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    (4.06/5) 69 rates
    Peterteevee, 8 june 2017 19:09

    Just Cause 3 Review

    Hello everybody,

    Today im delivering you a review of a game I bought a long time ago which is Just Cause 3. 

    If your deciding if you want to buy the game or you just want to hear about what I have to stay, then your in the right place.

    BTW, this is my first article. Enjoy (^_^)

    Just Cause 3 is an amazing game with big explosions and a massive world you can explore. 

    Story - Although the story isnt the real reason why people bought im still going to mention it. The plot was a bit lame and the voice overs could have been better, but the intense scenarios make you forgive all that. The developers said that it was more sandbox based and that the story only helps the player get ideas of the things they can do.

    Map - The map is probably one of the best things about this game, from the oceans up to the mountains. The size of the map is a wooping 45 by 45 kilometers. There could be bugs and glitches here and there but if you have a powerful pc or console, then you wont be experiencing them too often. The map is also built perfectly for messing around like riding down a mountain in a boat or something crazy but fun like that.

    Over all - The just Cause series always have been full of great ideas like the grappling hook, parachute and the new wingsuit that was brought in for Just Cause 3. The idea of being able to do whatever you want without having to deal with the consequences is a whole new experience. Even after you finish the story you have to liberate every base, collect Di Ravellos tapes and experiment with the environment that Just Cause 3 offers thanks to its develpoers Avalanche Studios.

    Im going to give this game a 7/10

    Rate this article Just Cause 3 Review

    (4.06/5) 69 rates


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