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    Rate this article "Flash Gaming replaces Tyloo for the 2018 Boston CS GO Major"

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    OrangutanGanja, 3 january 2018 07:32

    Flash Gaming replaces Tyloo for the 2018 Boston CS GO Major

    The Esports powerhouse Tyloo who are considered as the pioneers of the Chinese Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene will be stepping down from the Boston CS GO Major to be held in January, 2018 despite them qualifying for the first time ever in a 1$ million dollar Major event and the Asia Minor team Flash Gaming is expected to replace them for the event.

    The reason for Tyloo's withdrawal from the Boston Major was because one of their key player Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand has visa issues which will prevent him from flying to the United States for attending the Boston Major. Tyloo have spoken to ELEAGUE and Valve and have confirmed their withdrawal. Previously in order to still make it in time, Tyloo were eyeing for Brazilian cs go star and their former coach Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu to replace BnTeT as a substitute but peacemaker and Tyloo were not able to come to an agreement because of sticker debacle and hence peacemaker will not be available as a substitute anymore.

    Flash Gaming on the other hand has gotten their visas approved by the United States Government for all five of their players who played at the Asia Minor and are set to replace Tyloo for the 2018 ELEAGUE CS GO Boston Major. HLTV was informed that Andrew "Kaze" Khong and KunHua "LOVEYY" bai will get their passports in the coming days while YuanZhang "Attaker" sheng, Qifang "Karsa" Su and YuLun "fancy1" Cai have gotten their visa permits for ten-year period. Flash Gaming currently ranked 75th in the world has started negotiations with Valve for featuring their stickers in-game like the other teams.

    Tyloo on the other hand has seen skyrocketing growth in the prices of their stickers in the Steam community market as per speculations that Valve may turn their sticker qualities into contraband because they are withdrawing from the Boston Major. Tyloo's Holo sticker is up by 27$ while their foil stickers are selling for a peak price of 77$ in the Steam community market. Tyloo's player BnTet won't be able to attend the Boston Major but he will still get profits from his autographed sticker sales. As per rumours it was speculated that the reason peacemaker did not come to an agreement to stand-in as Tyloo's replacement for BnTet was because he would not had gotten his share of his autographed sticker sales. Will Valve turn Tyloo's stickers into contraband quality making them reach the prices of iBuypower and Titan or they will be still purchasable from the capsules ? Only time will tell.

    Rate this article Flash Gaming replaces Tyloo for the 2018 Boston CS GO Major

    (4.14/5) 7 rates

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