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    (2.5/5) 2 ratings
    Chebo, 2 march 2018 16:59

    Lost in Harmony - Review

    Lost in Harmony is a rhythm game for Android and iOS, but it also has jump and run elements, making it really unique.



    The most dangerous thing in the game are the obstacles. There are 5 lanes you move across to dodge incoming obstacles. They can come from sides, making you move to the other side, and the middle isn't safe either. Obstacles also come from the background, or foreground, alerting you with arrows. Foreground obstacles can be jumped over, unless they come in a long row. The most difficult ones are lanes that aren't straight. You always slide off from them, and the only way to stay on them without falling is holding the character. Worst part is that all obstacles can be combined into a hellish level.

    Stardust, Orbs and Stars

    Stardust usually appears on lanes to guide you through obstacles, and you get extra points for collecting it. In the mnu, stardust can be used to purchase cosmetic skins. 

    Orbs are similar, but they are often hard to get and there's only 3 per level. Orbs can't be grinded, if you get them once, you can't get more from the same level to purchase skins.

    Stars are the rhythm part of the game, usually they appear as sections of a level, but later things may try to get you in the background. Stars have rings closing in on them, indicating when to tap. Double stars work with the same principle, but need to be tapped at the same time. Red stars need to be spammed. Shooting stars need to be tapped at the right time and dragged at the right speed.

    Two Stories

    Kaito's Adventure

    Kaito's Adventure was the first story, and it was a lot more chill, using slightly changed versions of famous classic music, changing them as the level progresses, resulting in 5 minute long levels. However, Kaito's Adventure only has normal and double stars. The story is about a boy's dreams with his friend Ava. She has a disease, seemingly cancer...

    M.I.R.A.I.'s Escape

    MIRAI's Escape was added later on, has shorter levels, and electronica as a main theme. It added the red and shooting stars to the game. The story is about an alien music robot made by Dr. Mute who was ordered to shut MIRAI down. MIRAI escaped the lab and started affecting the Earth in many different ways.


    As mentioned before, Kaito has classics, while MIRAI has a lot of electronica.


    The graphics are cartoony and objects are actually 2D, but the atmosphere is amazing with the music.

    Rate this article Lost in Harmony - Review

    (2.5/5) 2 ratings


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