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    (3.57/5) 7 rates
    JohnAricsson, 3 january 2018 10:04

    No More Room in Hell: Review

    No more room in hell or NMRIH is a 3D cooperative first person survival horror video game.

    Initial release date: October 31, 2011
    Engine: Source
    Mode: Multiplayer video game
    Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, SteamOS
    Genres: First-person shooter, Survival horror

    Recently one of my friends suggested me to play a free to play game called No More Room in Hell. So I gave it a shot and now it has become one of my favourite game. In No More Room in Hell you have to work together with other players to survive in a world full of zombies.

    First of all the game is free to play and I must say that as a free to play game it’s really good. Do you know why the game is No more Room in Hell. It’s because there is no more room in hell and for that reason the dead have to walk on earth.

    The game can be played on a low end pc as the game doesn’t require you to have a good pc. Before you start playing this game you must know that you are going to die a lot in this game. The gameplay is hard actually because there are so many zombies in the world but you only have one or two gun along with your melee weapon and some ammo. This is one of those games where you cannot survive on your own. If you want to win then you must cooperate with other players. Share weapons, ammo, pills, bandages etc to ensure win for all the players. But remember that just because you have a lot of ammo doesn’t mean you can go ahead and kill all the zombie alone. If a zombie grabs you while you are in the middle of a horde, your pretty much dead. You have to rely on your teammates or other players a lot which is one of those things that I like because you have to watch each others back.  In other multiplayer games, if your better than others then you can just leave them and finish the game yourself but in this game you have to make sure everyone survives because without them you cannot win alone. When you are going to play the game, you are going to complain about why the game is so dark?

    Yah... the whole time when you will be playing this game will be dark which makes the game scary and it gets EVEN WORSE when you have low health because the more damage you take the darker it gets. I mean the more health you lose the darker it gets. But personally I find this game funny XD.

    Let me tell you about one of my gameplay and explain how much you have to rely on other players. I was playing on a server with 8 people including me. There was a point where we had to jump over a wall to get to the next objective. But out of 8 people only 2 people jumped over the wall and others including me couldn’t jump over the wall. As a result, the other 2 waited a long time for us but at last we couldn’t make it and so we had to change the map.

    There is a variety of maps and each map has different goals. The games are divided into the two categories of “survival” and “objective”. Depending on the category, a map is chosen. If it’s a survival game mode then you have to clear out waves of zombie and if it’s an objective game mode then you have to complete a set of objectives to win.

    The weapons in No More Room in Hell reflect the weapons that are used in real life.  There’s a variety of weapons including melee. 

    But weapon isn’t the problem, the problem is the ammo. You will find weapons easily but you will use up all the ammo you have before you know. Now as I mentioned before the game is a coop game so you have to share weapons with each others as well as ammo because if you take all the guns and ammo before others could take it then they won’t have anything to defend themselves and they will end up dying because of you and you will lose. Just remember that you won’t automatically reload your gun, so everytime after you use up a magazine   press R to reload and you can hold R to check how much ammo you have. You only can hold a limited amount of items in your inventory.

    Market is a feature of No More Room in Hell. When you are playing you can type !market to buy different things like ammo, tools, health kits etc with points. You can buy some ammo if you are out of ammo. If you are infected you can buy some pills to get rid of the infection. You can also buy things for others. If you see your teammate is dying then you can quickly buy health kit and give it to him so he stays life.

    So what are you waiting for? The game is absolutely free on steam and doesn’t require you to have a good pc. So try it out for free. It’s one of the best free games you will ever play.

    Rate this article No More Room in Hell: Review

    (3.57/5) 7 rates



    19 august 2019 07:41

    i love horror game

    13 march 2020 10:43

    Is it free. And if this is free is it available in steam.

    6 january 2018 22:06

    Good to know, no more room

    8 january 2018 20:35

    not interested

    7 january 2018 01:10