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    (4.64/5) 14 rates
    jack_franco, 6 august 2017 02:58

    Last Day On Earth (IOS/Android)

    Last Day On Earth is a new game for mobile devices, created by Andrey Pryakhin. Do you like survival zombie games? Do you like games where you can go with your friends to raid other people's bases? This game is for you. Basically this game is rust mixed with dayz for mobile devices, survive, make friends, have a clan, raid other people's bases, make clan wars, get weapons, upgrade your base, and everything a great MMO zombie survival game can offer, And all of this in your cellphone!



    This is Last Day On Earth!

    Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival game, where you can only trust your clan, there are no more friends, EVERYBODY is your Enemy!

    What i really found amazing in this game is that, mostly is a survival game, but its a raid game too! This game is an open world where you need to explore diferent areas of the map to gather resources, like food, wood, and other materials for crafting stuff and for upgrade your base. In any moment, while you are walking around diferent parts of the map, a guy with an ak-47 can kill you and steal your stuff quickly, so better watch out!

    When you start, you are completely alone with nobody helping you, you must survive by yourself. Explore military bases to get guns and stuff, build a good base to avoid the zombie hordes and other players, build a vehicle to explore more part of the map, gear up, and then... ITS TIME TO ATACK!
    Once you are lvl 28, you can build an antena that will allow you to join or create a clan, but you will need very rare materials to build it, so basically you will join a clan in a higher lvl. You can talk with people, make friends, and make some good clan wars.

    The game itself, its more of just surviving, and gather stuff to get better and better,so you can explore harder places and get better weapons and stuff, and its like that for a long time, you cant raid other bases in this time (until you are in lvl 80, in this level you can raid other bases alone! and in my opinion, when you get to this lv, is where the game is MIND BLOWING, is just like a pc survival game), but dont get me wrong, the game is AMAZING and really catchy! 

    I really recomend this game, because is literally a pc survival online game in your celphone, you should give it a try!

    Rate this article Last Day On Earth (IOS/Android)

    (4.64/5) 14 rates


    thanks, but PC games are still the best to play

    11 august 2017 03:02


    11 august 2017 03:00

    Another interesting zombie game

    14 august 2017 08:59

    Another zombie game.

    14 august 2017 07:48

    I had no idea about this game. Thanks for the article.

    21 august 2017 19:58

    this game is amazing

    14 august 2017 06:07


    16 august 2017 09:29

    Cool! only if I got a better phone to play with

    14 august 2017 05:54

    The only reason i play this is because of the graphixs

    16 august 2017 01:49

    looks good!!

    14 august 2017 04:54