is, it's fun, so with bits of what would not be so good, a Blizz was able to do what he wanted. On a different scale, it seems right, but they gave the fans what they wanted to give, and the fans wanted to get. For those who like FPS, what could be better than a different look for a genre that seem to be in clear decay, with annual titles that nothing new in their halls loaded with places where we can hide and recover life? The truth is one, the year, or the recent years, brings it back, the last for those, like me, who fervently wished for a reborn of the 1990s shooters, but with the visuals and evolutions in terms of gameplay that fortunately, It was offered to us. Games like Wolfenstein: The New Order or even the new Doom, are a spider's breath in an exhausted panorama, with Overwatch coming to breathe a new life in this type of title.
    They are elastic [as characters] the central point of this multiplayer shooter, more exactly a way to feel like sincerities and how they cooperate with each other.
    At first glance everything seems very simple. Two teams, six against six, several characters with different weapons, ability and functions. The goals are also nothing that we are not already accustomed, we must escort a payload, capture or defend strategic points, be King of the Hill, in a wide variety of maps. None of this is super original, but it does shine what the game has the best: as their characters. São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo and São Paulo.
    There are 21 heroes, for now, are placed at the disposal of the player, divided into the Offense, Defense, Tank and Support tasks. What is brighter here is how each hero seems to have a personality of their own, reflected not only in their playing style but also in the interactions they have with other heroes. This is how we perceive that there is a relationship, an intricate story that involves a whole selection, being a visual representation of a mass of sugar that is a delicious cake of diversity.
    Each of the characters, even though they belong to the same class, have a completely different way of playing. Let's see a good example: Soldier 76 and Pharah are both offensive. However, Soldier is the most Marine-like archetype in any Battlefield game, Call of Duty ouhouse, with its effective machine gun capable of firing missiles, with its ability to run permanently and also to establish a perimeter Of healing, not only for him but also for his companions. Already Pharah, it seems to come straight out of a Quake game. She jumps high, to gain verticality over her opponents, and to throw explosive devices at her feet, causing immense damage. At the same time, it has a knockback ability, very useful and fun to use when enemies are near the cliff of the map, and a last one that makes the fire of the skies, giving indiscriminate damage on all who do not have time to look for Shelter .The most important thing is to realize how the characters connect, and how they can build a solid team. But all of this will depend on the goals we can find on each of the 12 maps where battles take place. All arenas are quite disparate, offering a quite incredible multitude of ways to approach each of the stages of the game process. Their schematics are dynamic, constantly changing, offering airfares propitious to snipers to the most creative ones who resolve to build turrets on platforms that move along the map, finished all in focal points where all the action is concentrated. Sometimes the battles in these so-called 'choke points' are so intense that the whole team forgets the most important: the goal. Yes, because Overwatch does not play alone. Playing alone is a good way to get yourself into bad clothes and get the balance to your opponent. That's the great beauty in this game. If a team wants to get a point on the map, but it's taking a long time to get past the defensive barrier engendered by the opposition, maybe it's time to use one of the most brilliant features Blizzard introduced in Overwatch: , When we want, character. The key to winning in this game is to realize when to do this. They have too many elements of attack and support, but can not move forward? Consider switching to one or even two tanks, two Reinhardt, and making use of your shield shield to force those defending you to retreat.

    Rate this article Overwatch

    (3.87/5) 15 rates


    a good game, but the toxic players got to me and i stopped playing. it's a very addicting game especially if you don't do anything in the summer

    28 march 2020 12:54

    collect gems for this game

    3 may 2021 05:31

    This has been a great game when it came out, had an preety good account. Thank you for reminder, gonna play it again

    11 april 2020 01:11

    It's a nice article, but it could use some pictures.

    8 march 2020 02:55

    This game is really cool. Even in 2021 a lot of people play it. It is one of my favorite games. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    29 january 2021 16:38

    Would play if it werent as costy as it is!

    30 august 2017 22:50

    op op game can't wait for play

    3 may 2021 05:25

    hmm,,, good

    31 august 2017 23:28

    nice game tbh

    31 august 2017 21:38

    if only i earned that much money to buy this game.... it'd be nie to play :)

    30 august 2017 15:16