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    (4.36/5) 42 rates
    LirCZE, 13 january 2019 22:39

    Mortal Kombat X review

    Mortal Kombat is a great-grandfather from the series of fight games, and therefore has reached a certain level of quality in this version of Mortal Kombat X. The game offers many fighters, maps and settings to make your duels more enjoyable. If you are not just headless cutting and hitting, you can play a story mode that has something to offer.

    Note: This article has been rejected for unknown reason I think it was couse plagiatorism, which is not this case, becouse I used this review in shorter version on my steam in czech language so if its look similar to something this is it.

    Basic Information:
    You can fight in several arenas that have ingenious 3D backgrounds and each of them is moving. All arenas are at the core locations of the Mortal Kombat world, giving them a breathtaking look. In battles, you can interact with various items that can give you a temporary advantage. Each of the fighters has its characteristic appearance and is processed both on the outside and the inside, so that they can fly the guts.

    You can use more than 20 characters in the game. Individual characters have abilities and you can choose 1 of 3 to use. The game also offers a change of character skins, although there is not many skins in the game. The fight itself is very fast and smooth. For this, the system can combine attacks. With the right attacks, you can create a deadly combo, and if you follow certain rules at the end, you can do a brutal or fatal attack, which then brutally kills the enemy with flying guts, blood and bones.

    Even computer-controlled fighters can make your day harder, always being able to do combos that you may not be able to do. They can even better timing their attacks and using coverage.

    The game has its own story line, which consists of several chapters. In each you will fight for another character against other enemies. The story combines both past and present. Battle scenes are lowered by interactive keystroke, which makes combat even outside the classic battle arena.

    Multiplayer for the game is not very important, although you can join the faction and fight against other online players, but those are mostly professional and you get beaten so fast that you won't play long. It is good to play with other players locally because it is likely they will be skilled the same as you.

    A crypt is added to the game in which you can unlock new things. These include drawings, concepts, ornamental frames, skins, or special duels. Unlocking takes place through destruction, especially graves for which you have to pay for the currency you earn for playing matches.

    Super fast fight game that bets classic. Dynamics of combat determine the selected characters and the ability of individual players. If a friend driving you crazy, you can blow his head here.

    ////Pictures are from other peoples, because problem with two graphic cards that won't allow me to screenshot games with high graphic performance
    ///Rate and comment this article please, thank you
    //Reviewed after 50 hours 
    /Steam adress https://store.steampowered.com/app/307780/Mortal_Kombat_X

    Rate this article Mortal Kombat X review

    (4.36/5) 42 rates


    when i kill someone in that game i fell like more high level from him well that comment is dump i now

    27 march 2020 15:30

    мортал комбат x просто топ

    11 september 2019 07:22

    This game is the best game I very played.Good story mode of the game.

    27 march 2020 11:26

    good game

    10 march 2019 17:27

    Fatalyti epic I love this game

    15 march 2019 22:57

    мортел комбат ти шо наглий или ти

    28 july 2019 12:01

    better article than game

    1 april 2020 19:46

    😍this is a one best game you can play wih you dudes i like it nice article wow! thx

    5 march 2020 08:51

    the game is good but I don't understand the meaning as if the game is not for me otherwise a very good article that I have seen about this game I hope there are such articles in the future !

    4 june 2020 23:59

    fun game !nice article

    19 april 2020 19:33