Gamehag - How to Levelup?
Hello! In addition to Purqke's 'How to earn Soul Gems' I've decided to create a guide on leveling up!

1. Complete in-game tasks and Contracts

This is what I find to be the best method of leveling up quickly and the best way to earn Soul Gems hence why I placed it in first place. There are a huge range of different types of games availible for many different platforms, even including Andriod and IOS. The task that you have to complete in the game is displayed under the rewards that you will recieve for completing it. From my experience all browser games have easy to complete tasks and had me leveling up through the first levels each time I completed one.

2. Posting on threads/leaving comments on games

When I first joined Gamehag I posted comments on threads to level myself up. For every comment I posted I got 10% of my level worth of experience. I would certainly recommend doing this throughout your first one or two levels but refrain from spamming as it's annoying for other users and potentially lead to your account getting banned.

3. Creating threads

Instead of posting on threads why not create one? Their are several sections of the forums that I contribute towards, it's a fun way to contribute and I earn XP for doing so! Of course like mentioned above, refrain from spamming useless posts in the wrong sections as it's very annoying and could lead to your account being suspended.

This is it for all my methods so far. I hope this helped in some way or another! If I find anymore methods I will not hesistate to post them in the comments section.

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18 june 2017 11:26

that helped thx

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18 june 2017 14:37

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19 june 2017 12:24

Thanks for the guide! I'll try some of these!

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21 june 2017 12:35

Thanks 😀

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21 june 2017 16:52

very helpful!Thanks☺

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21 june 2017 18:40

Really helpful! Thank you

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21 june 2017 22:21

now i will stop spamming 👍 :D

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22 june 2017 23:28

Nice helpful! :)

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23 june 2017 18:40

oh i didnt know i will get suspended well rip me