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    (3.83/5) 29 rates
    LirCZE, 13 january 2019 22:33

    Good robot: game review

    You play as good robot in the game that destroys other robots which are trying to kill you. Each enemy is specific with combat system. Even though levels are similar, they can still be considered very entertaining due to their qualities.

    Note: This article has been rejected as plagiatorism which is wrong, yes I used parts of MY review i made on steam in my own language but this review is in english, longer and with more details.

    Game System:
    Levels are very similar, except for a minor change of background texture and especially color spectrum. The biggest change is the large number of enemy types. The map is hidden and is only revealed by the light of your robot that you can improve in the store. Excellent combination of design is a soundtrack that has a very fast pace and matches the pace of the game.

    Control system:
    Control is very simple and thanks to this, the game itself is not particularly hard, it is enough for you to use the arrows and the mouse to move and shoot or buy. The robot can equip different types of weapons and improve its features, those with higher levels for your survival critical. These features include seeing in the dark because a large portion of the map is not illuminated, and you can only see what the light coming from your robot. In terms of purchase, you can buy original hats that tie up to other familiar games, movies, or historical contexts, but they also protect you from an attack from enemies after which your hat falls off.

    Enemy robots are not very smart and move and shoot predictably, but because of their large numbers it is not very valid. Everyone with enemies is able to withstand a number of rows and some are very resistant, so you have to choose a strategic retreat, sometimes just a run and gun. In addition to classic enemy robots, you can compete with original big boss robots once in a few levels. Most of these are copies of standard enemies but with enhancements to capabilities and attacks.

    Steam and the game:
    If you buy the game on steam, the game also includes several collector cards, from which you can make or reward other prizes as they are among the more expensive cards. There is also a highscore list in the game where you can compare with other steam players who played this game. The bad thing is becouse only one supported languange is english.

    As in Matrix, the world has dominated the robots, the only difference being that you are a good robot who must destroy the bad guys in this blast of a fast 2D shooter with a great soundtrack. If you like this kind of games then I must recommend you to buy it. But if you dont like 2D shooters then you can pass this game. I also recommend this game for children more than adults.

    ///all photos are my screenshots from the game Good robot
    //time spend playing this game up 10 hours
    /if you like this article, please rate and comment, thank you
    (steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/358830?snr=2_100300_300__100301 )

    Rate this article Good robot: game review

    (3.83/5) 29 rates


    feel that i would try this game after reading this article

    16 january 2019 19:50

    Well done. Nice formated and well written.

    14 january 2019 09:53

    Good work. Well written Thanks for the effort to write the article really cool and good gmae !

    5 may 2020 22:26

    how much is this game

    18 january 2019 10:38

    Well structured article ad very informative.

    14 january 2019 08:29

    güzel indie oyun inceleme için teşekkürler

    12 may 2019 14:11

    @furkan erkan Your comment has been deleted. If you wish to write in Turkish, please change the language under settings. Otherwise, please translate the comments into English in the future.

    17 january 2019 13:03

    really cool and good gmae !

    15 january 2020 08:53

    i don't see that game before thank you for it ;)

    25 december 2020 11:12

    Good work. Well written Thanks for the effort to write the article

    1 april 2020 23:09