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    (3.29/5) 7 rates
    SquidsofDoom, 25 august 2017 02:58

    Eve: Online Review

    Eve: Online is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) with something special; it is entirely dependant on the players. The game is essentially 'run' by the players, and there is an immense level of depth to the game. But before I go on, there are some things I have to go through...

    Eve: Online is an online game that uses player based mechanisms. That is, it is basically 'run' by the players. But first, let me cover some of the basic ideas of what the game is:

    What is the game?
    Eve: Online is a space game, and a big one as a matter of fact. The map is huge; it's vast and is one of, and if not, the biggest, map in an MMO ever, And still expanding. It is based off players in space ships; there is no 3rd person walking around, except for a very small area called the captain's quarters. Besides that, however, the game is amazing. There are literally boundless possibilities, endless choices. You could start a militia, and lead ships in battle under your flag as you go against other players in all out ship warfare. Or you could become a politician, leading your way through the political world with other players. Or maybe you want to become an explorer, exploring the vast corners of the galaxy, or the inside of a wormhole. Either way, the possibilities are endless. And that's what makes this game so special: it's ability to be entirely dependant on the players, with little input from the developers.

    The gameplay for Eve is another story in itself. There are many options with what you can do with the ship, going from basic 3rd view to a strategic overview of all of the ships in your fleet. But what is amazing for me is the visuals. They are honestly stunning. Every time I play, I find it hard to believe that they have come out with a game with such high-quality visuals, and the universe just looks accurate and realistic, while also looking stunning. I was looking for a next gen game, and this was literally perfect.

    There are many pros to this game. The gameplay is so interactive, and the experience is just like a feeling of endless possibilities. It feels like you've been transported to the future, and there is just a level of independence that is staggering from the players. One thing that I can't omit is the depth of this game.

    Although there are many pros, there are some cons. For example, the interface is rather confusing, and it can leave players feeling stranded and not knowing what to do. Also, once you begin, a lot of players find it hard to get started, as they do not know what to do. This is why I recommend having a friend who can help you get started. But once you get started, it's easier from there.

    So overall, I would highly recommend this game. The level of depth that there is is astounding, and how the players make the rules is just fascinating. This game is free, so it will come at no cost but high amounts of addiction! However, I do recommend having a friend who knows how to play the game, or go on some forums to get some help when you start, as the tutorial doesn't cover everything. Good luck, and I hope to see you playing!

    Rate this article Eve: Online Review

    (3.29/5) 7 rates


    One of the best MMORPG honestly.

    8 june 2020 09:17

    mmo momo, never played but sounds not that bad though

    31 august 2017 12:10

    Good review! +3

    2 september 2017 17:17

    Eve a.k.a Sociopaths Online is utter garbage. The game makes you wait for skill learning, which takes years to become competitive. It's filled with habitual liars, malignant narcisists and mostly grumpy old addicts. And also you need to multi-box at least two accounts to optimize training, resource and tactical advantages..
    Pros: You learn how to recognize scams, frauds, cheats, traps, because of how toxic and hostile the environment is. This is probalby what prison communites are like.

    30 august 2017 02:28

    this is a wonderful article and game is nice

    1 april 2020 18:26

    its so good i like that article so much

    16 may 2020 21:17