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    (4.57/5) 321 rates
    pd721, 25 july 2020 18:51

    Metro 2033

    Details of plot, gameplay and visuals summarized:

    Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter (FPS) survival horror video game developed by the studio 4A Games and published by THQ. It was released in 2010 for the world. The story is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel of the same name. The game is set in the year 2033 in the metro tunnels of Moscow, Russia as it follows the story after a nuclear war. The player plays as Artyom who has to fight monsters and humans alike to save his people and his current home.

    The game starts with a ranger friend arriving at Artyom’s station when the mutant animals attack the station. The ranger leaves to fight the monsters before giving Artyom his ranger tags to give to his allies. Artyom has the responsibility to deliver them and warn them of the Dark Ones, recently discovered mysterious creatures unlike the mutant creatures.

    The player continues through the metro tunnels as he fights mutants and other gangs of evil humans. The player has access to different weapons like pistol, smg, rifle, shotgun, sniper, etc which can be upgraded with attachments like suppressor, sight, extended magazine, etc which is one of my favorite features of the game. He sometimes visits the surface or radioactive regions where he has to wear a gasmask. The gasmask has filters which also get depleted with time so the player has to keep changing them. The currency in the game is the ‘military grade bullets’ which can be spent to upgrade weapons or loaded in guns to deal extra damage than normal bullets.F5UVV3Xl7iKa1q7WNmmsYpbACUBDTh.jpg

    The dark, scary visuals of the game very well enhance the experience of the game. The dark places can be brightened using flashlight or the lighter player keeps. The player can opt to advance stealthily or guns blazing, but it has the effect on the ending of the game- there are two endings good and bad. Being compassionate with other NPCs, deciding not to kill others and only knock them out and such can get the good ending. The game also has choices to sometimes spare enemies which also lead towards the good ending.

    In the journey, the player meets the fellow rangers of the friend who gave him his mission and also some other helpful characters. He has to help them in their mission and prove himself to be a ranger.5KmVHbiljM3fcAll0FMJhqrAzBo9wH.jpg


    The sequel to the game, Metro: Last Light was released in 2013 which follows the story of Artyom after this game. In 2014, a compilation of both games, Metro Redux was released with improved graphics and gameplay. The redux version has many features of the game improved so as to enhance the player experience in the ruined world. The second sequel Metro Exodus was releases in 2019.


    Overall this game has brilliant story, visuals and gameplay which I recommend to every adventure loving gamer to try. I will try to write an article on the sequel too and also on Exodus.

    Rate this article Metro 2033

    (4.57/5) 321 rates


    Metro definetly gives off that lone ranger vibe, definetly will try out metro exodus

    13 september 2021 14:29

    such a game

    8 july 2021 06:05

    i was thinking about getting this game on steam and your article convinced me thanks!

    17 july 2021 07:25

    looks like fallout expect it's not heh

    3 march 2021 11:24

    nice. I got this game on epic games launcher but I haven't installed it yet. is was good to read an article about it

    2 march 2021 02:43

    Metro games are the best. :P

    17 july 2021 15:29

    this is my fav game ,cool article

    26 august 2020 18:48

    all Metro games epic u like it alot :D

    28 july 2020 12:23

    I love the Metro games, good article!

    30 july 2020 16:32

    this is a really good article! even though i'm more of a tps fan, i do enjoy fps as well as horror games so i'll definitely check this out :)

    25 july 2020 19:29