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    Rate this article "Let's Review Oriental Empires - PC "

    (4/5) 8 rates
    berroni, 24 november 2018 10:20

    Let's Review Oriental Empires - PC

    Oriental Empires is a TB 4X strategy game, developed by Shining Pixel Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive. It has already won a hearts of players worldwide as it has Mostly Positive "all reviews" and "very positive" recent ones. 

    Oriental Empires is a game that brings something new, fresh and different to the genre. It's a game with the between-turn battle system. When I said "something new and different" I meant that this game is nothing like our classical this genre type games like Civ or TW series. This game requires your brain, which I love to get from games, as it requires you to play your next move - you and your enemy. You always have to predict your opponent's next move, you have to plan where he is going to move his armies so you can counter-move and similar stuff and your wrong prediction may lead to your army's slaughter.

    Besides fresh, new and different things this game also brings everything, you would expect from a good strategy game. One of these things is actually a normal level, so you won't find yourself trying too hard. There are also walkthroughs, forums, guides and similar stuff which will help you to become a sky's son(emperor).  When you finish the normal level - you're ready for the hard one, but believe me - don't start hard level until you complete the normal one first.

    Graphic details are cool, but the interface is the problem. When you see the interface for the first time - you'll think that this game doesn't promise you much, the interface just feels bad.
    I haven't heard of a better soundtrack in a while, this game has delivered a glorious soundtrack to the scene and I just loved it. It feels very realistic.

    Oriental Empires is a game that simply blends together all the big names of Ancient China into a glossy pate. There is no big talk about each of these "big names" - it's simple, and I love it the way it is as it's not boring with a bunch of stories and whatever. It's a game that brings a lot of unique, fresh, different and interesting things to the genre. It has a glorious soundtrack, graphic details are not good and not bad - they're classical which is not bad at the end. It will never get boring, bandits will attack you and you'll research stuff and do a lot of things so you'll always have fun playing - It will definitely take hours and hours from your life. I will rate this game with a perfect 10/10 as it deserves it - I strongly recommend you to buy this game on Steam while it's on sale(right now) but even without the sale it's worth every penny - you won't regret 28€ as you will have the insane amount of fun!

    "Advance your technologies, culture and religion to create one of mankind’s biggest empires." - Original Steam description

    Rate this article Let's Review Oriental Empires - PC

    (4/5) 8 rates


    short article but a decent one

    8 december 2018 12:51