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    Julio_Lokin, 9 october 2017 23:07

    Overwatch: 20 Valuable Tips to Become a Real Hero

    Blizzard's success is one of the most played competitive games in the world and I do not even need to say why, do not I? Addictive and fun are the main words needed to define the experience in Overwatch. The game was already a hit in the media critics before its official release and then, after the open beta, was the culmination of success. In total there were 9.7 million players in the world playing the beta and after its launch to date are 25 million players. The game currently has 23 heroes, separated into 4 classes: Offensive, Defensive, Tank and Support.

    Overwatch can be considered a mix of FPS with basic elements of MOBA, which allows the game to have its own pace and gameplay style, after all, a simple skill can change the course of the game. The game is focused on objective, unlike the other FPS genre games, where the focus is on the kills, here the team wins that work together to achieve the goals using unique abilities of each of the heroes chosen, which makes the team composition an important step already for the victory.

    Like all Blizzard games, it follows the developer's motto - "Easy to learn, hard to master." - Which causes many players to get lost with some heroes with good practices. So stay tuned in this article and check out 20 tips for you to become a true Overwatch hero!

    Tip 1: Be Curious!

    Overwatch has a large list of heroes with unique abilities. Do not be afraid to test all the heroes, as you can perform well with the character you least appreciate. Use the training field to test each of the heroes and carefully read the function of each skill. Then enter a quick match to test your skills against another player or a customized game against bots for a final test.

    Tip 2: Use and abuse the Arcade 1v1 mode

    The 1v1 in Arcade for me is the best way for you to train with other Overwatch heroes, because in it the game randomly selects a hero for you and your opponent. On the battlefield wins the one who best master the skills in a fair fight (and still you win boxes by winning 9 matches per week hehe).

    Tip 3: Read the Tips on the Screen

    During loading screens and in gameplay the game displays quick tips. During the game the tips are clever, display specifically for the hero you chose plus the system tips to know when you are dying or not to help you with tips based on your game in real time.

    Tip 4: The Hero's Choice

    We all have the urge to choose the most fun and cool hero, but we must know how to understand the current match situation, for example: Map, Playing side (Attack or Defense) and what the team needs.

    For example: Using Symmetra in the attack is a "shot in the foot", because it is a character clearly developed for defense (although it is part of the Support category), there is no way to place turrets in its base, after all who needs to move forward it's your team and not your opponent.

    Use the map in your favor, nothing better than playing Lucius, Pharah or even the Roadhog on maps with "cliff" to push your opponent out.

    Overwatch still has a system that indicates what the team needs most in the composition to stay balanced, it is not always necessary to faithfully follow what the game suggests, but it is good to have at least one player from each class (Offensive, Defensive, Tank and Support ), after all a team without offense has no damage or a Defensive to hold the goal, a tank to disrupt the team or a support to heal your team.

    Tip 5: Explore the Heroes

    Understanding the ability of each hero is a very important step, even if you do not play well with him, this will give you an advantage over the opponent, allowing you to know your strengths and weaknesses and what are the best tactics with him, so you can predict possible actions of the opponent. One suggestion is you to play the customized mode against bots to train and deeply study each skill of the hero.

    There are many moments in the gameplay of Overwatch that you will be surprised to not know that something was possible, for example: Did you know that Genji is able to reflect the supreme of his brother Hanzo? Or that the torbjorn shells that are thrown to the allies can be used on yourself? You can cancel Mercy's "flying" by pressing the same button during the skill or by using Genji's supreme ability, it recharges all other abilities instantly. Be a "xeroque homes" of the skills of the heroes!

    Tip 6: Master a satisfactory level

    Defining a hero's goal that you will train in each class seems like a good idea, but remember that in practice it will be a problem, after all you may run the risk of your team needing a hero you do not know how to play or in more cases other players select the heroes you only know how to use. Be perfect with all available heroes in the game.

    Tip 7: Study the Goals

    As mentioned previously in this article, Overwatch is a competitive game with a focus on goals, wins the game who completes the goal and not who eliminates more, are three goals that in theory are simple, but in practice are complex and tactical:

    Escort: In this mode the goal is to drive the payload while forcing the opposing team to retreat the defense, the charge moves automatically just by being close to it, the more players present the faster the charge will go, if there is no ally near the load is parked and if you have an opponent close to the load will retreat slowly.

    Along the path of the load there are checkpoints, when arriving at them the load will retreat only until that point. In case of escort defense the best tactic is to construct turrets (whether from Torbjorn or Bastion), speedy heroes like Genji and Tracer are excellent for disrupting the escort team and prevent them from advancing and remember: never abandon the charge to chase a player (this may read as tactic for the escort team).

    Control: In this mode a fixed point is defined on the map in which both teams need to master it (the counter must reach 100%) to win. What defines victory in this mode is a balanced team, when dominating the point is recommended to swap your hero for Defense, but remember the balance (So nothing of the whole team do the same thing.) Attack: In this mode we can say that there is a little resemblance to the "Control" mode, the player needs to dominate a fixed point in the map, however the time needed to dominate is much shorter and any adversary who enters the spot along with you the counter is frozen until one eliminates the other. The counter, besides being faster, has three checkpoints that the counter passes, it will not decrease below the marked point. When you conquer the first (Point A), you go on to conquer the next (Point B). The opposing team wins if they can protect the point until the starting timeout ends. For the team that will attack it is recommended to use mid-range attack heroes with good mobility, attacking together is the best thing to do and it is extremely necessary a healer to the team to ensure that no partner is eliminated during the process. Defending teams should invest in defense and support heroes, such as Symmetra, Bastion, Torbjorn and Widowmaker.

