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    Julio_Lokin, 11 november 2017 18:09


    Want to learn how to improve your settings in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to enjoy the full potential of the game? 

    Then check out the guide

    Boot Settings

    To choose the best boot options, we have some commands that I, Giovanni, think are essential. Mainly because this will optimize your computer in the best way, for those who do not want to make changes in Windows.

    -In order of importance:

    "-threads 8": Uses the maximum threads of your processor to optimize the game and run dedicated. Threads are the threads of your processor, which normally share tasks to your computer. This command causes the game to be fully focused.

    "-high": This causes CS to be set as "high" priority in the Task Manager process list. This command may experience problems with antivirus or database applications.

    "-nod3d9ex": Optimizes the D3D9Ex devices, which is a version of DirectX. This device facilitates communication between software and hardware, it is a command that helps boost fps (frames per seconds) and also helps in alt + tab for those who run CS in full screen.

    "+ Mat_queue_mode 2": This command determines in which way your processor threads will be used, which are:

    -1 for the system default
    0 to individually synchronize threads
    1 use the queued threads
    2 use all threads at the same time, or the famous multi-thread, which is very useful for online games (and CS is no different)
    "+ Fps_max 999": This is just to release the fps, and not get caught. Do not leave in 0 because this can cause fps drops.

    "+ Cl_forcepreload 1": Preload the maps, to give more firmness in the fps.

    "+ Rate 196608": Use this command if you have less than 6MB of Internet.

    "+ Rate 786432": Use this command if you have more than 6MB of Internet.

    Normally resolutions up to 1280x720 do not affect fps so much, so just use it above if you have a very good gaming computer.

    About settings for performance

    Shadow quality: Low

    Details of the models: Low

    Effects: Low

    Shader: Bass

    Multinuclear Rendering: Enabled

    Antiserized: None

    Texture filtering mode: Bilinear

    FXAA Anti-aliasing: Off

    Vertical Sync: Off

    Motion Blur: Off

    Ideal Sensitivity

    To understand more about sensitivity, here are some important points:

    -First point is to understand DPI, CPI and Hertz

    DPI (Dot per inch or dot per inch) = The higher the dpi, the higher the pointer speed. This may influence its accuracy.

    CPI (counts per inch or counting per inch) = The more inches the mouse finds per second, the greater the accuracy of its pointer. A DPI is equivalent to 2 CPI, that is, if you want 400 DPI, it will be 800 CPI.

    Hz (Hertz) = Hertz is the measure of frequency. In the mouse Hertz represents the response time variation of your peripheral. Values are common between 500 and 1000hz. But keeping in mind that the higher the hertz speed, the lower the latency, it is advisable to always leave at 1000hz.

    And also use below 1000 DPI (particularly, recommend 800).

    -The second point is to understand your mouse footprint

    This can leave you with a lighter or heavier hand, which can influence your speed of physical movement. Obviously, the footprint is also made automatically. But knowing this, you can optimize your time frame.

    The footprints are:

    Palm Grip: It is the most common, in which you rest and rest your palm on the whole mouse. It leaves the hand a little heavier, but it is more comfortable. So it is so commonly used.

    Claw Grip: The claw-shaped footprint, as if you grabbed the mouse as a predator. Only the fingertips and the beginning of the hand touch the mouse. It leaves the hand lighter, but it needs firmness. In the process of adaptation, many miss clicks can occur.

    Fingertip grip: This footprint consists of using only the fingertips on the mouse, this includes using the thumb as a base rather than the palm of the hand. It is the most unstable, in my opinion, but also the lightest for those who like speed.

    - Do not change your sensitivity frequently!

    The last (and not least important) point is "DO NOT TROUBLE YOUR CONFIGURATION WITH FREQUENCY!". Every change needs adaptation and everything needs time. If you do not get used to the change, it will never be good, so try to adapt.

    If you set your sensitivity to 1.8, but it is too high, do not change to 0.8 at a time. Decrease gradually, so as to go from 1.8 to 1.6, 1.4, 1.3, 1.14 and so on. Until you get the one that fits best with your style of play!


    (4.43/5) 14 rates

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    Very helpful

    15 july 2020 20:25

    Lowest settings are the best. But for the sesivity i lower it a little bit so it's not flashy

    17 april 2020 09:02