    Tip 8: Not just a character

    To persist in error is a "shot at the foot of the team", do not be stuck with just one character in the match, Overwatch allows all 12 players to change hero at any time to change tactics. You can be good with a hero, but do not expect to be able to carry the team on your back with just him, changing hero is part of the dynamics of the game.

    Tip 9: Eliminations vs. Objective

    Unlike other FPS, Overwatch is not a killer game, the focus is on goals. Never leave a goal behind only to chase an opponent, this can give opportunities for the rival to prevent you from winning. Although the game does not penalize you or bonus your opponent for eliminations (with the exception of loading the suprema get faster with each elimination), this does not mean that you can play in rambo mode, eliminations in sequence (it can even be a team elimination) allows you to take advantage of the goal.

    Tip 10: Teamwork is the biggest advantage you can have

    Overwatch was thought especially to be played as a team, be it with colleagues, family and friends. Communication is very important to victory, this will allow you to plan tactics and group attacks, combine supreme skills and more. The game has an integrated voice communication system plus a system of quick commands, always keep in communication.

    Good teams focus on giving support and coverage to their offensive heroes, which makes a giant difference against the opposing team.

    Tip 11: Keepers always have

    Although Overwatch has no limit on ammunition, this does not mean that you need to reload your weapon at 1 × 1, which makes your chances of death increase instantly. Try to reload your weapon at the end of a match and in safe places that will prevent the opponent from surprising you during the process.

    Tip 12: Attentive to the scenario

    This rule is universal, it is good for any online shooter, knowing the map is very important so that you know of all possibilities of attacks of the adversary besides designing more interesting strategies.

    Create solo matches on all maps, memorize escape routes, and locations where you have medical kits (which I'll talk about in the future).

    Tip 13: Going back is not always losing the war

    Whenever you are at a disadvantage do not be insistent in wanting to continue the fight, retreat and wait for your team to regroup. Being eliminated will not bring penalties, but it's not the coolest idea you can have either.

    Moments where you can take the risk is during the opponent's conquest of some point in the "Load" and "Attack" mode, when entering the point you leave in contested mode avoiding that the team can conquer the point, but only if an ally is nearby of the place to help you, after all you can not hold a point with six opponents against you.

    Tip 14: Medical Kits in the Scenario

    There are two types of kits, one that partially regenerates your HP and another that regenerates completely. They stay at strategic points on the map and when picked up become available again after a while, do not hesitate to use them when your carrier is not around.

    Tip 15: Supreme Ability is not useful if you do not use it

    I've witnessed several player matches using their supremacists in the final seconds of the match (and about to lose) after being with her for more than a minute. The supreme skill it takes to load and sometimes we penalty use it, but keep in mind that it is loaded again (even more if you play well, it loads faster) and it saved will not help team. I'm not saying that it's for you to use just when the counter reaches 100%, but for it to be used whenever necessary, either for a tactical attack or to defend someone from your team.

    One tip that step you is relative to Symmetra, both skills saved her are useless and could help and the team, to load already use (yes, it is an exception to the previous tip) is the shield generator or portal , evaluate what the team needs and good luck.

    Tip 16: Be aware of the characters' dialogues

    Blizzard took great care in developing the overwatch soundtrack. Watching the phrases of the heroes can help you during the match, at certain times they can tell if the opponent has a portal or if the opponent or ally used his supreme ability.

    Tip 17: Welcome to the family, son ...

    Impossible not to resemble punches with the great Jack Baker of Resident Evil 7, jokes aside, let's hint. Do not forget that heroes can punch, although it takes very little HP, it may be what you need for an opponent on the brink of elimination while running out of ammo.

    Tip 18: Do not leave the game

    Believe me, this tip is very important. I'm sure most of the players witnessed his defeat because a player left the game, especially when he's a good support player.

    Avoid leaving the matches that besides making it difficult for the team to start, can lead to defeat. If you know you will not be able to play a full game, do not enter the competitive mode or the fast game, play an arcade mode to have fun during that little free time.

    Tip 19: Snipers

    Special tip for Hanzo, Windowmaker and Ana players, do not stay in the front line, try to stay well behind and in places with difficult access to avoid being surprised by an attack of the opponent.

    Tip 20: Understand the difference between HP, Armor, and Shield

    Knowing the real meaning of these different types of "slash" your hero can be very important. The white bar is the real life of the character, something that everyone has, Armor is the orange bar that absorbs half the damage that the player receives and remembering that Torbjorn is able to create armor for his team and for himself and lastly Shield that is the blue bar that absorbs 100% of the damage received without harming the HP and if it stays for a while without receiving damage, it automatically regenerates.

    Bonus: Get to know the animations of Overwatch!

    Blizzard does not make animations, it teaches how to do it! Overwatch may not have a single-player campaign which may frustrate some players, but this has been offset by magnificent short films about the story behind the game.

    "Heroes Never Die!"

    If you've been to the end of our tips, you now know everything you need to become a true member of Overwatch! Have a good game and the main one, have fun!

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    These tips are indeed very useful. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with everyone.

    29 january 2021 16:50